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To become an InterNACHI® Certified Home Energy Inspector, complete the following three requirements:

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  2. Complete the Home Inspector Certification Requirements; and 
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Become Infrared Certified®

In addition to becoming a Home Energy Inspector, you may want to become Infrared Certified® (free & online for members).

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Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities of a Home Energy Inspector:

The minimum Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) of an InterNACHI Certified Home Energy Inspector are as follows:
  • Basics of heat transfer concepts
  • Basics of building performance testing
  • Basics of air distribution leakage
  • Calculating gross and net areas
  • Definitions/energy terminology
  • Basic combustion appliance concerns
  • Basics of envelope leakage, thermal bypass, thermal bridging
  • Determining envelope insulation
    • Presence/absence of insulation and when observable, the quality of its installation
    • Recommended levels of insulation by climate zoneHVAC – determining equipment efficiencies from model numbers or default tables
  • Household appliances – determine efficiency from model numbers or vintage
  • Energy units
  • Measuring building dimensions
  • Identification and documentation of energy survey inspected features of the home
  • Basics of specifications
  • Determining window and door efficiency
  • Determining building orientation and shading characteristics
  • Defining the thermal boundaries
  • Basics of measure interaction, expected life, and bundling for optimal performance considering the house as a system and the emerging need for deep savings 


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Additional Training (free & online for members):

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Home Energy Score:

InterNACHI is a Home Energy Score national partner with the U.S. Department of Energy to inspect the energy performance of every home in America and help homeowners toward investing in home energy improvements.
Provide Home Energy Scores to your clients and add incredible value to your inspection service. 

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