Florida DBPR Approval of "How to Inspect Pools and Spas" course

Due to a change in law and subsequent updates to the proposed rules for the Home Inspectors Licensing Program, the continuing education required for license renewal has changed. Licensed home inspectors are required to complete at least fourteen (14) hours of continuing education credits prior to their expiration of their license. The continuing education must include: 2 hours in building systems; 6 hours ingeneral; 2 hours in hurricane mitigation; 2 hours in inspection methods; 1 hour in reporting; and 1 hour in professional practice as described in Rule 61-30.402(1), Florida Administrative Code.
The DBPR approval letter contains the CE topic breakdown.
Online approval:
Building Systems: 6 hours
Inspection Methods: 2 hours

Classroom approval:
Building Systems: 5 hours
Inspection Methods: 2 hours
Classroom location: Contact ben@internachi.org.
Florida DBPR Approval of InterNACHI: www.nachi.org/florida-approved-education-provider
120-Hour Pre-Licensing Course: www.nachi.org/florida-licensed-home-inspector
DBPR-Approved CE Courses: www.nachi.org/florida-approved-education-provider.htm#ce