Get $800/Job to Inspect Multi-Family Properties for USDA

InterNACHI® has partnered with TRIBAL1 to inspect thousands of multifamily housing units throughout the United States for the Rural Housing Service Division of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

You could earn $800.00/day minimum (for out-of-state inspections) based upon certification and experience. The position is non-exempt- roaming/part-time/on-call fieldwork.

To Qualify

To qualify and participate in the program, you must be: 

You will have the opportunity to inspect rural multi-family properties located within and outside of your state. You will evaluate the property's condition, including roof, exterior, structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and interiors. You will report upon observed deferred maintenance, and health and safety issues. You will be provided a checklist software to collect information. 

InterNACHI's free, online "Property Maintenance and Housing Code Inspector Course" is an optional training course to prepare you to inspect and report on the condition of multi-unit properties.

If You Are Interested

If you are interested in participating in this national inspection program as an InterNACHI® Certified Multi-Unit Housing Inspector, please contact our partners at TRIBAL1:

Allison Boatner
Recruiter/Onboarding Specialist

Tribal One Companies was formed in February 2012 to provide comprehensive construction and inspection services to their clients, including the U.S. Federal Government, State and local Governments, businesses, organizations, and Tribal entities.

TRIBAL1 was awarded a multi-million dollar contract with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to create and deploy a new system for inspecting thousands of multifamily housing units for USDA’s Rural Housing Service Division.


U.S. Army requires InterNACHI membership to inspect 110,000 homes.
InterNACHI awarded a multi-million dollar state contract to inspect homes.