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InterNACHI® Training Partners teach students anywhere in the world. 

InterNACHI® empowers its Training Partners with a free, online webinar platform to teach students anywhere in the world. By teaching online, our partners leverage InterNACHI® and promote their own school and classes to InterNACHI's network of thousands of members, inspectors, contractors, and real estate agents. Our partners may charge fees for their classes, and they keep all the money.


InterNACHI® is the world's largest trade organization of residential and commercial property inspectors. InterNACHI® School ( is the only home inspector college accredited by the U.S. Department of Education and is a college member of the National Association of Career Colleges of Canada. InterNACHI® School provides partners with additional credibility, a promotional platform, an accredited curriculum, school textbooks, free memberships for students, and an easy way to make more money. 
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What Do Training Partners Get from InterNACHI®?

InterNACHI® provides its Training Partners with the following:

  • A free, online webinar platform to teach students anywhere in the world. Our Training Partners agree to teach one free online InterNACHI® Webinar once a year. They leverage InterNACHI® to promote their own classes to thousands of members, inspectors, contractors, and real estate agents.
  • InterNACHI® Partner School logo
  • InterNACHI® Partner Instructor logo
  • InterNACHI® Certified Mentor logo
  • InterNACHI® logo
  • InterNACHI® School logo
  • Textbooks for students
  • Online curriculum from which to teach live classes
  • Free InterNACHI® memberships for your non-member students (1 month)
  • Free listing as an InterNACHI® Home Inspector Mentor. It's a great way to invite new inspectors to classes. 
  • Free listing as an InterNACHI® Partner School, Partner Instructor, Certified Mentor, and Member Chapter on InterNACHI's website. Visit InterNACHI's state/province webpages.
  • Free invitation to join the InterNACHI® School Advisory Council
  • Free invitation to present on InterNACHI® Webinars as a special guest trainer or vendor. Partners agree to do a webinar at least once per year. 
  • Free invitation to become an InterNACHI® Vendor
  • Free tickets to the annual Professional Inspectors Convention every year

    Questions? Email your Education Team at

    To Become an InterNACHI® Training Partner
    To become an InterNACHI® Training Partner, boost your business, and make more money, please complete the following steps: 

    Step 1: 
    Join InterNACHI® as a member or a vendor

    Step 2: 
    Schedule a live InterNACHI® Webinar. Partners must teach a webinar at least once a year while a partner. The webinar will be free and open to everyone. InterNACHI's Ben Gromicko will host the webinar, and you'll do a one-hour presentation on a topic related to home inspections, including business, marketing, products, or services. This is a great way to network with thousands of home inspectors and people interested in becoming home inspectors, and to promote your own school and classes. Email after you submit your Training Partner application to schedule a webinar.

    Step 3: 
    Put an InterNACHI® Training Partner logo on your website. Download a logo from

    Step 4: 
    Add the following to your website near the InterNACHI® Training Partner logo:

    {Your company name} is an InterNACHI® Training Partner. InterNACHI® School ( is the only accredited home inspector college that provides free memberships to our students. 

    Step 5: 
    Become an InterNACHI® Home Inspector Mentor. It's a great way to invite new inspectors to your classes. Download the Mentor logo and use it on your website.

    Step 6: 
    Agree to provide an InterNACHI® membership to each of your non-member students/clients. If you can't agree to this, you're not a partner.  Email and request the code. The code will provide each non-member (student, client, inspector) with a code to get a free InterNACHI® membership (for non-members only).

    Step 7:
    Finally, Email the link to your website that has the logo(s) prominently displayed. We'll check. We'll also confirm that your Training Partner website is listed on an InterNACHI® state/province/country webpage and that you've scheduled your first webinar. 
    InterNACHI® Training Partner FAQ. Frequently asked questions and answers about becoming an InterNACHI® Training Partner can be found at Become an InterNACHI® Training PartnerTo become an InterNACHI® Training Partner, click the "Apply" button below.