Become a Training Partner & Teach a Webinar

InterNACHI® invites you to become an InterNACHI® Training Partner and present a one-hour InterNACHI® Webinar. 

  • We'll pay you. 
  • We'll host the webinar.
  • You'll present on any topic related to home inspections, including performing an inspection, writing a report, business, marketing, products, or services. Here's an example.

By doing webinar presentations, our partners leverage InterNACHI® and promote their home inspection businesses or schools to InterNACHI's network of thousands of members, inspectors, contractors, and real estate agents. 

To become a training partner and get paid to teach a 1-hour InterNACHI® Webinar, email at You have to be an InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector CPI® to teach a topic related to home inspections.

What Do Training Partners Get from InterNACHI®?

InterNACHI® provides its Training Partners with the following:

  • We'll pay you to teach a 1-hour webinar on a topic related to home inspections.
  • A free, online webinar platform to teach students anywhere in the world. 
  • InterNACHI® Partner School logo
  • InterNACHI® Partner Instructor logo
  • InterNACHI® Certified Mentor logo
  • InterNACHI® logo
  • InterNACHI® School logo
  • Textbooks for students
  • Online curriculum from which to teach live classes
  • Free listing as an InterNACHI® Home Inspector Mentor (optional). 
  • Free tickets to the annual Professional Inspectors Convention every year

Step 1: 

Join InterNACHI® as a member and become a Certified Professional Inspector CPI®. 

Step 2: 

Schedule with AJ at to teach a one-hour webinar. We will host the webinar. You teach it. You can present a topic related to home inspections, including business, marketing, products, or services. This is a great way to network with many other home inspectors and people interested in becoming home inspectors and to promote your own business or school. 

Step 3: 

Optional: Put an InterNACHI® Training Partner logo on your website. Download a logo from

Step 4: 

Optional: Add the following to your website near the InterNACHI®    

{Your company name} is an InterNACHI® Training Partner. InterNACHI® School ( is the only accredited home inspector college that provides free memberships to our students. 

Step 5: 

Optional: Become an InterNACHI® Home Inspector Mentor. It's a great way to invite new inspectors to your classes. Download the Mentor logo and use it on your website.