InterNACHI featured in Timber Homes Illustrated 2007 Annual Buyer's Directory.

InterNACHI is featured as the sole source for home inspectors in the 2007 Annual Buyer's Directory of Timber Homes Illustrated.  The article titled "Who's in Charge? Hiring and working with a general contractor" recommends that consumers hire a InterNACHI member to oversee their project.
Page 61:
"The Better Business Bureau's Hiring a Home Contractor video provides practical tips to help owners protect themselves from unethical or incompetent builders.  The National Association of Certified Home Insepctors lists private inspectors throughout the United States and Canada at  The site's FastReply email option can help you find inspectors..."
Page 65:
"Trust, but Verify. If you aren't knowledgeable enough about construction or cannot regularly visit your job site, consider hiring a third-party consultant or inspector to serve as your watchdog."
The article ends on page 66 with the following: 
"Private home inspectors abound throughout the country and are easy to find in the telephone book or online.  Here, again, make sure the supposed expert is qualified and impartial. 
 A good place to start looking for a private inspector is with InterNACHI, the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  One of the country's largest associations of home inspectors, InterNACHI also serves Canada.  The organization doesn't accept advertising on its website and requires its members to meet a lengthy set of written professional standards.
The total cost for an inspector depends on the scope of work a homeowner needs, says Nick Gromicko, InterNACHI founder.  Count on $400 per visit, which includes the inspection and written report.  InterNACHI relies heavily on technology to communicate with its clients who can access their online reports, including photos, with a password.
Most homeowners use an inspector in two ways, Nick says: Multiple times throughout construction, what InterNACHI terms phase inspections, and after construction is complete but before a client closes with the builder.  Some homeowners also use an inspector to develop a punch list several months after moving into the house and just before the typical one-year warranty period expires."
The Buyer's Directory is available in thousands of retail outlets such as Barnes and Noble book stores and Kroger grocery stores and sells for US $6.99/CAN $8.99.
  • Chicago Sun-Times, America's 10th largest newspaper, recommends hiring a certified InterNACHI inspector.
  • MetLife magazine puts out 11 million copies of InterNACHI article.
  • Consumer Reports puts out 4 million new guides recommending InterNACHI members exclusively.
  • ACE, Avon, CVS, Giant, WAL-MART, Home Depot, Kroger, Menards, True Value all recommending InterNACHI inspectors to consumers.
  • InterNACHI releases Manual for a Happy Home, Maintenance Guide for Homeowners.
  • InterNACHI releases Homeowner's Handbook.
  • InterNACHI sends out 250,000 Home Head Start Guides to consumers.