Library of Inspection Videos

The following are free, online inspection training videos available to InterNACHI members. If you're interested in watching our recorded live classes, visit
A Home Inspection Overview with Greg Bell
Private Well System Inspection: Getting Started
Private Well System Inspection: Well Meter
Private Well System Inspection: The Well Head
Private Well System Inspection: Reading the Well Meter
Private Well System Inspection: Cisterns
Private Well System Inspection: Know Your State Regulations
How to Convert Website Visitors into Clients Using Text
Home Inspection with Jim Krumm
Home Inspection Training Video #1 with Ben Gromicko
Inspecting a Septic System Installation Video #2
Inspecting a Septic System Installation Video #1
Measure the Square Footage of a House Roof
Inspecting Roof Slope and Pitch
What Really Matters in a Home Inspection
Write a Home Energy Report™ in 4 Minutes
Carpenter Ant Infestation
Ladder Safety Demonstration
Inspection Video Tips with Nick Gromicko
10 Steps to Performing a Roof Inspection with Ben Gromicko
Home Energy Inspections with Nick Gromicko
InterNACHI's Monthly Webinars for Home Inspectors
Advanced HVAC Inspection Training for Home Inspectors
Performing a Home Energy Audit promotional video
Performing a Garage Inspection
Find a Crack in the Heat Exchanger with Ben Gromicko
Performing a Home Energy Rating
Inspecting a Stairway