Marketing Seminar for Inspectors

Join Nick Gromicko and other industry leaders for an action-packed night of inspection marketing strategies that will help you grow your business.  Learn how to get real estate agents to hand out your business cards.  (No joke -- you'll actually learn how to get every agent to hand out your inspection business cards!)   Learn how to get more inspections from your website.  Learn how to use your brochures to increase referrals from past clients.  Dress is casual... our meetings are friendly and fun.  Everyone is welcome (leave your association affiliation at the door).  Open to all.

Nick Gromicko, founder of InterNACHI
Mike Crow, Millionaire Inspector Community
Ryan Osborne, Inspector Pro Insurance 


Thursday evening, May 1, 2014, from 7 to 9:30 p.m.  Come as early as 6 p.m. for free coffee and drinks 
Hilton Garden Inn SLC Downtown, 250 West 600 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84101.  Phone: 801-364-5200  
$15 per person.  Register Now (seating is limited).
What to Expect:
Regardless of your experience, credentials or affiliations, InterNACHI Founder Nick Gromicko wants to share his tried-and-true marketing success tips in an action-packed presentation.  This is an advanced working meeting for serious inspection business owners.  A don't miss for home, IR, radon, energy, and mold inspectors. 


You’ll learn how to successfully attract new clients using creative marketing techniques and how to raise your fees without losing business. These tips have been specifically created for home inspectors and are designed to grow your business in Utah without a lot of expense, effort or guesswork.  

Every attendee gets this free 256-page book:
Also included for free: 
  • Flashlights
  • Microwave Oven Leak Detectors
  • Inspection Textbooks
  • Success Strategies
  • Valuable Handouts
  • Brochures That Work
  • Website Secrets
  • Killer Marketing Tips
  • Exciting New Tools
  • Inspector Caps and T-Shirts
  • Lots of Door Prizes
Event Sponsors: 

InspectorPro Insurance

Wellcard Health

  • "Hey Nick—-Just wanted to send you a quick note about the seminar in Wichita. Thank you very much for the informative class about how much potential GOOD InterNACHI has to offer. It was amazing! Good info for new and seasoned inspectors alike. You are so organized—and so willing to help us with our business. Thank you very much! Looking forward to seeing you again on the next round—with big stories about success." -- Roger Dickinson, Doubletree Property Inspections, LLC
  • "Hey Nick, I had a great time at the Omaha World Tour.  Would not have missed it for anything. It was worth the three-and-a-half-hour drive. Thanks." – Don Halligan, Halligan Home Inspection
  • "Just got done with the World Tour in Omaha, Nebraska.  I finally got to meet Nick face to face.  The rumors are true... He rocks!  Thank you, Nick and InterNACHI." – John Harrison, Bluffs Home Inspection
  • "I suggest you go to his meeting.  Nick’s presentations were awesome.  The information provided was excellent.  New up-to-date marketing, website and brochure information was a bonus. I will be getting my money back big time." – Gary Farnsworth, MetroSpeck Professional Home Inspections
  • "Nick,  I cannot tell you how jazzed I am after the World Marketing Tour last night in Topeka. I woke up this morning with tons of ideas and ways to improve my company. The information and tips and the door prizes blew away my expectations.  For the first time in three years, I am actually excited to work on my website again.  Cannot thank you enough and look forward to you passing through here again." – Peter Sniderman, Bi-State Properties
  • "Well, I couldn’t resist.  Nick was doing a World Tour and I showed up at the first two meetings in Kansas.  Nick did not disappoint.  I continue to see him give more free stuff away and not selling anything while helping all of those that showed up over and over.  Everything was discussed, from 'Stay Back' signs, brochure and logo design done for free for members, materials and tools for inspections, unique selling points – over and over again -- the $10,000 Honor Guarantee™, 'Call Me Now' button – truly brilliant, incredible SEO tips, and so much more.  Nick was kind enough to allow me to share some on brochure makeovers.  Nick also pulled apart three or four websites and gave incredible advice on how to improve them and turn them into selling machines.  If the World Tour is coming even within a few hundred miles of you, don’t miss it – be there and learn how to get more business immediately.  If we are both lucky, I might even get to say hi to you." – Mike Crow
  • "Every minute of the meeting was hands-on and filled with practical advice and how-to’s.  If you truly want to improve your business, I strongly recommend attending. You will not be disappointed." -- Matt Bailey, WIN Home Inspection
  • "I attended the World Tour in Topeka last night with Nick G. Lots of nuggets of info and and great review of my website. Don’t pass it up in your neck of the woods." – David Darpinian
  • "Nick, I would like to thank you again for the marketing tips. It was well worth the time and money.  Again, I thank you for taking the time to look over the materials and website; it was a great feedback and a well-needed marketing thrust.  With great gratitude." – Tyrone Wessel, Home To You Inspections, LLC
  • "Last night was awesome. The place was PACKED. They had to drag in chairs to the back of the room as they ran out of tables for people to sit at. Others ended up standing!  When the Marketing World Tour comes to your area, you MUST GO!! It’s four hours of marketing tips flying at you. Absorb them as quickly as you can and write like mad, as these are the tips that will help your business explode!" – Dominic Maricic, Home Inspector Pro
