West Virginia Training Partner Schools

Northern WV, VA, PA, MD, DC, OH: Contact our local independent partner, Ralph W. Thorne of Safety Train, and register for the upcoming class. Call (740) 236-3803 or email rwthorne19@gmail.com. The class includes a free month membership to InterNACHI (for non-members only).
Southwest WV: Contact our local independent partner, Steve Stuart of Home Inspector Training Institute, and register for the upcoming class. Call (304) 945-9545 or email 
email.hi_training_institute@yahoo.com. The class includes a free month membership to InterNACHI (for non-members only). 

WV, OH, IN, PA, MI: Contact our partner, Todd Petty of HomeSpection Training Institute, and. register for the upcoming class. Call (877)-658-6143 or email homespection@aol.com. The class includes a free month membership to InterNACHI (for non-members only).

Top to Bottom Services 

Top To Bottom Services, is the leading inspection school dedicated to providing comprehensive training and education for aspiring inspectors. Our mission is to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of inspections. Our staff has decades of seasoned instructors and their real-world experience.

We pride ourselves on the caliber of our instructors. Like other high quality inspection schools, our instructors are not only highly knowledgeable in their respective fields but also seasoned inspectors with real-world experience. This means that they have actively worked in the industry, conducting inspections and gaining valuable insights through hands-on practice. Their wealth of experience enables them to provide our students with practical knowledge and guide them in understanding the nuances of the inspection profession.

Your instructor will go beyond simply teaching the required interNACHI curriculum and cover required content; they impart invaluable wisdom derived from their own successful careers. By sharing their personal experiences and industry best practices, they provide students with a deeper understanding of the qualities, skills, and attributes that set exceptional inspectors apart. From attention to detail and effective communication to problem-solving and critical thinking, our instructors will illuminate the traits that make a great inspector.

While the real-world experience of our instructors is a cornerstone of our school, we also ensure that our curriculum satisfies multiple state requirements: Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia Licensed Home inspector requirements. Our interNACHI courses are designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience, encompassing theoretical knowledge, practical applications, and relevant industry regulations. Students will receive a well-rounded education, equipping them with the foundational understanding and technical proficiency necessary to excel as inspectors.

Don’t wait take action: (301) 938 – 9100 Visit us online at www.ttbservices.com

American Pest CEUS

Website: https://americanpestceus.com/

InterNACHI Members get 10% off any class. American Pest Ceus is an online provider of continuing education classes for termite and pest control licensees. All the classes you will need to satisfy your state's continuing education requirements. After passing your courses we will send you and your state a certificate that you have met your state's requirements for your termite license renewal.

We also have training classes on termite identification and inspections. We provide continuing education for general pest licensees.Our company is owned by pest industry professionals with over one hundred years of combined experience.

Contact: pestceus@gmail.com, (844) 673-7823

ICA’s mission is to qualify people to become home inspectors through our online home inspection training courses. ICA Director of Education Steve Preins has been training both new and veteran home inspectors for more than 20 years. He’s also the recipient of several prestigious industry honors. Under Steve’s leadership, ICA has become North America’s most trusted source of online home inspection training and certification.