Free, Online, Signable Inspection Agreement System

Streamline the process of getting your inspection agreement signed. InterNACHI's online inspection agreement is signable and legally binding. It allows the client to read and sign your agreement before you do the inspection, or, at least before they view their report online.

Online Agreement System

State-Specific Agreements

We've provided InterNACHI's basic contract for you to start out with, but you can make changes as you like - including creating your own agreement templates for different services you offer.  You can also upload InterNACHI's state-specific home inspection agreements with push of a button.

System Component Agreement

It's simple:
You can then:
  • Notify your clients automatically by a customizable email when you create an agreement.
  • Check the signed status of your agreements quickly and easily.
  • Receive instant notification by email when your client has signed the agreement.
  • Print out the signed agreement with your client's IP address and the exact date of signing.
Other features:
  • Clients are able to sign their signature with a mouse or their finger (on a tablet or smartphone).
  • Agreements signed online by the inspector and client are legally binding.
  • You can require that the agreement be signed before the client views the report.
  • Past agreements are stored online for you or your client to view and print at any time.
  • NEW! Agreements viewed by the client are smartphone-ready.
To use InterNACHI's free, online inspection agreement system visit:   Simply add your client's information and the agreement system will take care of the rest.
Direct clients to: and tell them to enter their email to view and sign the agreement.  You'll be notified by email when they've signed.
InterNACHI's inspection agreement system is great for situations where the client is not attending the inspection, where you want the client to read and sign the agreement first, or where you are delivering the inspection report electronically and want your client to sign the agreement before viewing the report.
This system is FetchReport Friendly.


  • In the case that the client doesn't receive the initial email (sometimes this happens with aggressive spam filters on certain servers), you can tell them to go to, then type in their email address. In addition, you can tell them to add "" to their list of whitelisted email addresses, to mark it as "Not Spam".
  • If you are not receiving the confirmation emails after your client signs the agreement, check your spam folder. Mark the message as "Not Spam" so that future messages will reach your inbox.
*You should consider having your own lawyer review the InterNACHI agreement and suggested clauses.
InterNACHI stores your online agreements forever and stands ready to testify in court as to the exact date and time your client read the agreement (so that they can't argue that you didn't give them time to read it), and the exact date and time they signed it.
This free, online inspection agreement system is currently being incorporated into (free report uploading system).
InterNACHI never releases any information to anyone for anything, ever. You and your client's privacy is respected.