Wood-Destroying Organism Inspection Resources

InterNACHI provides inspectors a Wood-Destroying Organism (WDO) checklist report, certification logo, online training course, and inspection field guides.
Performing WDO (or WDI) inspections may be regulated by your state or province. We recommend checking with the regulatory body, such as a Department of Agriculture. 

Checklist Report (free download):

This checklist does not require the inspector to specifically identify any insect. 


Visible Evidence:

We often see clauses in inspection reports that take this form: “No visible evidence of [insert applicable defect].” We have concerns about the words “visible” and “evidence.” Please read more about using certain words in your inspection report.


Logo (for members):


Course (free & online):


WDO Insect Inspection Guide (free download):


Field Guide (for purchase):