InterNACHI sues ASHI's Executive Director Frank Lesh

Frank Lesh
ASHI Executive Director Frank Lesh recently authored an article in which he claimed that inspectors can "just buy" designations and certifications from InterNACHI®:

"But what inspectors need to watch out for—and savvy consumers are leery about—are 'purchased designations' that require little more effort than paying a fee and checking a box that says, 'I fulfilled the requirements,' especially when the same organization issues a myriad of 'certifications.'  In fact, the inspector doesn't earn the recognition – he or she just buys it." – Frank Lesh

But Mr. Lesh didn't stop there.  He then had the trade association he heads up publish the article in the ASHI Reporter, print it, and mail thousands of copies to members of the inspection industry (including InterNACHI® members), causing InterNACHI® to suffer millions of dollars in damages.

InterNACHI® has filed suit against Frank Lesh seeking a judgment in a jury trial for those damages.

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