Inspection Warranty Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I'm a home inspector.  Is this an InterNACHI®-endorsed program?
A:  Yes.  It is part of the InterNACHI® Conglomerate.

Q:  What does the InterNACHI® Inspection Warranty cover?
A:  Mechanical, structural, and mold repairs are reimbursed up to $2,250. Roof leak repairs up to $1,000 (with no deductible) per home subject to the Terms and Conditions.  You can download the full Terms and Conditions by first logging in (for InterNACHI® members) or registering (for non-members) at our login/register page.  You can also visit our.  "What's Covered" chart.

Q:  How long is the warranty's term?
A:  The term of the warranty is 90 days from the day of closing or 120 days from the day of the inspection, whichever is first.

Q:  What is the deductible my client will have to pay?
A:  $0.  There is no deductible.

Q:  Are very old appliances covered?
A:  Yes.  There is no age limit on the covered appliances.  Appliances that are inspected and reported without defects are covered regardless of their age.  See our "What's Covered" chart.

Q:  Does the warranty cover multi-family homes?
A:  The warranty covers only one- and two-family homes.

Q:  Does the warranty cover condominiums and townhouses?
A:  Yes.  But not the "common areas" of a condominium or townhouse, of course.

Q:  Does the warranty cover vacant homes?
A:  The warranty does not cover homes that have been vacant for more than 30 days.  Log in and read the Terms and Conditions.

Q:  How do I register a home for the warranty?
A:  After logging in, you can either add the home addresses one at a time or you can upload a CSV file of the homes you've inspected, and we'll do it for you.  Addresses must be uploaded within seven days of completing the inspection.

Q:  Do I have to register for every home I inspect?
A:  No, but if you allow clients to opt out of the warranty or offer it as an option, it is important that you have the client acknowledge in writing that they are not getting the warranty.  

Q:  Does the InterNACHI® Inspection Warranty program integrate with industry scheduling systems, such as ISN or Spectora?
A:  No.  To protect consumer privacy, we are not integrated with third-party scheduling systems that are owned by for-profit companies.

Q:  Do you exploit my client's data in any way?  In other words, do you sell information to other companies or try to sell my client other products or services?
A:  No.  Never, ever.

Q:  Does my client call me when they have an issue?
A:  No.  Your client should contact us directly.  We'll handle their issue or claim for you.  They can submit their claim from our Report a Claim page. You go back to inspecting.

Q:  What are your hours of operation to submit a claim?
A:  Our seamless claim submission system is open 24/7.  We have a dedicated, experienced staff to resolve your client's claim quickly. They can submit their claim from our Report a Claim page.  We'll handle it from there.  You go back to inspecting.

Q:  Can my client choose their own repair contractor?
A:  Yes.  We do ask that they get more than one estimate, and, in some cases, we'll also arrange to get a repair estimate.

Q:  I'm not an InterNACHI® member.  Can I still offer the warranties?
A: Yes. Non-members will pay a little extra, but they can offer the warranties by contacting Kathleen Kuhn at  It will likely make financial sense for you to first join InterNACHI® and enjoy InterNACHI's discounted pricing if you are going to offer the warranties.

Q:  Is the warranty good in all 50 states and Puerto Rico?
A:  The warranty is good in all 50 states.  Puerto Rico approval is coming soon.

Q:  Is the warranty available in Canada?
A:  Not yet.  Soon.

Q:  Does it work with InterNACHI's "We'll Buy Your Home" Guarantee?
A:  Yes.  It's very likely that your client will not want to sell their home back over an issue that can be resolved by the warranty.  The two programs complement each other very well.

Q:  Does it work with InterNACHI's E&O insurance?
A:  Yes, it works very well because they do different things: 1) the warranties pay for repairs; 2) and the E&O insurance protects you legally and financially. InterNACHI members who are also insured by InterNACHI Insurance enjoy an additional 10% discount on warranties.

Q:  Will the warranty protect my clients?
A:   Yes.  The InterNACHI® Inspection Warranty covers unexpected repairs and gives your clients peace of mind.

Q:  Will the warranty protect the real estate agent who referred me?
A:  Indirectly, yes.  You and the buyer's agent share a common client.  When you protect your client, you protect the agent from getting complaints from your client.  When an issue arises, you are everyone's hero.  Remember, you directly protect the agent if you are insured by InterNACHI Insurance as it includes free negligent referral coverage for real estate agents who refer you.

Q:  Will the warranty protect me?
A:  Yes, in two ways.  First, every issue the warranty solves for one of your clients is an issue that you didn't have to resolve.  Second, every time we resolve an issue for one of your clients, your reputation is protected and even enhanced.

Q:  Will the warranty help my home inspection business grow? 
A:  Yes.  Both consumers and real estate agents want this protection.  You show the world that you are confident in the quality of your services when you offer the InterNACHI® Inspection Warranty.

Q:  Is the InterNACHI® Inspection Warranty any better than the other inspection industry warranties out there?
A:  Much better.  Unlike those other warranties, the InterNACHI® Inspection warranty has no age limitations on appliances,  it includes mold coverage, it includes roof leak coverage, it is in effect for 120 days from the date of the inspection (not 30 or 90), it is in effect for 90 days from the date of the closing (not 22 or 30), it pays out up to $2,250 for most claims, and it never, ever, ever sells or exploits your clients' data.  And of course the customer service is stellar.

Q:  Do you have any inspection warranty marketing materials I can use to promote my business?
A:  Yes. We have sample emails, sample social media posts, real estate office presentations, flyers, warranty logos, prepared talking points, etc. More are in development. Contact Kathleen Kuhn at to get yours.

Q:  How much does the warranty cost?
A:  It costs $20/home for InterNACHI® members and $18/home for InterNACHI members who are also insured by InterNACHI Insurance.  

Q:  I'm interested.  What should I do next?
A:  Go to and create an account.  Contact Kathleen Kuhn, our warranty program director if you have any questions or need assistance. She can be reached at or (866) 680-1270.  


"What's Covered chart.

"What's Covered chart.