InterNACHI's free SEO tools

Most of your new customers don’t get to your web site by typing in its address.  Instead, they use a search engine to find you.  Though the best strategy is to let larger sites like,,, or  push potential clients your way, it’s also important to make sure your web site can be found online. 
That’s why InterNACHI has Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools that will help you track and improve your site’s search engine rankings.
The likelihood of getting a high ranking is based on many factors, split across your domain (i.e. and specific pages (i.e.  InterNACHI's SEO Metrics tool lets you track these factors an more.
InterNACHI SEO Metrics (InterNACHI Members-Only)
These tools work for member/vendor's and invisible member/vendor's sites as well, provided vendors have added their sites to their member profiles.