InterNACHI® to Launch New Video Courses Using ICC Materials: Press Release



InterNACHI® to Develop New Video Courses Incorporating ICC Code Materials


BOULDER, Colo. (Oct. 23, 2019) – InterNACHI® is excited to announce the expansion of our nationally accredited curriculum in the next several months by developing a new series of free online video courses that incorporate copyrighted content published by the International Code Council, and other authorities of residential building codes and best practices.  These include copyright-protected materials from other home inspector organizations.

InterNACHI’s trademark and copyright attorney Brandon Selinsky, Esq., of Whitcomb|Selinsky, explains, “The TEACH Act defines the terms and conditions by which accredited, nonprofit educational institutions may use copyright-protected materials in distance education without permission from the copyright owner and without the payment of royalties. As InterNACHI® is a nationally accredited post-secondary institution, it enjoys all the benefits of the TEACH Act in their development of new online educational courses for its membership, while complying with all federal copyright laws, including the Fair Use Doctrine and the TEACH Act. Fair Use and TEACH are exceptions to federal copyright protection laws. By taking advantage of these exceptions, InterNACHI® is able to utilize texts and other materials to which our student-members would not otherwise have ready access. One such resource that InterNACHI® intends to utilize is the International Code Council’s 2018 IRC Code book. As a professional courtesy, we contacted the ICC to see whether they had any objections to our using their books, and they confirmed that we do not need their permission."

ICC Exams

InterNACHI’s new free online courses will include ICC exam preparation courses to help InterNACHI® members pass the state- and municipality-required ICC exams to become building inspectors, building contractors, electricians, plumbers, and numerous other types of contractors. To help contractors maintain their ICC certification, InterNACHI® currently provides free online ICC-approved Continuing Education courses at

Accredited Institution

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors – InterNACHI® – is a federally tax-exempt, 501(c)(6) nonprofit membership trade organization headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. InterNACHI® School ( is accredited as a nonprofit post-secondary education institution by the national accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Dept. of Education to provide tuition-free online training, examination, certification, and Continuing Education to InterNACHI® members. InterNACHI® School is also a Member College of the National Association of Career Colleges of Canada, a national association representing more than 500 regulated career colleges across Canada. To read the complete list of InterNACHI's national accreditations, visit

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