InterNACHI's Daily Door Prize for Inspectors.

I am pleased to announce that InterNACHI will be giving away a door prize a day for the next 99 years.  Each new door prize will be announced on the message board and the first member who replies to the post wins and will be sent the free door prize.  Each thread will start with the words "Today's Daily Door Prize..."
Unless instructed otherwise, the door prize will be shipped to the address in the member's profile automatically after winning.  InterNACHI will cover the shipping and handling.   If your profile includes only a P.O. box... that is fine.  We'll ship USPO.  You don't have to post your actual street address, we have it on file.  Canadian members and members abroad are welcome to play and win too.  Win by simply being the first to reply to the thread with your name.   
If you want to play to win but don't really want or need the door prize, or you have already won the same door prize previously, simply type "PASS" in your reply and the door prize will remain available for the next person who replies.
Only InterNACHI members are eligible to win.
Industry vendors or anyone who wants to donate any type of door prize can email Nick at for instructions to donate a prize.  Vendors who donate a prize will be acknowledged with a description of the prize and a live link to their website.  I have already procured over $1,400,000.00 worth of door prizes to give away from vendors.  They range in value from $3 to a whopping $5,000!   Many will be repeat door prizes.  I will try to give a door prize per day away, but not every day... so some days there will be many door prizes and others there will be none.   I'll start (and sometimes hide) a new thread for each prize given, at various times of day, each titled "Daily Door Prize." 
Nick Gromicko
Game show host.
On December 21, 2009, we gave away so many door prize that we decided to stop posting links to them.  They can be found on our message board though.
We still give out door prizes regularly.
Below are door prizes given away in the past:
December 25, 2009: Merry Christmas
November 14, 2009:
November 13, 2009:
November 12, 2009:
November 11, 2009:
November 10, 2009:
November 9, 2009:
November 8, 2009:
November 7, 2009:
November 6, 2009:
November 5, 2009:
November 4, 2009:
November 3, 2009:
November 2, 2009:
November 1, 2009:
October 31, 2009:
December 25, 2008:  Merry Christmas
December 25, 2007: Merry Christmas
November 22, 2007: Great Thanksgiving Day InterNACHI/NFL Contest:
July 25, 2007 Daily Door Prize's Anniversary.
December 25, 2006: Merry Christmas.