Russ Myers offers Welcome Home publication to fellow members.

We have recently completed a mailing of the InterNACHI publication "Welcome Home."  The response from Realtors has been a positively overwhelming success.  This is the same publication which Mr. Gromicko presented nearly two years ago, but like so many other valuable tools, got lost in the shuffle.  We retyped the entire text, because InterNACHI couldn't find it, made some minor alterations to fit our area (Illinois), and WOW..........the Realtors simply love it.  A copy of our mailing is attached, refer attached file, might jog some memories.  If any other InterNACHI members may want a copy, I can now provide them a clean copy which can be modified to fit their needs.  Thanks Nick
Russ Myers, CMI
CLICK HERE to download Welcome Home (pdf).
CLICK HERE to download Welcome Home in WORD (doc).