Authorization and Release for Electronically Recording an Inspection


If you cater to out-of-state clients, or if your clients are often unable to attend their inspections, you may consider offering video or virtual inspections. A video inspection is an inspection you capture on video using recording equipment – such as a drone, video camera/GoPro, smartphone, thermal imager, etc. – and deliver it to your client with your report.  This can add value to your services and increase your credibility.

This added value shouldn't come at an unintended cost for you, especially in a job that's fraught with built-in risks of injury and mishaps.  Homeowners and sellers are often concerned about their privacy.  Sharing video of an owner’s property without their permission raises legal concerns.  To protect yourself, it’s best to obtain the owner’s written approval for the recording in advance. That's why InterNACHI® developed a Video Authorization and Release for you use to obtain the owner’s written permission before you begin your inspection. 

The Video Authorization and Release is proof that you had the seller’s permission to record video of their home. 

You can also use this Video Authorization and Release when you intend to record an inspection for training purposes, or to upload a segment of the recording to your website to market your drone inspections.

The Video Authorization and Release includes a provision that you will not reveal the property owner's name or address, except to your client, who is paying for the inspection.  This ensures that the owner's privacy will be protected.

Download the Word.docx version to customize it for your business, or download the PDF for a ready-to-sign form.
             Video Recording Authorization and Release (Word.docx)