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Chesapeake Chapter monthly meetings; { Notes & Attendees; (non-affliated) }

Inserts of monthly transcripts and signed attendees.

June 8th Thursday, 2032; Libations Tavern

Presentation; Austin Haspert VP.;

notes; please excuse inaccuracies.

Mud-jacking as old school approach vrs Poly(urethane) injection. Typical approach to sinking concrete repair is to lift all vrs injecting beneath. Since concrete is not water proof eg absorbant, problem recures vrs injection technique. Particularly suitable for sea wall repair. Poly will strengthen the ground and stabalize it, further stopping water intrusion and the possibility of washout. Excellent for waterproofing foundations. Cracks 1-3" can repair. Filling voids in swimming pool areas is common. The solution is flowable thus enabling long distance sub surface fills.The injection is non-flamable and does not heat up.

Meeting notes; Neil Kreeger assuming role as new Admin for the Chapter, and is full time beginning with the September meeting. The new location and time has been approuved by vote; therefore, beginning September meeting will occur at Libations Tavern, each second Thursday of the month. Jim Brown, 410-913-6866 HomeInspector Teacher at Arunder Community College brought his class of eight students to the meeting. Notes Fin.

April 12th,2023

Bob White presentation; "Coating":rough notes by Admin; C.S.;

Chemistry of coating; paint has a soap additive; assists with defoaming while in container transit. Also, a clay ingredient as a builder's grade additive. Acrylics have an oil base vrs Aklides. Distinction of flexibility between the two. Oils are good for metal. Surface preparation needed for adhesion. Moisture and sun are harmful influences. Cycle of heat/dry will reduce surface layer. Two types of bonding; mechanical vrs chemical. Adhesion is by penetration due to viscosity.Effloressence results from salts raising through the cement as moisture escapes.  Caulking may be full or partial, based on degree of moisture to control. Process is to scrape, prime, sand,culk, repaint for surfaces. Sealants should be on substrates. When priming, the paint will guard moisture.Thus caulking with silicon to remain flexible between objects and prevent cracking. If choose between cracking or blistering, cracking will allow for moisture passage.Linseed will attract  mildew on wood. Steps of application; primer eg fast drying latex, or light oil primer then latex. Coatings are conditioned by tensil pressure. With waterproofing basements, put a membrane as surface preparation. Colors from light to darker will increase thermal dynamic of heating. Pigments for paint bases range between black and yellow. Chimeny painting is affecting by heat/cold thus movement activation and not advisable resulting in defects. Fin

March 8th, 2023; Open Q & A; lead generating associations, through member referral; pros and cons; fee based and expertise representative based membership; e.g. BNI & IEB .

Feburary 8, 2023: Presentation by Jack Gallagher: "Swimming Pools"; Link;

Notes; Feb.8/2023

Pool examination goes beyond any Courses Education. Basic issues of safety; re;children etc. Defect areas to observe and evaluate are; underground shell condition affected by movements eg quake,construction, weather. Construction issues play into assemblage; re; transfer errors, plaster deterioration, and integrity of water system. Evaluation may impact Insurance liability, thus limitations of inspection must be stated. Additional factors for limitations include degree of usage, eg both summer and winter if applicable. Market conditions may impact evaluation; eg and unregulated market penalized thoroughness.

Janurary 11,2023 ; Presentation by Joshua Meloney on Media for Marketing;

December 14th 2022; Presentation by Alan Simkin on Electrical cover boxes;

June 8th,2022; Present; Chris/Gene/Alan Simkin/Fred W./Will Sexton/Naveed Ibad/

May 11th,2022; Present; Chris/JaMarr/Fred W./Gene/Will Sexton(member application)/Alan Simkin(member application)

April 13th,2022; Present; Fred Wetzel,Phil, Chris

March 9th, 2022: Present; Chris,Phil,Gene, Jim, Fred Wetzel(Member Application).

