Top 25 Marketing Tips, Products, and Services for Home Inspectors

Show Notes

March 2017

Here's a take on marketing you've probably never considered:  The purpose of marketing is not to get you more work -- it's to turn down work. And marketing's purpose is to also increase your profit margin. We recommend that you put some systems in place that do your marketing for you -- things that don’t waste your precious time. Don’t do anything that sends you down the wrong path, like "relationship" marketing. Do things that are all about your net profit. For example, don't offer long, boring real estate seminars to agents, when they can get free online Continuing Education directly from InterNACHI. And, remember, if the perceived value of the value-added product or service (as perceived by your client) is much greater than its cost to you, then it's likely a sound business decision. That's effective marketing, with your bottom line in mind.

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Originally broadcast on Feb 28, 2017