Continuing Education (CE) Policy for InterNACHI® Certified Inspectors

The Continuing Education (CE) Policy applies to only All-Access Members of InterNACHI® who become InterNACHI® Certified Inspectors and intend to maintain and renew their inspector certification. 

InterNACHI® Certified Inspectors Are Required To:

  1. Complete 24.0 hours of CE every year.
  2. Abide by the InterNACHI® Code of Ethics.
  3. Maintain an Official Education Record.  
  4. Pass the InterNACHI® Online Inspector Examination every three years.
  5. Substantially adhere to the InterNACHI® Standards of Practice that apply to the inspection service or adhere to the local standards required by law. 
  6. Maintain an All-Access Membership at InterNACHI®.

24.0 Hours of CE Every Year

An All-Access Member who becomes an InterNACHI® Certified Inspector must complete 24.0 hours of CE every year (regardless of whether or not the member is state- or province-licensed). 

  • An InterNACHI® Certified Inspector can fulfill the CE requirement by taking InterNACHI's free online courses provided by our accredited college ( Take free online courses.
  • A course can be taken repeatedly, but a member receives credit for only one completion within nine months. In other words, a member can get credit for completing the same course only when there are at least nine months between the course completions. Check your Official CE Record.
  • An InterNACHI® Certified Inspector may also complete qualified education outside of InterNACHI® and upload CE credits into the member's Official CE Record.

Two Exceptions to the CE Requirement:

  1. Newly certified inspectors are NOT required to complete any CE for the first year after they become certified. For example, a member who becomes certified on March 1, 2024, must complete twenty-four hours of Continuing Education by March 1, 2026 (two years after they become certified).
  2. A certified home inspector may apply a maximum of twenty-four (24) additional CE hours ("rollover hours") to the following year only. For example, if the certified inspector completes 30 hours of CE in a year that requires CE completion, that inspector has 6 rollover CE hours to apply to the following year.

ASHI CE Denied

As of December 2021, InterNACHI® is no longer accepting ASHI Continuing Education credits until we are assured that ASHI has stopped issuing certificates to people who don't deserve them. InterNACHI® members who have received ASHI CE may contact for details.

InterNACHI® All-Access and Guest Members Must:

Become an All-Access Member or Guest Member. Get certified at your own pace whenever you’re ready and at no additional fee (all education and testing are online and free to All-Access Members of InterNACHI®).

What Qualifies for InterNACHI® CE?

InterNACHI's qualifying subject matter for CE is broad and simple. If you learn, you earn. Anything reasonably deemed to be inspection-related can be considered qualifying, including CE credits earned from other inspection associations, training classes provided by schools other than InterNACHI®, construction seminars, Chapter presentations, and code enforcement training. Attending online courses, in-person classes, live webinars, chapter meetings, and in-person seminars all qualify. Teaching home inspection classes and mentoring home inspectors qualify. 


How Much Credit?

The ratio is direct 1:1 (one-to-one). That means if you completed a 2-hour qualifying CE course, you would receive 2 hours of CE credit from InterNACHI®.  

Some more examples are:

  • A mold seminar that lasts 2 hours qualifies as 2 CE hours.
  • InterNACHI® Chapter meetings qualify for continuing education. If the meeting lasts 1.5 hours, you receive 1.5 hours of credit. Attend a Chapter meeting at
  • If you teach or mentor an inspector for 4 hours, you will receive 4 hours of CE credit from InterNACHI®. Find or become a Mentor at
  • If you completed a 10-hour qualifying training class at another accredited school (outside of InterNACHI®), that training will count for 10 hours of CE. 
  • If you attend a free, one-hour online InterNACHI® Webinar, that education will count as one hour of InterNACHI® CE.


Automatically Receiving CE Credit: 

Members who complete InterNACHI's free online courses will have their Official Education Record and transcript automatically updated by InterNACHI's education system.

Manually Adding CE Credits:

Members can manually add CE credits to their Official Education Records. Please watch the following short video on how to do that: 

What Does NOT Qualify as CE? 

Some things do NOT qualify as Continuing Education: 

  • Completing any continuing education that is not verifiable. 
  • Training from the inspection company you work for does not qualify as continuing education.
  • Repeating the same course within nine months of each other does not qualify. In other words, taking the same class or course twice within nine months does not count for double credits.
  • Buying and reading books or watching a video about inspections does not qualify as continuing education.
  • Simply watching video recordings of webinars, coaching sessions, and online conferences that you did not attend live or participate in does not qualify. 
  • Listening to podcast recordings does not qualify. 

Unsure? Have Questions? 

If you are unsure if something qualifies as Continuing Education, you can email our Education Department at

InterNACHI members must load all details of their continuing educational accomplishments to the Member's Education Records, including as much detail as possible. The member should retain all other proof of completing courses, seminars, live webinars, etc. if further verification is requested.



How Does InterNACHI® Calculate CE and Clock Hours as an Accredited College? 

InterNACHI® provides its members with free online education courses and a Home Inspector Certificate Program through InterNACHI® School, which operates within the membership organization. InterNACHI® School is accredited by a national accrediting agency ( recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. All of our courses are provided by our accredited college at

InterNACHI® documents its implementation and application of policies and procedures for determining clock hours and CEUs awarded for its courses and program. 

InterNACHI's Clock Hour and CEU Calculation Policy for Online Courses is available by visiting