Ohio proposing InterNACHI-friendly home inspector licensing.

The Bill is very InterNACHI friendly:
1. No mention of any trade association (No association bias).

2. No specific mention of weak NHIE leaving the door open for InterNACHI's superior CMIE https://www.nachi.org/cmi.htm :
"Approve an examination for licensure that is accepted by a national association of home inspectors or national associations of home inspectors the board recognizes;"
3. Reciprocity for the future:
"Establish procedures and requirements for reciprocity of a person licensed or certified in another state;"
4. No specific state contract so that InterNACHI members can use their own superior InterNACHI contract: https://www.nachi.org/newagreement.htm
5. A death to scumbags clause (Some associations permit the bribing of REALTORs and permits its members to offer to correct defects found on an inspection):
"Establish a code of ethics for persons licensed and registered under this chapter. The code shall specify guidelines for acting honestly and in good faith toward a client and avoiding conflicts of interest." 
6. Plenty of time to meet requirements.
Nick Gromicko will be discussing Ohio home inspection licensing in Columbus on November 12th at: www.ohnachi.org  Don't miss this meeting!