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Chesapeake Chapter monthly meetings; { Notes & Attendees; (non-affliated) }

Inserts of monthly transcripts and signed attendees.

June 8th,2022; Present; Chris/Gene/Alan Simkin/Fred W./Will Sexton/Naveed Ibad/

May 11th,2022; Present; Chris/JaMarr/Fred W./Gene/Will Sexton(member application)/Alan Simkin(member application)

April 13th,2022; Present; Fred Wetzel,Phil, Chris

March 9th, 2022: Present; Chris,Phil,Gene, Jim, Fred Wetzel(Member Application).

Opening; Gene; Discussion topics; Styrafoam insulation i.e. block foundation. // Publicity advertising for our group meetings through promotional presentations for Association accreditation. // How to approach customer bases; eg through realters. // Contract legalities ensure customer protection vrs non documented inspections based on 4 or 10 point criteria.// MD law stills requires Certification notwithstanding shortcuts.// Closing motion; Gene. Member dues paid by Phil.(10$)


Attendance; Gene Swier/Matt Zalikowdki/JaMarr Jones

November,10th.2021; Present; Chris,Phil,Jamarr,Jim.Absent; Gene(illness)

Discussion; Nachi vs a vs Ahit; accreditation & E&O, Promotions; setup annual calender of speakers through invitations beginning in Janurary/Feburary 2022. Jamarr invite speaker re education. Associations advocating Education-Technical approach vrs Commercial-sales orientation of Home Inspection(Jim). Where to find meeting notes and attendees on Chapter webpage, will be highlighted/explained in next email going out to notification email for next meeting.

Order/Adjourn ;Jim motioned adjournment.carried.

October,13.2021, Present; Phil, Jim, Chris Szendroi,;Andre Abram;Nick Poole;

new members; Andre/Nick  no notes

September,8th.2021, Present; Gene; Phil; Jim. no notes.

June 9th, 2021; Present Gene; Chris; Aaron; Jamarr; Phil; 

Gene called to open and adjourned. no notes

May, 12th, 2021: Present; Phil Graham(President), Gene Swier(V.P.Founder), Chris Szendroi (Sec/Tres/Admin), Jim Schreiber, Jasper, Dylin.

Phil called to start meeting; Gene to research new banking to save on bank charges. Will enter meeting event with Hella's public agenda events for publicity.

New members applications; Jasper/Dylan received.

Discussion topics; education requirements for renewal of Nachi membership; new member requirements for HomeInspector qualifications re; Nachi.

Order/Adjourn ;Gene motioned adjournment.carried.

April 14th. 2021; Pandemic Reunion(absence of notes/notifications since March 2020); Present; Phil Graham(President), Gene Swier(V.P.Founder), Chris Szendroi (Sec/Tres/Admin), Mrs.Swier, Jim Schreiber. 

Items of discussion;  how to trim bank monthly dues;// need to update members list;// re-application necessary for Gov. licensing re; DLLR;//no zoom broadcasting due to low modem connection// annual acquisition of Nachi/Ahit credits for licensing. Associations require 24, and six are available for attendance to Chapter meetings thus the 30 for DLLR.//. Present membership listing will roll-over from last year due to Pandemic.// Covid known relations infections; total 14.

March 11th, 2020; Present; Phil Graham(President), Gene Swier(V.P.Founder), Chris Szendroi(Sec/Tres), Aaron Ankeny, JaMarr Jones, David Mitchell, Jim Schreiber.

Report - notes; warranty issue on clay pipe breakdown; Radon installation technicalities; Realtor relations developement; what to look for in a tankless water heater re; gas line etc.; Marketing value for generating clientel.

Continuing Education: presentation postphoned

Open Discussion;  networking with realtors who oversee the industry. Effects of Covid in question.

Participants; 2 dues payments; Phil&Jim Sch.@20.$; 1 new member -David Mitchell

Order/Adjourn ;Gene motioned both opening/adjournment.carried.


February 12th, 2020; Present;  Gene Swier(V.P.Founder), Dick Moran(Asst. V.P.), Chris Szendroi(Sec/Tres), Aaron Ankeny, JaMarr Jones.

  • Report - notes; subcontracts re; Termite Insp.,  software reports,clarity and readability
  • Continuing Education: members will do brief presentations. Media optional.    
  • Open discussion: usage of Home Advisor Service Co., as employment opportunities.
  • Order/Adjourn: Gene motioned opening/adjournment. carried.
  • Fin

January 8th, 2020; Present; Phil Graham(President), Gene Swier(V.P.Founder), Dick Moran(Asst. V.P.), Chris Szendroi(Sec/Tres).Jamarr Jones;

Notes; HVAC ducts in slab foundation, aesbestoes coated, sub-ground merged.


November 2019; Present; Phil, Gene, Dick,Dave, Jamel, Eric, Jeff, Scriber;

Notes;  Chinese drywall issues, i.e. mold, radon

How to attract Agents/clients; ellicit recommendations-references; eg doing Real Estate presentations; getting names from clients; networking, open houses, "Home Inspector Magazine";

History between I-Nachi & Achi developed professionally; result is more auditing; eg certificates for license renewal ; new codes re; smoke detectors rule of six-six feet for locations of detectors.