  • "Great event. My time was well spent!" – John Bell, Asset Home Inspections
  • "I wanted to thank Nick Gromicko from InterNACHI for the Marketing Boot Camp last Tuesday Night in Phoenix.  Each speaker’s information package was very useful, and somehow Nick pulls some energy out of every participant in the conformance room. Thanks, Nick -- best time I've spent on a home inspection class is a long time." -- Nick J. Alati, Alati’s Inspection Service in Mesa, Arizona
  • "The seminar in Phoenix was a GREAT investment of my time, thanks to you and your staff. Thank you." – Steve Toupal, Arizona
  • "I have been a home inspector for a couple of years and our marketing has become stagnant. After attending the marketing seminar here in Phoenix, it was like drinking from a fire hose. Thanks, Nick, for the info and the other vendors that were there. I look forward to the next year implementing a couple of new programs." --  Steve Anderson, NPI
  • "The meeting here in Las Vegas was best described as WONDERFUL.  I do see a great number of other inspectors' work each year.  The InterNACHI member reports are the best by far.  Keep up the great work.  Thank you." – Bill Peterson, The Nevada Inspections Group LLC
  • "I just left the InterNACHI Marketing World Tour that came to Dallas. It was, without question, the most unbelievable presentation. I have never seen so much collateral and gotten so many Internet tips and great marketing ideas. Nick doesn’t hold back anything. He shares it all. The thing is, I can’t figure out how he does it. It’s awesome to have someone so passionate about what they do. Thanks, Nick." – Larry Wallace
  • "Had a great time last night! I feel like I got more than my money’s worth for sure! A TON of information, handouts, AND an $80  5.11 Tactical Vest I had been eyeballing online for awhile. I will be joining soon and look forward to future events!" – Michael Sloane
  • "Great job, Nick! I attended the meeting in Dallas last night. I was very impressed with the amount of information shared that will help many different aspects of our business. Everyone in attendance seemed to have enjoyed the evening and gained as much as I did. Even though it was a large crowd, I don’t feel anyone felt slighted as a result. There was a lot of interaction with open discussions and great ideas for improving our marketing strategies to increase business. Nick reviewed at least a dozen-plus web pages, and we all found ways to improve our own. I brought a fellow inspector friend who is not an InterNACHI member, and he walked out thanking me for inviting him and very impressed with the evening. He now plans on joining InterNACHI." – Phil Elliott
  • "Nick, a great night was had by all. I agree with everything Phil said -- sums things up well. May have been a bunch of grey hair in the place but at least you kept us from falling asleep at 8. Anyone who doesn’t attend one of these meetings is losing out.  Great information and interaction by everyone. Keep up the good work." – Gary Baldridge
  • "Nick, I want to thank you for your time last night.  I left last night feeling inspired and excited. Thanks!" – Jeff Bowman
  • "Thanks, Nick. Lots of good info and honest website critiques for those of us willing to take it. I’m glad I brought my truck to carry all the stuff you gave away." – Jeff Safstrom
  • "I wanted to express my thanks to Nick Gromicko for the great presentation at the Marketing Tour in Dallas. It was most informative. I learned a lot about how to present my website and brochures. GREAT JOB!" – Robert Nevins
  • "Thanks for the fantastic evening of marketing ideas. I am glad Barbara and I both made the drive. It will take days to utilize all the information presented.  Thanks again." – Jan Ode
  • "Enjoyed the seminar in Dallas – it was definitely worth the drive." – Anthony Defoyd
  • "Hi, Nick. Thank you for a great and informative seminar this evening here in Seattle." – Olaf Blume
  • "This was the best marketing education I've received. Nick captivated our attention throughout the evening. Thanks for time well spent." -- Gordon Sale
  • "The time I spent last night has been the best investment since I started in the business. I’ve been up most of the night thinking about how to use the marketing ideas Nick and the other presenters discussed to grow my share of the business in my area. I’m so excited!!! You should hear what Nick has to say about how you can grow your business." – Jeff Tennyson
  • "Well done, Nick. Lots of information was shared and I am sure everyone there brought away something new to think about and try." – Stephen Stanczyk
  • "I attended the Marketing Tour in San Francisco on Monday. Although I have been in business for eight years, I now have a list of a dozen tasks tasks to work through that are low-cost and will make my marketing budget and efforts more effective. For me, this may be the best four hours I have ever spent. We kept moving. Each presenter spoke to my needs as a small businessman. I am now considering refreshing my service offerings with RecallChek©, updated website, and better marketing materials.  This seminar re-kick-started my enthusiasm for my business, industry, and InterNACHI.  Way to go, Nick, Ryan, and Mike!  P.S.:  Inspectors, you should attend the Marketing World Tour when it comes to your city!!!!" – Don Burbach
  • "The information presented was excellent." – Gary Gill
  • "Thank you to Nick, Mike, and Nathan for coming out to Northern California on Monday night to help point us inspectors in the right direction to help cut down on the mistakes and potential time loss that occurs when you try to go forward on your own." – Scott Baker.
