Florida Wood-Destroying Organism WDO Inspection


Florida regulates persons who apply pesticides to structures in Florida, as outlined in the Florida Structural Pest Control Law (Chapter 482). Visit the Florida website
Marline Czerniak from the Florida Department of Agriculture states in a 2013 letter to InterNACHI:

"A home inspector, upon observing some apparent WDO damage during the home inspection, can state that he or she observes damage to wood, structure, or whatever he notes, but cannot state that it is due to a wood-destroying organism. As long as they are NOT diagnosing the condition or stating that it's due to termites or some other pest, they are OK." 
Home inspectors who perform home inspections according to the Standards of Practice do not spray pesticides and do not identify specific insects or pests.  



Consider using the following resources as a home inspector: www.nachi.org/wdo-report.  

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