Home Inspector Tears Apart a Gas Furnace in 360 VR

Finding Deck Defects Using 360 Virtual Reality

Finding Defects at a Kitchen Sink Using 360 Virtual Reality

Quick Walk-Through House of Horrors Using 360 Virtual Reality

360º Walk Through House of Horrors® in Florida

Finding Defects at a Fireplace Using 360 Virtual Reality

Finding Defects at the Exterior Steps Using 360 Virtual Reality

Step #1: Use headphones for immersive audio.

Step #2: Choose Desktop or Phone.

  • Using your desktop? Use Google Chrome as your desktop browser to watch 360 virtual reality video in 4K quality. 
  • Using your phone? Use the link provided to watch the VR video on YouTube using a phone, a viewer, and headphones.
Click the 360 viewer symbol.

To use a phone, you may want to simply text the link of the 360 video from your computer to your phone, and then open the video using the YouTube app. Touch the view icon on your phone when using a viewer.