Four RESPA-Compliant Gifts for Agents That Promote Your Inspection Company

by InterNACHI® Founder Nick GromickoCMI®
Our industry is notorious for wasting money on delivering candy dishes, boxes of bonbons, and dozens of doughnuts to real estate agents in the hopes that some of them will remember our inspection company once they bite into a piece of dark chocolate. From professional marketing materials to imaginative presentations, a lot of us try every trick in the book to be seen, heard, remembered and referred from among sometimes overwhelming competition.  
So, here are four RESPA-compliant gifts you can give to real estate agents to make your mark. Whether it's holiday time, or just time to try a different tactic, consider these low- to no-cost options. They can truly promote your inspection company in practical and meaningful ways that a jelly-filled pastry can't.  

1.  Top-producing real estate agents dress for success. Every morning, they go to their closets and put together an outfit that says, "I don't just make a big commission, I earn it." Wouldn't it be great if they saw your inspection logo every time they did? Consider having garment bags customized to include your company logo and contact information.  Google "customized garment bags" to find a supplier. Cost:  Under $10 each.

2.  Real estate agents throw inspectors' business cards in the trash every day. But Americans don't throw away books. Wouldn't it be great to have your own full-color home maintenance book with your inspection company's logo and contact information on the cover? Now you can. Visit Cost:  $2.70 each. 

3.  All real estate agents are required to complete Continuing Education in order to keep their licenses current. And they usually have to pay for those classes. Wouldn't it be great if you could give them free, 24/7 online access to the approved courses they need to maintain their real estate licenses? Now you can with these free cards for real estate agents. Cost:  FREE.

4.  Real estate agents are human beings, too. (Well... most of them!) They buy products and services just like we do. Wouldn't it be great if you could give them a card that provides them with elite deals and discounts for places like Bass Pro Shops, Costco, Sam's Club, Sprint, Firestone, Papa John's, DirecTV, T-Mobile, Dell,, Verizon Wireless,, Brooks Brothers, Gold's Gym, LA Fitness, Motel 6, Panasonic, Bally Total Fitness, Avis, Diamondback Bicycles, and Hewlett-Packard?  Now you can with the "Gifts from Your Inspector" cards.  Cost:  FREE.

Marketing to prospective clients is practically a full-time job for home inspectors, and real estate agents are a necessary part of that equation. So, make your efforts count while being ethical, frugal, practical, and memorable.
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