TWI offers InterNACHI discount on their inspection reporting software.

Home of the Uniform Building Inspection Report tm.  We set the Standards for the Industry!  
TWI Affiliates offer a systematic software program that is far beyond anything on the today's market.  If an inspector wants to be ahead of the competition, be successful, and have the best report on the market then TWI Affiliates is the place they need to shop for training, software and reports.

TWI Affiliate inspectors are doing the bulk of the business and turning down business.  Instead of turning away business it is time to put another qualified inspector into the marketplace to fill those needs!
Most software is at 2002-2004.  Our software is now at 2007 and improving with each version.  TWI Affiliates has completed research on what the agent's, broker's and client's needs are and designed the report to meet those expectations and more!
The software package OSDS 464 Edition is for existing inspectors and retails for $989. Look for our new versions coming soon!  We just want to WOW you more!
For InterNACHI Inspectors we could offer $100 off!  Schedule an individual class time for learning the software or attend a training class in our Sacramento facility. This is a priceless business decision.  No contracts, franchise fees or strings attached!  Just the willingness to be "The Best". 
You will be hearing much more about the Uniform Building Inspection Report tm and our OnSiteDataSolutions as they work in tandem to produce a very competitive and competent report.  With over 21 years of experience in researching and development of a quality report for the professional inspector it spells S U C E S S.  Look your best in color, don't look like all the rest, dare to be different.  
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