  • "Thanks, Nick, for a lot of useful information, and especially thanks for all the FREE stuff. It’s always good to meet fellow inspectors and pick their brains on what works for them and why. I recommend this to everyone." – Terry Loftis
  • "More fantastic info than I immediately know what to do with." – Philo Ramos
  • "I was there in Seattle at the World Tour. Imagine getting pleasant surprise after pleasant surprise at a seminar. Never a dull moment. Key speakers and PRICELESS marketing!!  Nick is the master!  Thanks, Nick." – Jay Faulkner
  • "Hey, Nick -- I just wanted to thank you for the great seminar last night in Seattle. You really provided a wealth of great information and some awesome handouts. I drove from across the state to get there and I’m sure glad I did. I can’t wait to implement some of the techniques I learned. Thank you so much. You also reminded me of what a great resource InterNACHI is. I’ve been a member for two years and just love all the info available on your site." – Taylor Knipp
  • "Just wanted to say that I had a great time at the inspector Boost Seminar in Seattle last night. My head is still spinning from all the info. I can't wait to boost my business!" – Micah Wringlesworth
  • "I really enjoyed the Tour.  I was really impressed." – Tony McFarland
  • "Great event and lots of good info. I love the microwave tester." – Robert Ernst
  • "A great time. Very knowledgeable experience.  Nick was fantastic!" – Pete Stalmaschuk
  • "Wow -- it's going to take awhile to digest everything. Thanks, Nick." – Daniel Levia
  • "I want to thank you for bringing the Boost program to San Francisco. Time working 'on' your business and not 'in' your business is always well spent. I have two pages of notes and lots to do! Thank you, Nick, Mike, Nathan and Will." – Kimberly Herrara
  • "The material was great. The information provided was brutal, at times, but will make a difference for those who listen to the suggestions." – Stephen Stanczyk
  • "Nicely done, Nick. Lots to take in. Sure that it's going to help all who attended. Changes start in the morning. Thanks again." – Allan Berdahl, CMI
  • "Had a great time last night.  Lots to take in!!  As you can see, no website attached as it is being retooled and relaunched ASAP, thanks to your remarks." – Cliff Keveryga
  • "Hi, Nick.  Thanks for coming to Calgary last night. Lots of good info and goodies." – Jander Athelas
  • "I drove all the way from Vancouver, British Columbia -- four hours each way --to Seattle, Washington, to attend the seminar not knowing what to expect.
    WOW! Thank God I did. Not only did I learn a lot and was given many freebies, but I came back pumped and ready to implement new marketing strategies. Don't miss it." – Mahase Bahdoorsingh
  • "My wife and I attended the IMWT last night in Seattle. It was awesome! We got a lot of great information from it. It is well worth the cost and time. Recommend it to all inspectors who want to take their marketing to a new level." – Tommy Orr
  • "We enjoyed Nick’s presentation in Calgary. We always come away with valuable information. This time was especially interesting as we are currently setting up our website. Keep up the good work. Maybe next time we will be brave enough to let you critique our new website!" – Johm LaPointe
  • "Nick, I enjoyed attending the Advanced Energy Inspector Marketing Seminar in Seattle.  It was very informative and I made some new contacts.  Appreciate
    you taking the time to talk to me and other members after the seminar.  Thank you." – Jeff Kurth
  • "Great seminar, Nick.  Tons of good info. InterNACHI has always been ahead of the rest... And helping us do the same.  Thank you!!" – Tim Howell
  • "I had a wonderful time tonight in Davenport. I appreciate the information and techniques offered by Nick. If the tour is rolling through your area, you owe it to yourself and your inspection business to be there." – Jim Hanson
  • "My husband and I attended the Marketing World Tour last night in Davenport, Iowa. Nick presented an incredible amount of pertinent information for us to begin our home inspection business. There were us newbies, as well as well-qualified and established inspectors in attendance, and Nick presented a wide range of marketing ideas and actual sample products to help us all. Thank you, Nick. We hope you come back to Iowa soon." – Maggie Biggs
  • "InspectorBoost Chicago Stop... It was AWESOME!!!  Walked away with a wealth of tips and knowledge to get my inspection business back on track."  – Rex Morioka
  • "I really enjoyed finally meeting Nick. He had a a great take on building and maintaining business. Reiterated all that InterNACHI does for us and is able to do.  Thanks, Nick." – Mark Crowley
  • "Nick hit Chicago last night.  He put on a four-hour presentation on how to increase you business.  Lots of great information, well worth the price." – Jeff Merritt
  • "Nick, I would like to thank you for the informative seminar and constructive criticism on my website.  I will update the website ASAP." – Joerg Wichlas
  • "Definitely worth the time, and the money will repay itself several times over. Thanks, Nick.  I enjoyed it." – Paul Bellot
  • "I also went to this event is Chicago. There were a lot of great new ideas for getting more business." – Nathaniel Susdorf
  • "Very interesting and useful seminar. I’m glad that I made it. It was worth the time and money.  Now I need to start applying all the ideas. Thank you." – Daniel Joandrea
  • "I was at the tour last night; Nick gave a lot of good marketing tips. Nick also reviewed several websites and pointed how to improve them. I found this very helpful." – Edward Baumann
