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InterNACHI is the world's leading association for home inspectors. We provide free training, online testing and certification, business development, marketing support, discounts on everything from home inspection software to E&O insurance to your next truck, and more.

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Get started

If you're just starting out, InterNACHI has everything you need, including:

Live classroom training at the InterNACHI House of Horrors®
Hundreds of hours of free accredited online education
Help with home inspector licensing
Access to the world's most respected inspector certification program
Help setting up your company, purchasing insurance, getting health coverage, using strong legal contracts, and more
Exclusive discounts on all the tools and software you'll need
Free logo and marketing design services: InterNACHI will help create a brand just for you

Make more money

If you're already in business, let us help you make more money and stay competitive with:

Ancillary inspection training and discounts to increase your per-inspection fees
Business development training and tools to help you get more work and make your existing services more profitable
Exclusive access to the InterNACHI Buy-Back Guarantee, a proven game-changer for the real estate industry
Free and discounted marketing services, including brochures, online video ads, custom books for your clients, and more
Exclusive SEO tools to show up higher in search
Direct work from InterNACHI through exclusive partner programs

Grow your business

If you're an established inspector who wants to hire, expand, or sell, InterNACHI can help with:

Group training to help ensure that your employees or contractors meet the standards you've worked hard to create
Integration with all the services it takes to run a multi-inspector firm, including ISN
Keeping more of your profits with discounts on everything your business needs from software to commercial vehicle fleet programs
Legal advice and assistance from industry professionals for expanding as a multi-inspector firm
Business success mentoring and coaching by industry experts
Commercial inspection courses and live classes

What existing members have to say…

If you're not part of InterNACHI, you should be, because the training is second to none.

I realized the power and impact that InterNACHI could bring to my business... My business has probably grown three times over.

I simply would not be the inspector I am today without InterNACHI.

Richard C. Milano of Advantage Home Inspection Service, Inc.

21,567 home inspectors already trust InterNACHI for training, certification, business coaching, and marketing support, including:

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