Radon Measurement Professional Initial Training Course

Welcome to InterNACHI's free, online "Radon Measurement Professional Initial Training Course." This course is approved by NRPP for initial and CE.

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This free, online course is approved by NRPP, and IAC2. To become a NRPP Certified Radon Measurement Professional, you'll have to complete an approved course, pass the NRPP exam, and complete the NRPP application. Visit NRPP for details. View the approval


The goal of this course is to train the student to become a certified radon measurement professional. Upon completion of this course, the student will be eligible to take the NRPP Measurement Professional Certification Exam.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Communicate with the client.
  • Communicate basic radon science.
  • Evaluate the test site.
  • Conduct and validate measurement data.
  • Perform a radon test. 
  • Keep records.
  • Report findings and make recommendations.
  • Manage a quality assurance & quality control program.
  • Oversee and train measurement technicians.

Course Includes:

  • 21.0 InterNACHI® CE credit hours
  • 63,619 words
  • 108 quiz questions in 14 quizzes
  • 100-question final exam
  • instant grading
  • downloadable, printable certificate of completion

You'll learn the following topics:

Communicate with the Client

  • communicate basic radon risks
  • explain required test protocols
  • describe the testing procedures for radon

Communicate Basic Radon Science

  • communicate health risks
  • describe the health effects of breathing radon
  • describe the physics of radon
  • communicate radon entry behavior
  • list the ways radon enters a home
  • recommend a testing approach

Evaluate the Test Site

  • determine the appropriate test protocol
  • recognize factors that could impact test results
  • inspect an existing mitigation system

Conduct and Validate Measurement Data

  • select appropriate test devices
  • assess radon measurement data
  • interpret site data

Perform a Radon Test

  • determine proper device placement locations
  • execute field quality control measures
  • follow protocols in real estate and non-real estate transactions
  • properly use passive and active devices

Keep Records

  • record radon test data
  • record site data necessary for test interpretation

Report Findings and Make Recommendations

  • prepare a proper test report
  • make follow-up recommendations
  • report site factors affecting radon test results

Manage a Quality Assurance & Quality Control Program

  • develop a quality assurance plan and a Standards of Practice
  • executive a quality assurance plan

Oversee and Train Measurement Technicians

  • determine work exposure
  • provide technician oversight

Operate in an Ethical & Professional Manner

  • comply with protocols and standards
  • observe ethical work practices
  • abide by a code of ethics
Radon Measurement Professional Initial Training Course
Course #4112
Student ActivityAssignmentEstimated clock hours for the average student
INSTRUCTION AND ACADEMIC ENGAGEMENTReading. The time is # of words in the course / 140 wpm. Divide by 50 minutes.63,619 words / 140 wpm = 454.4 minutes. 454.4 min / 50 min per hour = 9.0 hours

Answering Quiz Questions. The time is # of quiz questions * 1.85 mpq. Divide by 50 minutes.108 quiz questions * 1.85 = 199.8 minutes. 199.8 min / 50 = 3.9 hours

 Answering Final Exam Questions. The time is # of quiz questions * 1.85 mpq. Divide by 50 minutes.100 final exam questions * 1.85 = 185 minutes. 185 min / 50 = 3.7 hours
Total for Instruction and Academic Engagement
16.6 clock hours

PREPARATIONPreparation With the Course. The time is # of words in the course / 140 / 2. Divide by 50 minutes. 65,844 words / 140 / 2 = 235.2 minutes. 235.2 min / 50 = 4.7 hours
Total for Preparation
4.7 clock hours
Totals Combined
16.6 + 4.7 = 21.3 clock hours

2.1 CEU