  • "To whom it may concern and anyone else who is listening:  I attended the World Tour presentation in Chicago and Hillside, Illinois, last night. It was the best marketing presentation I’ve seen in several decades. The information was spot-on, useful and entertaining. I actually witnessed some very creative problem-solving in the marketing arena.  Anyone who’s thinking of attending at any of the locations should sign up as soon as possible. If you’re looking for technical information on how to improve your inspection, this isn’t the event for you. If you’re looking for new and better and more creative ways of implementing your business model through servicing more and better customers, then this is a presentation you don’t want to miss.  Nick shows a high degree of experience in analyzing real estate transactions by breaking them down into the simplest components, the basic elements, and clearly communicates clever ways of approaching, contacting and communicating with a customer who needs your service now.  This is an honest and refreshing series of marketing approaches that will positively impact your bottom line." – Chuck McKiel
  • "Several of our team members were able to attend the Chicago Inspection Marketing World Tour last night. They were very impressed with the variety of subjects addressed, and felt they came way from the event with a lot of new ideas and fresh approaches that could be applied immediately. Thank you, Nick!" – Davin Van Vuren
  • "I am new to InterNACHI and was not sure what to expect. I was very impressed at all the information that was shared during the meeting and will begin implementing them in my business. Thanks to all who made the meeting possible." – Stephen Cross
  • "If you are not signed up to attend the World Tour – hurry! Do not miss the opportunity to learn from Nick! We attended in Davenport.  The presentation was entertaining and informative! We walked away with several ideas we will implement RIGHT AWAY!! Thank you, Nick!!" – Jonathan Branstad
  • "I couldn’t agree with Jonathan more. Detroit was an amazing event. Got back home 90 minutes ago and started implementing changes….can’t sleep now!" – Jim Prutill
  • "I agree. Nick and Nathan did a great job. It was informative and entertaining. The Detroit seminar was the best marketing money I've spent. Amazing.  I just don’t know how you are doing it because I walked way making money just by attending. Guys, you don’t want to miss this event. Plenty of free stuff, vendor discounts, marketing lessons and ideas, and a personal review of my website. I’m going to implement several ideas right away. Thanks." – John Scaparo
  • "I loved the website critique; it was a bit painful, but well worth the time! There is a lot of material to read through full of good ideas. Great job!!" – Frank Vizza
  • "We just returned from attending the Chicago InspectorBoost seminar. Thanks for a very informative evening! This was a great use of time and a fantastic value. Would highly recommend to all." – Dan and Colleen Kutchin
  • "My head is still spinning a bit -- that was a ton of info. I am wishing I had attended this five years ago. Some of these tips and tricks I have learned the hard way, unfortunately. Many more I wish to put into practice. It was great meeting you, Nick and Nathan.  Thanks for doing this." – Michael Roberson
  • "Just want to say thanks to Nick and Nathan for a great event last night in Detroit. I picked up some great marketing tips and found out about many things that InterNACHI offers for free. Many ideas were flowing as I drove home, and I can’t wait to put them to use. Thanks again!" – Jason George
  • "I just got home from the Toronto marketing event myself. Nick is probably still at it!! A ton of new, fresh ideas, and some great website critiques. Well worth the time! Thanks, Nick and Christina, for all the extra goodies, as well!!" – Christian Mettel
  • "I attended the Inspector Marketing World Tour in Chicago on Tuesday. The class was great -- a lot of good info." – John Oelberg
  • "Nick is a one-person dynamo, and if you absorb a little, you gain a lot!" – Gilles Larin
  • "I just got back from the Inspection Seminar in Toronto as part of the Marketing World Tour. It was very helpful. There were a lot of people in attendance, which did make it a little hard to hear at the back, but Nick was very good. He even stayed well after it was finished to personally go over my website with me, as well as many others, and answered any questions that people had. Recommend going if you can!  Thanks, Nick." – John Kerr
  • "I attended the Inspector Marketing World Tour last night in Toronto. What a great info session. Tons of information. Thanks to Mr. Nick Gromicko." -- Samir Sheth
  • "Had a great time at the Marketing Conference in Toronto, and the after-party was fantastic, as well." – Gerry Pallotta
  • "Hi, Nick. I attended the Toronto meeting last night and it was terrific. Even though I have been inspecting for over five years, I walked away with a ton of ideas to work on. None of it is complicated. It just gave me the information I needed to take me to the next level. Whether you are a seasoned or newbie inspector, this course is a must if you want to increase your business." – John Arnott
  • "I attended the Chicago seminar of the tour. It was very well worth the fee. I learned a LOT of important information to help me promote my business. Looking forward to implementing the ideas." – Leon Slack
  • "Went to the Toronto World Tour seminar last night. Great to meet other inspectors, and really enjoyed the presentations from Nick and others. It would be nice to have events like this annually. Maybe instead of having Nick strap a plane to his back, one larger event could be hosted in different cities, and individual wishing to attend could fly in. Thanks, Nick." – Rick Deckert
  • "Thank you, Nick, for sharing tips and goodies, and thank you for being there for all InterNACHI home inspectors. A crowded room with a master on the stage. You tell it like it is and you are a great inspiration to us all.  P.S.: A big thank-you to Christina who helped make this seminar a success." – Marc-Andre Beauchemin, CMI, Quebec
  • "Thanks to Nick for the great marketing presentation last night. Too many great tips to mention! I’ll be joining InterNACHI ASAP!" – Jerry Coy
