Username and Password Help

Much of is open to everyone, but there are a few sections that require a username and password for full access.  These sections include the members-only invisible sections of the photo message board, the Online Inspector Examination, the InterNACHI Agreement, and the InterNACHI Members-Only Section.

Your members-only username and password can be used at the members-only section and photo message board, and to download certain InterNACHI documents.  It cannot be used for InterNACHI's Online Inspector Examination.

The InterNACHI Agreement System between you and your client (which protects you) requires your members-only username and password to download.  Please make sure to download the latest version, which was updated on June 10, 2013.  InterNACHI has invested hundreds of legal man-hours into this one-page work of art, so use it.

The InterNACHI photo message board requires your username and password.  The message board is open to all (non-members included); however, members have access to special members-only sections of the board.

The InterNACHI Online Inspector Examination is free and can be taken by all (non-members included) but requires a username and password, which is separate from your members-only username and password. If you've not yet created a username and password for the Online Inspector Examination, visit

If you have trouble logging in, email with as much detail as possible about the error you get, including your real name, username, and password exactly as you're typing them in.  Currently, you cannot receive password help via telephone.

Please note that all passwords are case-sensitive (so make sure that your CAPS LOCK key is off).
Please note that the members-only login is near the bottom of the blue border found on the left of every page of this website.

Questions?  Email