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About Brotherhood of Certified Home Inspectors

       BCHI: Known As Some of The Best 


The Brotherhood of Certified Home Inspectors-InterNACHI Chapter is a National Chapter. BCHI is an inclusive home inspector's membership group, formed for the expansion and advancement of inspectors of all colors and backgrounds into the home inspection industry. This means all home inspectors are welcome to join the InterNACHI-BCHI chapter, regardless of your level of experience. We are The Rainbow Chapter. We want everyone to consider our chapter as a place to be welcomed and merge with us. We also want our home inspectors to get their fair share of the home inspection pie.

Becoming a Member

The InterNACHI-BCHI membership is made up of some of the best and brightest home inspectors there are. We urge all of our home inspectors to be the best they can be. From the beginner to CPI, CMI and ICC Code Inspectors, we are well knowledgeable. We support the best training courses, instructions and information by InterNACHI to create a platform for high quality home inspectors. There is no membership fee and to join is free.

Wherever you are, you can become a BCHI member and reap the full benefits the home inspector's chapter will have to offer. Brotherhood of Certified Home Inspectors will be meeting using Zoom primarily and in person on special InterNACHI events. And anyone can come to the meetings. We will be having zoom meetings with topics related to the home inspection industry. You simply sign up for the zoom meeting you want to attend and we hope you will become a InterNACHI-BCHI member. 

Core BCHI Member Objectives

Very High Ethics. Know the profession well. Protect The Buyer's Interest.

Facebook Page

Brotherhood of Certified Home Inspectors-InterNACHI Chapter have a Facebook page: 

We would like all of our BCHI-InterNACHI members to sign up and join in on the forum. It is a members' only page. The page allows our home inspectors to talk to each other, discuss your progress in becoming a home inspector, make comments and discuss mutual experiences in the home inspection business. We would like to hear about special experiences during inspections, share a photo of humor or a picture of a unusual installation at a home, discuss challenges in the business and any ways you solved them and more. 

All Home Inspectors Wanted 

We want home inspectors from all backgrounds to strengthen BCHI's membership numbers. You are urged and welcome to join us, because we would like to grow and expand together. Although we are called the Brotherhood, this InterNACHI Chapter accepts all home inspectors (young, older, male, female, any ethnicity and sexual orientation...) into our group. We want this InterNACHI chapter to reflect the makeup of the buying public and those we shall serve. 

Any member that has not received their certificate of membership after joining please let us know by email to: 

Paris Pressley CMI started the Home Inspector's InterNACHI Inclusive Chapter on 9-27-2023, with the good fortune to be advised by Nick Gromicko to do so. We want to provide a chapter and a home inspector membership that is friendly to everyone, and provide an infrastructure and support system for new inspectors and existing inspectors that includes creative dialogue, discussions and valuable business information for the success of all BCHI home inspectors.

We Want Inspectors to Succeed!

BCHI also helps home inspectors get the information they need to start their home inspection business and begin their practice in their pace. Paris wants to remove some of the myths and misconceptions about the home inspection service industry. Of course, Paris will also be presenting zoom meetings with advance home inspection information and techniques as well. 

Training To Be The Best

The BCHI will become some of the best known qualified and certified InterNACHI home inspectors to serve the home buying public. Paris feels, with the InterNACHI Education Courses and Videos, we can achieve this. 

If you want to join the BCHI chapter, please do so. We welcome all beginner home inspectors into our chapter. We want to give you the base and support to get you started in the home inspection business. If you are just starting out, experienced or a seasoned home inspector, we would like to have you in our chapter. We believe "Each One Teach One".

Brotherhood of Certified Home Inspectors first goals are:

  • Become recognized as some of InterNACHI's best home inspectors 
  • Create a platform for InterNACHI inspectors to connect and network
  • Make a bond & commitment to each other as BCHI Home Inspectors
  • Help Home Inspectors merge into the mainstream of the Industry
  • Enhance inspector's skills to be competitive in the business arena

Please email or contact Paris Pressley at 404-617-4973 or

Who Is Paris Pressley?

Paris Pressley is the founder of BCHI Brotherhood of Certified Home Inspectors InterNACHI Inclusive Chapter. He has been in the home inspection industry, contracting and home building business since 1974.

Paris is a 16 year InterNACHI CPI, CMI; ICC R-5 Residential Combination Code Inspector, ICC Building, Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC Inspector, State Licensed Residential Building Contractor, Master Carpenter, Former VP/President Elect for the Georgia Association of Home Inspectors. Paris is also a International Code Council Preferred Education Provider.  


"No one starts out knowing everything to do. You learn as you go and get better at it."

Early Pressley Jr. 1921 to 2020