  • "I just came home from the Toronto Edition of the World Marketing Tour with Nick Gromicko as the speaker. I’ve been to many conferences… and many of them are boring! This one was different. Nick is a very passionate and natural speaker. He was able to hold my attention the entire time. I hope to see Nick more often in the future and pick his brain for more of his ingenious ideas and stealing some of his forward-thinking thoughts. Thanks, Nick -- hope to meet again soon." – Jim Van Loosen
  • "It was a good night.  Nick is a great speaker -- very knowledgeable.  Would encourage all to attend any of the tour dates they can get to." – Kathleen Luuk
  • "Last night I attended the Inspector Boost event in Toronto and want to send my sincere thanks to Nick for putting on an entertaining and informative event. I found your ideas to be very refreshing, and went away with fresh motivation." – Joe Roberto
  • "Very informative and enjoyable evening. Well worth the drive." – Gerald Kuiper
  • "Just finished up with the Rochester Marketing Tour.  Had a fun time, learned some things, and got some new ideas for our website. Thanks for your help, Nick. Have a safe trip to Boston." – John Graham, II
  • "Great information.  Well worth time.  Nick is a genius." Stuart Mussolum
  • "A must-attend for anyone in the inspection industry. Old and new inspectors will benefit from Nick's strategies." – Charles Kerr
  • "Thanks, Nick, for your expertise and dedication to helping other inspectors. Lots of practical ideas that are easy to implement and budget-friendly to do." – Steve McRae
  • "Although I never like traveling on the 401, I am more than happy that I made it for both meetings. For those that went hunting instead, I only saw one deer on the drive in, and even if I bagged it, there is no way it would be worth missing what we saw that night. Nick and all inspectors at the tour will agree:  he is the King of Home Inspector Marketing." – Kevin Wood
  • "Thanks for the night of information, Nick. Lots of great ideas for novices and pros alike." – Mike Dutka
  • "A well-planned seminar well worth the trip from Quebec. Thank you, Toronto, for hosting this marketing seminar, and a special thank-you to Nick Gromicko for your tips and dedication to help all fellow inspectors. Marc-Andre Beauchemin
  • "Amazing home inspection conference in Toronto.  I wish it was all day.  Loved it -- very educational.  Can't wait to attend the next one. Amazing job, Nick." – Gemil Lacroix
  • "Nick, I had a great time at the fun-filled event in Toronto Thursday night.  Learned lots of good stuff for marketing and tricks of the trade. Wish more things like this were around for all home inspectors to get to know one another.  If I was to say anything negative, it was that the room was so packed, it was hard to hear sometimes.Thanks for the info!!" – Greg Garland
  • "Thanks, Nick and team, for all your tips and great info. It was amazing. Thanks." – Tony Muscat
  • "All I can say is WOW -- what a great value.  I learned so much and I am already starting to implement some of the ideas. If you are on the fence about attending at a future event, it is well worth the time. I also recommend having your website reviewed; it was both brutal and informative." – Brian Walker
  • "I wanted to say thanks for putting on a great World Marketing Tour in Chicago. It was kind of like drinking from a fire hydrant, but in a good way! It wasn’t your typical ra-ra huddle, but was packed with practical, powerful tips that we could implement immediately! Thanks!" -- Megan, Heritage Home Inspection Services, LLC
  • "Nick is definitely dedicated and helping all of us with his experience. Definitely was great.  Now we all have got to work on new strategies that we learned." – Sam Dhiman
  • "Great evening in Detroit. Fast-paced with great info and no fluff! Thanks!" – Daniel Loebrich
  • "I attended the Friday marketing session in Rochester, New York, and came away with several new ideas to work into my marketing plan to grow my business. Worthwhile event to attend!" -- Bob Ranalli
  • "Last night I attended the Chicago Inspection World Tour Event.  As an established inspector, I have been to many various marketing info-sharing ideas and events, and if I can go away with one good idea, I’m happy.  Well, Nick went over many, many ideas, critiqued web pages, and just shared infothat I found exciting, and I have come home with several very positive ideas.  I recommend it highly for new and old inspectors alike." – Ken Jones
  • "I, too, attended the seminar. Great information presented. The four hours went by very quickly and, quite thankfully, there is a place on that lists all of the links to the information.  Otherwise, I would have had writer's cramp!" – John Reim
  • "Excellent seminar.  My sales manager and I drove down from Wisconsin. Well worth our time, and enjoyed the presentations." – Dan Kutchin
  • "It was great to meet Nick and to see what his program is about. His marketing ideas are fantastic.  Great job, Nick." – David Wicker
  • "Thank you, Nick, for tonight's World Tour stop in Boston. Very beneficial, and thank you for the constructive comments on my new website." – Mark Raumikaitis
  • "Just got in from the Boston Tour. It was an excellent event, with lots of great info.  I have been an InterNACHI member for years and did not realize how much they have to offer. I had my website checked out by Nick and Nathan and will be making some easy changes. Nick was an excellent host -- even bought a round for the house, too." – Steve Mangekian
  • "Great meeting in Detroit! Have been a member for several years and picked up some tips that will be very useful to my marketing effort." – Todd Beekman
  • "Hey, Nick -- I just wanted to thank you for coming to Boston. I really enjoyed the workshop. Thanks also to your dream team: the "Legendary” Mike Crow, and the "Proficient” Nathan Thornberry. Great workshop!"  – Philip J Paquette
