Financial Loss Protection for Event Hosts and Chapter Heads

InterNACHI's "Reward Without Risk" Program

This policy addresses financial scenarios and situations that InterNACHI chapters or heads may encounter when holding/hosting an InterNACHI event.

An InterNACHI event is defined as an event hosted by either an InterNACHI chapter, or an event advertised by InterNACHI as an InterNACHI event.  In some situations, an InterNACHI event can be an event hosted by a for-profit vendor or educator.  The event details must be posted on an event host's or chapter's website, and InterNACHI must be given at least 45 days' notice to properly advertise the event if the host/Chapter seeks financial loss protection.  Last-minute events, closed-door, and/or "secret" meetings do not enjoy financial loss protection from InterNACHI.  Event hosts and InterNACHI chapters not seeking financial loss protection from InterNACHI can do as they please… this Policy does not pertain to you.

There are only two possible financial scenarios that occur when an InterNACHI Chapter holds or hosts an event (an evening Chapter meeting, a one-day educational event, a two-day/weekend educational event, etc.).  You either lose money or you make money.

The "Oops, we lost money!" Scenario:

This occurs when the amount of money the host/Chapter collects from attendees (at pre-registration, for those who have it, or at the door) DOESN'T COVER the cost of the event.

When this happens, don't worry!  InterNACHI will pay the educator up to $1,000 for a full day of instruction, along with the educator's travel expenses (including air fare, car rental, parking and hotel stay), all audio-video equipment rental costs, and the room rental fee, less whatever the host/Chapter collects.  If you are a host or Chapter head and collect cash at the door, you should pay as much of any of the bills as possible (you can give it to the educator), then email InterNACHI at with the amount you collected and who you gave it to, and send any checks to InterNACHI, 1750 30th Street; Boulder, CO 80301.  InterNACHI guarantees that you won't have to come up with any money out of your own pocket.

The "Yippee, we made money!" Scenario:

This occurs when the amount of money the host/Chapter collects from attendees MORE THAN COVERS the cost of the event.

When this happens, keep the extra money.  InterNACHI does not want any of it once the bills are all paid.  If you are a for-profit educational event host, the extra money is all yours.  If you are an InterNACHI Chapter head, spend it on your Chapter.  Since it didn't cost InterNACHI any money, we don't care what you do with the excess.  We are happy that you offered the event and happy that our members got another educational opportunity.


  • If you're an event host or InterNACHI Chapter not seeking financial guarantees from InterNACHI, you can do as you please.  This Policy does not pertain to you.

  • Educators are not InterNACHI employees, and InterNACHI can't force them to provide educational services to hosts/Chapters.  If you are an event host or InterNACHI Chapter head, it's up to you to negotiate an agreement with the educator you want to book.  Some educators want to be paid more than others, especially to teach an all-day course.  Some may want a portion of the door money.  Some experts, such as your area's local roofer, may charge very little to speak at an evening Chapter meeting.  Some vendors (such as local attorneys, reporting software companies, and insurance agents) look for any opportunity to speak to our industry, so they don't charge a fee at all.  It's up to you to negotiate a reasonable win-win agreement.

  • InterNACHI event hosts/Chapters are guaranteed against financial loss only if the details of the event are posted on the host's or Chapter's website AND InterNACHI is given at least 45 days' notice to advertise the event properly.  Last-minute events, closed-door and/or "secret" meetings do not enjoy financial loss protection from InterNACHI.

  • InterNACHI does not offer this guarantee for events that promote other associations or teach to other organization's standards.

  • InterNACHI can hold a hotel room, the educator's room, and the AV equipment rental with our credit card if the InterNACHI Chapter head doesn't have one, but InterNACHI will not cover costs for food.  This offer is for InterNACHI Chapter heads only, and not for for-profit hosts or schools.

  • InterNACHI frowns upon (but does not prohibit) charging non-InterNACHI members the same as InterNACHI members.  Event hosts/Chapters should charge non-members much more than InterNACHI members are charged. 

  • InterNACHI has no official position on InterNACHI Chapters charging Chapter members less than other InterNACHI members.

  • InterNACHI will pay for all the advertising (Internet and direct mail) for all InterNACHI events and does not seek compensation for this.  Hosts/Chapters need NOT count this as a cost.

  • Events that are scheduled in the same area on the same day as an existing InterNACHI event do not qualify for financial loss protection.

  • Event hosts/Chapters should strive to generate black ink.  Agreeing to pay an educator $1,000 plus expenses but charging attendees only $10 is silly.  If you fall short, don't worry about it -- InterNACHI is here to cover you --  but InterNACHI will not cover repeated massive losses by any one host/Chapter again and again.  So, learn to run your event like a business.  CHARGE MORE than it costs.  If you end up with extra funds (and many hosts/Chapters regularly end up with a surplus), congratulations! 

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