Live infrared camera exhibit at recent Home Show in Alberta

Infrared camera is pointed at a mock wall with missing insulation with an electric heater behind it, while live image is fed to a TV screen for all to see.
Sorry it has taken so long to get you these photos.   The home show proved to be good for a time so I was busy doing jobs.  The Thermal Imaging drew lots of intrest.  Thanks for the use of the banners.  This  is one of my selling tools, being able to say that I am a member of InterNACHI and I can go to them for help via the MB if there is something that I don't know. The numbers at the show were down to 14,000 people.  Please see the attached photos of the booth.  I had my IR camera pionting to the mock wall with missing insulation.  There was a heater in the back to simulate a house.  Then the camera was hooked up to the TV.
Lawrence Olsen
Universal Inspections