  • "Just got home from NY/NJ Inspector Marketing Tour conducted in Morristown. Many thanks to Nick, Mike Crow, Nathan Thornberry, and their lovely young assistant for a very informative, enjoyable, and thought-provoking discussion on the ins and outs of strong marketing concepts for a successful home inspection business." – Tim Buckley
  • "It was very refreshing to go to a marketing seminar that gave solid advice. They held nothing back when commenting on websites and how to fix them, and how to deal with real estate agents and home sellers. Four hours very well spent." – Sunny Lockhart
  • "Nick, you were absolutely correct on the tour. Definitely worth the price of admission. Very informative. Glad I was able to get to it. Some great speakers with you and interesting debate. Only complaint would be wish it was closer to NYC. Had a great time. Thanks for all the useful information and a whole lot of help. Now to start putting all that info to real use.  Thanks again." – Ernesto Malanga
  • "Attended this marketing shindig last evening. All presenters did a great job. Nick's tips were nothing short of awesome." – Joe Farsetta
  • "Thanks to Nick, Mike and Nathan for information that will guide the new inspector in the right direction, even if it means re-doing the business card and brochure and developing a new website.  Hopefully following the guidance of these guys will help the business grow." -- Dave Hackett
  • "I want to thank InterNACHI for last night's InspectorBoost Marketing World Tour event in Morristown, New Jersey. It was worth the trip. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to increase their inspection business and improve on their marketing/advertising material. Nick was terriffic. The course was four hours, but we went overtime and everyone stayed -- so interesting.  Thanks, Nick.  Looking forward to another, if you choose to do so." – Henry Scheyer
  • "I just got home from the Marketing World Tour in Philadelphia. I had a great time, and I’m sure the marketing tips I learned will prove invaluable. Thanks, guys!" – Mike Shoenfelt
  • "I just wanted to take a moment and thank Nick, Nathan, and Mike for ALL of the great information they shared last night at the event in Philadelphia. The tips and fresh ideas for marketing were invaluable. I will be very busy for quite a while trying to implement as many as possible. Overall, GREAT EVENT!!!" – Joseph Coyle
  • "Get all your friends to go. Just got back from InspectorBoost in Washington. Great stuff and learned a lot. So, tell everyone you like and those you don’t, keep it a secret. LOL!" – Alan Grubb
  • "Just spent over four hours on the road there, four hours at the seminar, and another four hours for the trip back.  Thanks, Nick and Nathan. If members are not taking advantage of this, they have no one to blame but themselves if their business is lacking. There was great information right out of the gate.  All the tools for success are right there, and so many are free for the taking. If you have a tour stop coming near you, I highly recommend you doing something for your business and attend.  Make sure you man up and have them evaluate your website if you attend. It is worth it." – Troy Pappas
  • "I agree -- well worth the money and the two-and-a-half-hour trip." – Ronald Rusnock
  • "Thanks to Nick and Nate, I have plenty to do for the next few weeks. I was really impressed with their out-of-the-box marketing ideas. They also gave me some great ideas on how to make my website more effective and dynamic. I highly recommend this seminar to both new and seasoned veterans who are looking to take their businesses to the next level. Good job, guys!" – Ann Lyon
  • "Nick and Nate’s marketing presentations were relaxed and engaging, offering concrete, thoughtful suggestions to improve telephonic and personal contact, as well as web page optimization. To reinforce their presentations, Nick and Nate offered to critique and analyze willing participants’ web pages for the benefit of the owner and all in attendance. This alone was worth the ticket price.  Highly recommended for those seeking expert marketing advice to entice and enhance your client base and answer your new clients’ lingering question: Why should I hire you?" – Bill Roy
  • "I just came back from attending the InspectorBoost World Tour. I’m a new inspector and questioned if it would be worth my time to make the two-and-a- half-hour drive. Despite hitting a deer on the way home, causing $11,000 worth of damage to my car, I came away with a wealth of information that will help me get started in the right direction. Great job!" -- Joseph Folker
  • "Attended the Marketing World Tour in New Jersey this past week. Have been to many ra-ra meetings in past. This one was worth every penny. I did not get my web page reviewed (one page; not up to much), but I did pick up a lot of info when other inspectors' sites were reviewed. The whole program was professional, and not much hard selling of vendors' products. It took three hotels and two Hyatts to find correct site, but worth the aggravation." – M. Mulholland
  • "Great tour." – Samir Sheth
  • "Great Information last night. Well worth battling the traffic." – Robert Cooper
  • "Drove up with Troy.  We swapped horror stories back and forth for eight hours as only home inspectors can do!  Great information, great resources, and great ideas were presented. I look forward to implementing some ideas to grow my business." – Brad Brinke
  • "This seminar was awesome. There was a lot of great information, and I have some improvements to make." -- Juan Jimenez
  • "Nick,  It was great meeting you and the crew.  It sure didn’t seem like four hours -- more like 20 minutes!  Great info and great presenters too -- yeah, even Nathan. I can’t tell you how much I greatly appreciate everything you and InterNACHI provide for inspectors.  While many of us may be great inspectors, marketing is not high (speaking for myself) on my list of talents, and I need all the help I can get. The information presented was great and I have already started to make some changes to the website to start to implement your feedback. As always, websites are a work-in-progress, but that alone helps with SEO, I guess.  These sessions should be on NACHI.TV..  Thanks again, and I look forward to the next event." – Andy Rider
