InterNACHI® Master Class for Home Inspectors

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The goal of this course is to provide the student with everything needed to become an InterNACHI® Certified Home Inspector CPI® and build a successful home inspection business, including inspection training, business resources, and marketing strategies.

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Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Become an InterNACHI-Certified Home Inspector;
  • Attain the Certified Professional Inspector CPI® designation; 
  • Set up a corporation and get legal documents in order; 
  • Perform valuable, profitable home inspections;
  • Calculate inspection fees with the highest profit margins;
  • Develop a professional brand and design customized print marketing; 
  • Choose the right inspection tools and report writing software;
  • Build and manage a website that converts visitors and schedules jobs;
  • Write beautiful home inspection reports efficiently by using mobility;
  • Use InterNACHI’s SEO tools to get home inspection job leads; 
  • Reduce liability with sound business practices and risk-management tools; and
  • Boost their business with proven successful business and marketing strategies. 

Course includes: 

  • 31.0 InterNACHI® CE credit hours; 
  • 2,500 words;
  • 23.5 hours of instruction in 208 videos;
  • 8 inspection and report writing assignments;
  • 12-question final exam;
  • instant grading; and 
  • a downloadable, printable Certificate of Completion.    

You will learn the following topics: 

Welcome to the Course    

Step #1    

Step #2    

  • Structure Your Company    
  • Sound Smart on the Phone    
  • Need Insurance?    
  • Use Infrared As an Ancillary Inspection    
  • Show or Hide Yourself    
  • Meet 30 People Who Work for You    
  • Meet the Member Marketing Team    
  • Like Us    
  • Attend or Form a Chapter    
  • How to Avoid Competing on Price
  • Spy on Your Competition    
  • Inspect the Roof    
  • Why Should I Hire You?    
  • What's Your Brand?    
  • Nice Logo!    
  • Get Free Design Work    
  • Get Professional Design Work for Free    
  • Delegate Down    

Step #3    

Step #4    

  • Write Down 3 Business Tips    
  • Customize and Test Your Agreement    
  • Prepare for the Exam    
  • Referrals & Neighbors
  • Report    
  • Legal FAQ: Signed Contracts    
  • How to Gain a Competitive Advantage
  • 5 Ways to Make Your Website Better    
  • Get Listed    
  • Learn Electrical Inspection Tips    
  • Download the Panel Inspection Checklist    
  • Inspection Tips for Plumbing Fixtures    
  • Get the Same Look, Feel and Message    
  • Get Your Business on Facebook    
  • Check Your Image    
  • Start Your SEO    
  • Take Another Step    

Step #5    

  • Protect Yourself from Lawsuits    
  • Separate Bank Accounts    
  • Break Things    
  • Get Paid by Using Credit Cards    
  • Copying from Sample Reports    
  • Differentiate Your Business    
  • Calculate Net Profit    
  • While I'm Here: Infrared    
  • Learn about Stairways    
  • Estimate Your Time    
  • Find Defects    
  • Tips on Inspecting Concrete    
  • Tips on Inspecting Notches, Cuts & Holes    
  • Get Free Marketing Stuff    
  • Offer Move-In Certified    
  • Honor Guarantee    
  • Include a Home Maintenance Book    
  • InterNACHI® and IAC2    
  • Is Your Website Any Good?    
  • Work a Bit Harder    

Step #6    

  • Get Your Legal Docs in Order    
  • Get Free Legal Advice    
  • Use Electronic Signatures    
  • Add Credibility    
  • Answer the Phone    
  • Get HVAC Inspection Tips    
  • Test Yourself    
  • Define Defects    
  • What Do Your Clients Need?    
  • Tips on Inspecting Aluminum Wiring    
  • Tips on Inspecting the TPR Valve    
  • Talk to Real Estate Agents    
  • Offer Another Ancillary Inspection Service    
  • Add a Feature to Your Website    
  • While I'm Here: Mold Inspections    
  • You Must    

Step #7    

Step #8    

  • Convert Phone Calls    
  • Use the Red Phone    
  • Call Me Now    
  • Incorporate Your Business   
  • Write in the Past    
  • 3 Functions of a Report Narrative    
  • Use the Stop Sign    
  • Survey Your Clients    
  • Handle Complaints    
  • Take Home Inspector Courses    
  • Here's a Final Checklist    
  • Help Kids At the Inspection    
  • Tell Them What Really Matters    
  • While I'm Here: WDO    
  • Real Estate Agent's Duty    
  • Lunch    
  • A Little Work on Many Things    
  • What If You Don't Have an Inspection Today    
  • How to Schedule Your First Few Inspections   
  • Smash Your TV  
  • Consider Yourself As an Owner  
  • Indoor Only Shoes  

Extra Step #9  

  • Checklist for Success   
  • A Difficult Task   
  • Momentum  
  • Appendix of More Tasks   
  • Are You Kidding Me?   
  • Lost?  
  • Do You Have a License Number?  
  • Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Keep in Contact with Past Clients
  • Learn Tips to Determine the Conductor Size
  • Learn Tips to Find Overfusing
  • Get Hands-On Training
  • Provide the Right Service at the Right Time
  • Pay Less for a Computer
  • Pay Less for a Ford Truck
  • Don’t Claim to Be an Expert
  • Add an Additional Revenue Stream
  • Get Better at Customer Service
  • Know the Cost of Bad Customer Service
  • Learn Tips on Pool Inspections
  • Show Off Your Transcript
  • Stickies
  • Veteran Logo
  • Write a Business Plan
  • Do Commercial Inspections
  • Hire Inspectors
  • There Are 3 Ways to Get Jobs
  • Train on Stucco & EIFS
  • Use the Stucco Card
  • Meeting Your Client
  • Legal FAQ
  • Keep Learning
  • Grow Your Business
InterNACHI® Master Class for Home Inspectors
Course #5000, Student Catalog 

Student WorkTime CalculationEstimated Clock Hour Time for the Average Student
Attendance for "Seat Time" 1# of minutes of student attendance / 5028.0
Participation in Learning Activities 2# of minutes of online student participation / 501.0
Interactivity 3# of minutes of student interactivity / 500.5
Reading the Course Text 4# of words in the course / 100 words per minute / 500.0
Reading the Course Textbook 5# of words in the book / 100 words per minute / 500.0
Academic Engagement 6# of words in the course / 100 / 501.0
Direct Communication 7# of minutes of communication / 500.5
Instructional Video Learning 8# of minutes of video / 5028.2
Reinforcement Q & A  9# of questions X 1.85 / 500.0
Writing Assignment of the Inspection  104.0 hours per assignment0.0
Writing Assignment of the Research  114.0 hours per assignment0.0
Academic Activities for an Inspection  128.0 hours for each inspection assignment0.0
Performing an Inspection  138.0 hours for each inspection0.0
Total clock hours
31.0 clock hours
31.0 InterNACHI CE Hours
3.1 CEU