New York InterNACHI

Standing room only again at the NY InterNACHI Chapter meeting!

CLICK HERE for info about upcoming June 24th, 2003 meeting.  Everyone Welcome!

The New York InterNACHI Chapter meeting was packed again on Tuesday, May 27th, 2003.  The monthly meeting, which is attended by members of InterNACHI, NAHI, ASHI, SPREI, and other associations, is fast becoming the best home inspection event in the Northeast.  Home inspectors from as far away as Connecticut and Pittsburgh showed up.  We had the restaurant and bar to ourselves again as it was open solely for inspectors attending this meeting.

Dinner, drinks, and desserts were enjoyed during the four hour event.  Joe Farsetta of InterNACHI's Continuing Education and Ethics Committee spoke about the importance of keeping the real estate email marketing system fresh.  Barry Stangel offered tips on wood infestation inspections and filling out the National Pest Management Association's reporting form.  Tom Hopkins delivered the new training binders/manuals to the Chapter.  John Cagliostro of HICAG, (the Home Inspection Consumer Action Group), updated everyone on our recent lobbying successes which are keeping NJ monopoly-free.  Chapter Advisor Igor Smetaniuk reminded us of the importance of InterNACHI's open door policy for members of other associations (21% of InterNACHI's membership is also ASHI for example).  National Director Nick Gromicko explained how PA's inspection law is being used as an example to NY legislatures.  Dennis Sunday provided information on InterNACHI's sponsoring of the sailboat race for Special Olympics.  Chapter founder Patsy Maietta showed off the Chapter's growing free video and book library.  And the chef prepared a special dinner for one of our vegetarian female members.

Free radon kits, inspection software and lots of fun topped off a wonderful evening.

Membership in the NY InterNACHI Chapter is free and open to all inspectors from all associations and all states.  See you next month!

CLICK HERE for info about upcoming June 24th, 2003 meeting.  Everyone Welcome!

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