Opening; Gene; Discussion topics; Styrafoam insulation i.e. block foundation. // Publicity advertising for our group meetings through promotional presentations for Association accreditation. // How to approach customer bases; eg through realters. // Contract legalities ensure customer protection vrs non documented inspections based on 4 or 10 point criteria.// MD law stills requires Certification notwithstanding shortcuts.// Closing motion; Gene. Member dues paid by Phil.(10$)


Attendance; Gene Swier/Matt Zalikowdki/JaMarr Jones

November,10th.2021; Present; Chris,Phil,Jamarr,Jim.Absent; Gene(illness)

Discussion; Nachi vs a vs Ahit; accreditation & E&O, Promotions; setup annual calender of speakers through invitations beginning in Janurary/Feburary 2022. Jamarr invite speaker re education. Associations advocating Education-Technical approach vrs Commercial-sales orientation of Home Inspection(Jim). Where to find meeting notes and attendees on Chapter webpage, will be highlighted/explained in next email going out to notification email for next meeting.

Order/Adjourn ;Jim motioned adjournment.carried.

October,13.2021, Present; Phil, Jim, Chris Szendroi,;Andre Abram;Nick Poole;

new members; Andre/Nick  no notes

September,8th.2021, Present; Gene; Phil; Jim. no notes.

June 9th, 2021; Present Gene; Chris; Aaron; Jamarr; Phil; 

Gene called to open and adjourned. no notes

May, 12th, 2021: Present; Phil Graham(President), Gene Swier(V.P.Founder), Chris Szendroi (Sec/Tres/Admin), Jim Schreiber, Jasper, Dylin.

Phil called to start meeting; Gene to research new banking to save on bank charges. Will enter meeting event with Hella's public agenda events for publicity.

New members applications; Jasper/Dylan received.

Discussion topics; education requirements for renewal of Nachi membership; new member requirements for HomeInspector qualifications re; Nachi.

Order/Adjourn ;Gene motioned adjournment.carried.

April 14th. 2021; Pandemic Reunion(absence of notes/notifications since March 2020); Present; Phil Graham(President), Gene Swier(V.P.Founder), Chris Szendroi (Sec/Tres/Admin), Mrs.Swier, Jim Schreiber. 

Items of discussion;  how to trim bank monthly dues;// need to update members list;// re-application necessary for Gov. licensing re; DLLR;//no zoom broadcasting due to low modem connection// annual acquisition of Nachi/Ahit credits for licensing. Associations require 24, and six are available for attendance to Chapter meetings thus the 30 for DLLR.//. Present membership listing will roll-over from last year due to Pandemic.// Covid known relations infections; total 14.

March 11th, 2020; Present; Phil Graham(President), Gene Swier(V.P.Founder), Chris Szendroi(Sec/Tres), Aaron Ankeny, JaMarr Jones, David Mitchell, Jim Schreiber.

Report - notes; warranty issue on clay pipe breakdown; Radon installation technicalities; Realtor relations developement; what to look for in a tankless water heater re; gas line etc.; Marketing value for generating clientel.

Continuing Education: presentation postphoned

Open Discussion;  networking with realtors who oversee the industry. Effects of Covid in question.

Participants; 2 dues payments; Phil&Jim Sch.@20.$; 1 new member -David Mitchell

Order/Adjourn ;Gene motioned both opening/adjournment.carried.


February 12th, 2020; Present;  Gene Swier(V.P.Founder), Dick Moran(Asst. V.P.), Chris Szendroi(Sec/Tres), Aaron Ankeny, JaMarr Jones.

  • Report - notes; subcontracts re; Termite Insp.,  software reports,clarity and readability
  • Continuing Education: members will do brief presentations. Media optional.    
  • Open discussion: usage of Home Advisor Service Co., as employment opportunities.
  • Order/Adjourn: Gene motioned opening/adjournment. carried.
  • Fin

January 8th, 2020; Present; Phil Graham(President), Gene Swier(V.P.Founder), Dick Moran(Asst. V.P.), Chris Szendroi(Sec/Tres).Jamarr Jones;

Notes; HVAC ducts in slab foundation, aesbestoes coated, sub-ground merged.


November 2019; Present; Phil, Gene, Dick,Dave, Jamel, Eric, Jeff, Scriber;

Notes;  Chinese drywall issues, i.e. mold, radon

How to attract Agents/clients; ellicit recommendations-references; eg doing Real Estate presentations; getting names from clients; networking, open houses, "Home Inspector Magazine";

History between I-Nachi & Achi developed professionally; result is more auditing; eg certificates for license renewal ; new codes re; smoke detectors rule of six-six feet for locations of detectors.