InterNACHI's One-Day, Hands-On, Commercial Fire Door Inspection Course

Attend InterNACHI's one-day, hands-on, Commercial Fire Door Inspection Course at NACHI.TV Studios in Boulder, Colorado. 
Many buildings, including schools, high-rises, health care facilities, churches, office buildings, factories, and warehouses are likely to have fire doors.  Should a fire occur, the health, safety and welfare of building occupants and emergency responders depend on the regular inspection of fire doors. 
The goal of a commercial fire door inspection is to provide an indication as to whether the door is in a state of readiness to perform its intended function during a fire.
The fire door inspection may be offered in conjunction with a complete commercial property inspection, or as a separate, stand-alone inspection service.  Every fire door should be inspected every year.
This course will teach the inspector to perform visual inspections, operational checks, and simulation (drop) tests on fire swinging man doors, fire rolling doors, and fire counter doors based on InterNACHI's International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Fire Doors. 
The course will also cover fire door inspection report-generation and use of InterNACHI's bar-code fire door inspection management system (free to members).