Homes Pre-Inspected and Ready

Are you an InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector®?

Here are some advantages of offering Move-In Certified® Seller Inspections:

  • Seller Inspections allow you to catch inspection jobs upstream, ahead of real estate transactions--and the competition.
  • A Seller Inspection is easier to schedule because it's not under the same time constraints of a buyer's contingency inspection.
  • Working for sellers is typically less stressful than working for buyers about to make the purchase of a lifetime.
  • Sellers can alert you to problems they already know about that should be included in your report.
  • Sellers can answer questions you may have about their homes.
  • The seller can provide you with their seller's disclosure statement, which will give you a head-start on the inspection and your report.
  • If the seller repairs problems you've found during the Seller Inspection, it may require you to re-inspect the property to confirm the repairs.
  • A Seller Inspection puts a sample copy of your report in the hands of many potential buyers via, and these same people will likely need a local inspector soon when they sell their own properties. Name recognition counts!
  • Many local buyers' agents who tour a Move-In Certified® home will also remember your name, which can lead to referrals.
  • Move-In Certified® yard signs (available through InterNACHI) allow prospective buyers to see your work.
  • You'll be given some of the credit for a smooth transaction by the buyer, the seller, and the real estate agents on both sides. This can earn you terrific word-of-mouth, which can lead to referrals.
  • Your liability is reduced by putting more time between the date of the inspection and the move-in date of the buyers.
  • Your liability is reduced because the your clients are not buying the properties inspected--they're moving out of them.
  • The buyer who doesn't waive his own inspection contingency may insist on hiring the seller's inspector--you--to produce a fresh report, since you're already familiar with the home.
  • Seller Inspections provide you with many opportunities to show off your services to listing agents.
  • Seller Inspections provide real-life examples of your work to the listing agent of each home, which may encourage them to have other listings pre-inspected by you.
  • Again, most sellers are local buyers, so they may want you to inspect the homes they're moving into.

Here is some suggested language for inspectors to include in their reports:

NOTE: Just as no two home inspectors and no two reporting systems are alike, no two inspection reports are alike. This Seller/Pre-Listing Inspection was performed for my client--the home seller--with his cooperation and assistance. The resulting report assumes full disclosure on the part of my client. My client may choose to share my report with others, but it was produced solely for him for use and distribution as he sees fit. Although I perform all inspections and write all reports objectively and without regard to my client's personal interests, hiring me to perform additional re-inspections should be considered if the time between my initial inspection and the closing date is substantial, as a re-inspection and subsequent report may reveal new issues and/or confirm that repairs discovered during the initial inspection have been made.


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