  • "Nick, you did a great job in presenting the material. I came back and started updating my website. Still have work to do on that but it’s coming along. Now I need to put together that great presentation package and get out and meet real estate agents. So much to do, but I’m having a great time doing it." -- Doug Pennell
  • "We had a great time at the Inspection Marketing Tour in Raleigh, North Carolina.  It was worth the four-hour drive from Laurens, South Carolina. We learned some great tips and ideas!" – Bradley and April Wilburn
  • "Hello!  Frank, Gretchen and Lisa here!  Thank you to Nick and Nate for the great seminar!  We really enjoyed the thorough knowledge that they both shared. 2013-2014 is marking our 10-year anniversary!  With the tips, recommendations and new tools, we are excited to be making some positive changes!  Thank you again!  It was fun hanging out with you afterwards!" – Frank Vizza
  • "Thanks to InterNACHI for offering this opportunity. I attended the event in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and was very pleased. The night was a full four hours of useful information to help me build my business. This ranks as one of the top seminars I have ever attended. Nick, Mike, Nathan, and Mike Young did an excellent job, and I highly recommend this to all inspectors." – A.D. DiRienzo
  • "Agreed 100% -- our industry needs more events like this and people like Nick. Ask yourself what your association has done for you lately." – Cuong D. Luu
  • "Really enjoyed the meeting last night in Knoxville, Tennessee. Hearing all the ideas on how to grow my business was very helpful and encouraging. Thanks, Nick, for all the efforts to help us be successful." – Robert Swayne
  • "Great conference in Silver Spring. I enjoyed meeting Nick and Nathan for the first time. You have a great website! I enjoyed the advice (especially regarding my website), and the amount of effort that must go into these conferences. Safe travels, and I wish you the best on your World Tour." – Joseph P. Trimble
  • "Went to the tour last night in Knoxville. It is amazing how many marketing ideas Nick has. I’m sure he could have talked for a lot longer than he did, and I could have listened to him even longer. As a new business, I needed as many ideas as I could get, and I learned a lot from listening to Nick and the other inspectors in the room. The review of websites was very good.  I learned that the things I thought were good may not be, and some I thought weren’t worth it can bring in business. Again, the inspectors who offered up their websites had pretty tough skin, but the critiques were very informative for them and all of us watching. Good job, Nick." – Jim Campbell
  • "WOW!!  Nick, Nathan, and the INL (InterNACHI Ladies) did a great job. Really good marketing ideas, tips and tricks of the trade were given all night.
    Don’t miss this one!  Thanks again to Nick and Nathan." – Earl Beahm
  • "Nick, Nathan, and the ladies:  It was very refreshing to know that you guys really care about each of the members and their success in the industry, willing to share your experiences, wisdom, and also the challenges as a home inspector.  I really appreciate the great marketing ideas, as well as the tricks of the trade. May God continue to bless you and your endeavors.Thanks again." – Darryl Dillard
  • "Thanks for a great four-hour primer on marketing my business. Got lots of ideas, and I really appreciate it. Given the chance, I will attend again. It was worth the drive to Atlanta from Huntsville." – Aubrey Tycer
  • "Four hours of non-stop marketing and proven ways for inspectors to boost their business. Worth every penny. Glad to see InterNACHI members benefiting from this most excellent material. We took lots of notes and plan to implement!" -- Gary Sloan
  • "Last evening, I attended the Inspection Marketing World Tour in Jacksonville, Florida. It was outstanding, Great job, Nick. As always, I learned a wealth of information and met old friends. Just another example of why being an  InterNACHI member is more than worth the dues." – Stephen Guardino
  • "From northwestern South Carolina, my wife and I spent more time in the vehicle than in the four-hour class. But the class was fantastic! With the fast pace, a lot of information was passed by both Nick and Nathan in a format that was understandable and complemented by written material that you can read and digest later. It was well worth the money to us, and would be for any newer or experienced one-man operation, as well as multi-inspector firm, as we are. Nick, it would have been nice to have had this information 20 years ago, when I first started. Thanks for a great event!!" – Donald Durham
  • "Thanks to Nick and Nathan for the fun and fantastic marketing event." – Wally Conway
  • "Best use of my time for any class I’ve attended ! Nick, Nathan and the presenting sponsors kept the class engaged and provided up-to-date information to help us stay up with the latest marketing strategies and increase revenue.  Their honest (brutal) dissection of my brochures and website were spot-on accurate. I now have a path and guide to fix them both, improve my target marketing, and all at NO COST TO ME! Their recommendations will actually save me $$$ every month off my current web hosting. Thanks, Nick & Nathan.  I enjoyed it." – Doug Cooper
  • "To all who think these events are not worth their time, nothing could be further from the truth. Nick Gromicko & Nathan Thornberry generously helped provide the perspective of how you can help the greatest number of people: Be the best businessman you can be! (We already know you're the best inspector, right?) Without sound business practices, your principles and zeal help very few. Take time out to sharpen the saw! It was well worth my six-hour driving time to be there! My advice after working hard for five years:  Don’t miss the one in your area." – Michael Amick
