PRESS RELEASE: InterNACHI® Teams Up with


InterNACHI® Teams Up with to Facilitate 
Free Seller's Pre-Listing Inspections
BOULDER, Colo. (April 24, 2018) – The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI®) and have joined forces to streamline the real estate sales process by offering homeowners free Seller's Pre-Listing Inspections.  
As the only free report-hosting and lead-generating system for home inspectors and real estate agents, is working with InterNACHI® – the world’s largest home inspector association – to sort out the real estate process in the most logical order for the benefit of inspectors, real estate agents, buyers and sellers.  While the Seller's Pre-Listing Inspections will be free for home sellers, the inspector will get paid their full fee, and the report download will be free for prospective home buyers.  And the seller’s contact information will remain confidential and will never be collected or sold. has a growing list of agents all over North America who understand the value of offering their clients a free Seller's Pre-Listing Inspection in order to sell their client’s house faster and for more money.  The agents will sponsor the inspections in order to acquire new clients.  At this time, this program is targeted primarily at homeowners who are planning to sell their house in the near future and are not yet working with an agent.  
Now, when contacting prospective buyers who download a seller's inspection report from, inspectors will be able to offer them a free Seller's Pre-Listing Inspection for their own home, which increases client acquisition for both the inspector and the agent.  


When a prospective home seller contacts an inspector for a home inspection, the inspector performs the Pre-Listing Inspection as usual.  The seller pays the inspector but receives a refund if they work with one of the participating agents in the inspector's service area.  If there are no participating agents in that area, the inspector can contact one using the “Broadcast to Agent” function on to let them know that the inspector can send them clients if they pay for the Pre-Listing Inspection.

If the prospective buyer is already working with an agent, the inspector can get in touch with the agent and inform them about the benefits of a Seller's Pre-Listing Inspection for their client, and how they can get free leads from prospective buyers. Then, they can offer those prospective buyers a free Pre-Listing Inspection for their own home to help increase the chances of the agent acquiring them as new clients.

Inspectors can also offer the same service for Buyer's Pre-Purchase Inspections if the inspector contacts the prospective client before they hire an agent. 

Pre-Listing Inspections offer a better experience for both sellers and agents by helping them sell houses faster and for more money. They allow inspectors to generate more work, with less marketing effort, booked well in advanced, and with less liability. It’s a win-win-win situation.

Marketing materials to advertise this service will become available soon.  This service is exclusively for users of  It will greatly increase conversion for both inspectors and the agents receiving the leads via the free downloads by prospective home buyers. 

More information on this new program will be announced at InterNACHI's upcoming 2018 Professional Inspectors Convention in Atlantic City over April 29 – May 1, 2018.

Details for this new program are available on  Have questions?  Contact's CEO David Asselin at or