InterNACHI purchases 717 more websites.

June 11th, 2004.

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) announced its purchase of over 717 additional websites today.  InterNACHI, which dominates the internet with multi-million hit-per-month monster sites like www.FindAnInspector.US ,,, and is the world's largest inspection association and the largest generator of leads for the home inspection industry. 

"Search engines treat domain names and portions thereof differently than they treat text or meta-tags.  Despite a domain name often being the combination of more than one word such as,  google for instance, automatically splits up the search to be equivalent to new york home inspector.  A full state or province name followed by the word or words home inspector are the most popular searches next to the phrase certified home inspectors.  Therefore for search engine purposes we registered or purchased a variety of combinations that captures consumers and eventually whittles down their search results to solely InterNACHI members who service the area being sought." said Chris Morrell of InterNACHI. 

Search engine optimization experts often argue whether or not hyphens between words within a domain name effect ranking, so InterNACHI just bought them all.  InterNACHI converted all these websites into InterNACHI member lead generators for its U.S. and Canadian members.  "Inspectors outside of InterNACHI can waste their money building their own websites I suppose, but they won't get much traffic buried under all the InterNACHI lead generators.  Our member's contact information is promoted on the internet even if they don't have a website," said Gromicko, a former veteran REALTOR.  "And all the home buyers are all online nowadays," added Gromicko.
InterNACHI now has a designated website or web page for every single city and town in the U.S. and Canada.

Simultaneously today, InterNACHI released a member-controlled profile editor which permits members to carve-out their own market using zip/postal codes.

In April of this year, InterNACHI entered into an intent-to-purchase agreement with one of the nation's largest domain-squatting company with the intent to convert some 45,000+ domain names to InterNACHI member lead generators.  Gromicko said "Our goal is to own one million InterNACHI member lead generators."  The 717 new websites InterNACHI purchased today are: