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The goal of the course is to teach inspectors about the Code of Ethics for Home Inspectors. InterNACHI®, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, promotes a high standard of professionalism, business ethics, and inspection procedures. InterNACHI® members adhere to the International Code of Ethics for Home Inspectors.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to: 
  • Recall certain restrictions described by the Code of Ethics;
  • Consider another person's dilemma;
  • Evaluate evidence of a conflict of interest or violation of ethics; and
  • Resolve conflict.

Course includes:

  • 1 InterNACHI® CE credit hour;
  • 3,827 words; 
  • Inspection and writing assignment;
  • Reading and writing assignment; 
  • 21 quiz questions in 3 quizzes;
  • 15-question final exam (drawn from a larger pool);
  • instant grading; and
  • a downloadable, printable Certificate of Completion.

You will learn the following topics:  

  • Duty to the Public
  • Duty to Continue Education
  • Duty to the Profession and InterNACHI®

he following is an example table. 

InterNACHI® Code of Ethics Course
Course #4502, Student Catalog 

Student WorkTime CalculationEstimated Clock Hour Time for the Average Student
Attendance for "Seat Time" 1# of minutes of student attendance / 504.6
Participation in Learning Activities 2# of minutes of online student participation / 500.5
Interactivity 3# of minutes of student interactivity / 500.8
Reading the Course Text 4# of words in the course / 100 words per minute / 500.8
Reading the Course Textbook 5# of words in the book / 100 words per minute / 500.4
Academic Engagement 6# of words in the course / 100 / 500.8
Direct Communication 7# of minutes of communication / 500.5
Instructional Video Learning 8# of minutes of video / 500.0
Reinforcement Q & A  9# of questions X 1.85 / 500.8
Writing Assignment of the Inspection  104.0 hours per assignment0.0
Writing Assignment of the Research  114.0 hours per assignment x 2 assignments 8.0
Academic Activities for an Inspection  128.0 hours for each inspection assignment0.0
Performing an Inspection  138.0 hours for each inspection0.0
Total clock hours
13.0 clock hours
13.0 InterNACHI CE Hours
1.3 CEU

Upon completion of this course and passing the 15-question final exam (drawn from a larger pool), the student can download and print their own Certificate of Completion, which is auto-generated in their own name.
The InterNACHI® member's information is recorded on InterNACHI's servers for membership compliance verification and automatically logs his/her completion into InterNACHI's online Continuing Education Log.
Non-members may view only the first page/slide of the course.
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