  • "Thanks for all the great information last night.  Nick and Nathan were very informative.  It was worth the time and money to get another professional’s opinion on marketing ideas to help grow my business." – David Semmel
  • "WOW!  Thank you, thank you. I learned a LOT. The event flew by.  Tons of great information just waiting to be put into use. I see I’ve got many more hours to spend on my website, but it will be time well spent. I can’t wait for the next one. Just one thing, Nick and Nathan…. Next time, please let me pay for something!!!" – Eric Augustin
  • "This is an awesome marketing meeting. Information overload! Learning lots of great strategies." – Jay C. Murray
  • "I am at the Orlando event. Great information and live feedback. Real examples from real inspectors in the room. Real discussion on how to make your marketing materials better, including business cards, brochures and website. Thanks to all that presented." – John Shishilla
  • "Great meeting. Thanks Nick, Mike and Nathan.  To all who did not attend, thank you. You just made my company's growth a whole lot easier." -- Aubrey Kahn
  • "As always, Nick raises the bar and exceeds expectations. If you haven’t signed up, you are missing out.  I was really glad that I did not see any colleagues from my core market area last night!" – William Chandler
  • "Ditto all of the above. I especially liked that it wasn’t just a lot of theory, but they actually took several attendees' websites apart offered criticism and suggested changes. Terrific job.  Well done." – Lawrence Losciale
  • "We have just finished with our marketing meeting. I have to say it was well worth the drive through the Orlando rush hour. Special thanks to all who put it together." – Shelly Hoffman
  • "Thanks, Nick, Nathan and Mike for an informative and remarkable time in Orlando last night." – Dan McGuire
  • "Nick, Mike & Nathan:  What an AMAZING night in Tampa! Thank you for all the incredible information that was provided to us, and all for under $150. The people at InterNACHI and their affiliates are always raising the bar and lifting up their inspectors with them.  We drove north and clear across the state yesterday just to attend this meeting and can’t think of a better way to have spent a Friday night! The information provided will certainly help us bring our business to the next level.  Any inspector who thinks they don’t need to attend these meetings are just wrong. Every single piece of information provided to us pertained directly to us. And just like the ad said…'If you’re not there, your competition will be!'  I’m certainly happy L Street Homes was the ones representing our service area!" – Lawrence Street
  • "A BIG thanks to Nick, the InterNACHI staff, Mike, and P-Diddy. The four-hour marketing course was truly awesome.  Thanks again, guys." – Reece D. Welch
  • "Wow, what a great marketing meeting,  Mike Crow, Nathan and Nick brought up some tips I can use to market myself big-time." – Steven Wiegner
  • "Nick, Nathan, Mike and the InterNACHI staff:  Thank you for the enormous amount of great information you guys put out tonight. We had a great time and really appreciate all that you have done. Well done." – John Ritter
  • "Great marketing meeting in Tampa. Thanks for all the great information and ideas." – Kevin Grants
  • "What a great evening in Tampa with the InterNACHI World Tour team. Fantastic ideas on how to grow the business. Thanks to Nick, Nathan and Mike." – Steven Weisenbaugh
  • "Not much to say except WOW….Thanks, Nick, Nathan and Mike." – Thomas Hession
  • "Nick, I had a great time. Can't wait to put to use the information you guys gave out.  Time to drink all the Kool-Aid. Thanks again." – Joe Svehla
  • "Man, time flies when you are having fun.  That was the fastest, non-stop four hours of priceless marketing insight I have had in years. Brilliant, guys.  Thank you again, Mike, Nick, Nathan, and all the team for a great boost to the week and for coming to Orlando!" – Michael Tobbell
  • "Thank you again, Nick! I learned a lot, and have already started using some of it." – Eric Augustin
  • "Nick, It was a great meeting Friday night. If there was another meeting nearby, I would’ve attended again." – Richard Ingall
  • "There were only 25 in Orlando, but it was eight hours of great information packed into four hours. Loved it!" – Mark Orman
  • "Enjoyed the seminar. Mike Crow, Nick and Nathan all gave very helpful presentations. Well worth the time and money." – Robert Sole
  • "Just a hello to let you know we really enjoyed our Inspector Marketing Seminar last week in Orlando. All the guys were great and gave us a lot of good information for us to bring home with ideas that we can use for our marketing. I also really like the home inspection magazine that you are sending us to give to the real estate offices and will order more. Thank you very much, and I look forward to going to another class." – Claude Marcoux
  • "Attended the Marketing World Tour tonight. Learned a lot of things. Very informative. Thank you, guys, for all your knowledge, time and assistance. Very relaxed atmosphere, and lots of humor throughout.  Thanks again." – Tom Babcock
  • "The Chicago Marketing Tour by Nick was excellent. Discussed many tips on dealing with clients and realtors, how to close that call, tips on brochures, media, and your website and great handout packet of tips and InterNACHI materials. If it is on schedule for your city, get there!" – Richard Mangold
  • "As a newbie to the inspection profession, I thought the Marketing Tour was quite informative. I cannot wait to implement the great information garnered during the meeting. I wholeheartedly recommend this event. The value that InterNACHI puts into everything offered to inspectors is simply unbelievable. Thanks." – Patrick Kurchinski
  • "The Chicago event was great. Nick is the best, and Nathan added a new view to added services.  Thanks for all you do." – Scott Seaton