Become a Home Energy Score Assessor (U.S. members only)


The Home Energy Score adds value to your service without adding to your time. You could sell it separately or include it with your home inspection. 


Become an InterNACHI-Certified Home Energy Inspector (free, online certification for members).


Email Jazmin at to enroll in the 3D training, required by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and provided by InterNACHI at no cost to its members. Watch a short preview of the 3D training to get an idea of the training experience. 
Because the training is challenging, consider expediting the process by hiring a mentor who will take you through the 3D training. Contact Jazmin at for more information about InterNACHI's 2-day mentoring class that costs $300. 


The DOE requires you to hire a mentor to provide mentoring services and quality assurance audits of all of your Home Energy Scores. The DOE requires six initial mentoring sessions (fees starting at $300) and annual audits (fees starting at $599 per year). Unfortunately, there is currently only one national company approved by the DOE to provide the required mentoring sessions and quality assurance audits. Please visit the DOE website to schedule your required sessions and audits. 
InterNACHI is currently working with the DOE for attaining approval as a alternative national provider of mentoring sessions and a quality assurance program for everyone. To stay updated, please email


InterNACHI's free Home Energy Report educates homeowners on how to save an average $1,200 per year by saving home energy. 


InterNACHI's Marketing Team will work one-on-one with you to develop business cards, flyers, and door hangers that are customized with business logos and contact information. To order customized Home Energy Score marketing, contact InterNACHI Marketing Services. All of the marketing design is free for members. 

Download and print this marketing flyer: What Does My Score Mean?. Or, contact InterNACHI Marketing Services to customize the flyer with your company logo and contact information on it.