"How to Target & Acquire Top Agents to Build Your Business" Webinar with Repair Pricer's Christian Adams

Christian Adams (former real estate broker) will be sharing proven steps you can take to find and partner with top agents in your market to systemize your referral streams. Discover the free tools you can use to help grow your business while reducing marketing spend.

Show Notes

Article detailing today's talk and methods - https://www.repairpricer.com/how-to-get-agent-referrals/

Our national report (useful to show buyers who skipped an inspection) - https://www.repairpricer.com/national-report/

National study on risky homebuyers (only 3% want to actually skip and inspection) https://www.repairpricer.com/risky-homebuyer-statistics-by-state/

Zillow agent finder tool - https://www.zillow.com/professionals/real-estate-agent-reviews/

Realtor agent finder tool - https://www.realtor.com/realestateagents/


Originally broadcast on Oct 26, 2021