Convention 2007 Continued

(State approved continuing education where applicable.)
Featured speakers and educators include:
  • Paul Abernathy, Master Electrician/NEC Consultant
Paul W. Abernathy has 20 years of experience as an Electrical Contractor, Electrical Inspector and Electrical Educator to the Electrical and Home Inspection Industry. Paul was Virginia's youngest licensed electrician in 1988 and went on to become a regional VICA champion in electrical wiring for the State of Virginia. He is also ICC and IAEI Electrical Inspector Certified, a home inspector since 1988 and a national electrical training consultant for Eaton Manufacturing and the facilitator of their ECCN Certified Contractor Network.
Mr. Abernathy is considered one of the foremost electrical educators and NEC Consultants in the industry and is listed as an electrical expert on the Mike Holt Enterprises Inc.
  • Craig Auberger, Senior Consultant with 1st Inspection Services, on:
The Five Key aspects of the Home Inspection Industry...What NOT to do in the next decade according to demographic and reported futures! An informative presentation using demographics and futures leading to successful business practice. Learn some secrets leading to Twenty-First Century success! Mr. Auberger has an extensive background in the construction industry. A founding partner and current consultant to 1st Inspection Services, Craig started working with his father, Earl, in Cincinnati during his high school years, through college and to the age of 30. He could operate a bulldozer and back hoe like a soldier at the age of ten! Craig Homes, Inc., his father's company, built over 2,000 custom homes and small office buildings in Cincinnati and the surrounding area. He saw all aspects of construction, from the problems that resulted to the remedies, leading to him becoming President of the American Association of Certified Appraisers with 5,000 worldwide members and an Officer/Trustee/Consultant for the Appraisal Foundation in Washington, DC creating international standards for the inspection industry. Mr. Auberger has presented industry seminars in over 150 cities throughout the world and has a passion for "protecting the consumer" through professional knowledge and experience.
  • Rick Bates, CCI, CEI, REEW, RIAQM of Environmental Education Foundation, on:

    What Every Home Inspector Needs to Know About Indoor Air Quality. A past, present, and future perspective on indoor air quality and how the home inspector is directly and indirectly impacted. The top (10) IAQ issues facing home inspectors will be identified. Points of interest that all home inspectors must be aware of to provide minimum levels of service while reducing the potential for litigation will be described in detail. This presentation is packed with useful information for the inspection professional with regards to offering profitable IAQ services and avoiding lawsuits. Components of the new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Indoor Air Quality Building Education and Assessment Model (I-BEAM) training will be introduced.
Mr. Bates is Corporate President of Bates Consulting, Inc., which he founded in 1987. He has performed over 8,500 structural, mechanical & environmental inspections in the past 20 years. He is a Certified Construction Inspector, Certified Environmental Inspector, Registered Environmental Expert Witness and a Registered Indoor Air Quality Manager. Mr. Bates is approved as an expert litigation witness in structural, mechanical and environmental cases. He is the past National President of the Housing Inspection Foundation, past President of the International Environmental Assessment Association and presently the President of the International Environmental Education Foundation. Mr. Bates is the author of (6) inspection training manuals and numerous inspector training courses. He conducts both live and internet based seminars and training courses across North America.
  • Gerry Beaumont, InterNACHI's National Education Consultant on:
Online Continuing Education for Home Inspectors. Mr. Beaumont is an inspection consultant specializing in commercial and multifamily property. He is a Consultant to and Education Director of Inspection Depot based in Jacksonville, Florida. He has a very wide ranging background covering all areas of property management, refurbishment, project management and property inspection. Education has been an interest of his for many years which led to him from teaching home inspectors from minimum NHIE level courses at a local community college in Massachusetts between 2000 and 2004, to chairing InterNACHI’s Educational Committee. As InterNACHI's National Education Consultant, he travels to chapter meetings to promote InterNACHI education and to run training classes on a broad range of subject to InterNACHI members. Born and raised in Great Britain, Mr. Beaumont has lived in the United States since 1995 and has recently relocated from New England to Clearwater, Florida.

  • No Picture, Bruce B. Bradley CET,OHST - InterNACHI Affiliation

Mr. Bradley is an accredited Occupational, Health and Safety Technologists (OHST), a Certified Environmental Trainer (CET) and holds certification in dozens of training programs related to the health and safety field, including the State of California Safety Technician program.

He has been certified as an instructor in asbestos and lead project abatement management, radioactive material and other hazardous materials and waste processes, incipient fire fighting, and he conducted innumerable fire and life safety facility audits ranging from remote radio sites t o multi-story and multi-building facilities.
Additionally, he is an instructor in various driver training and education programs, including Smith and Top Driver, the ASI/SVIA ATV and forklift programs; he currently works with a local Police Department and City to provide a violators remediation course.
Mr. Bradley worked in the telecommunications industry training in 49 states and seven countries delivering a wide variety of Environmental Health and Safety programs to diverse audiences as well as holding his Emergency Medical Technician, Fire Services certification during the time he administered the Hazardous Material and Emergency Response Teams at several western states facilities. Other programs he developed were confined space, trenching and shoring and fall protection and training on ergonomic issues. He has worked closely with the EMS , Fire, and Law Enforcement communities in developing and delivering training specific to their operations and has worked along side them during large disasters and “normal” emergency operations. He is a multiple discipline Instructor Trainer for the American Red Cross and American Health and Safety Institute; the ARC relationship included working on National Program Development Teams and serving as a technical advisor on several training programs. He served as Director of Health and Safety Services at a large ARC Chapter during the Tsunami, California Wild land Fires and Katrina Events.
He lives in the Southern California area of San Diego with his lovely wife May and their two cats (Oreo and Zorro), loves running, biking, bowling and many outdoor activities. He serves his Church and community utilizing the skills he has been given.
  • Daniel Breau, HUB International

Dan Breau has accumulated a broad range of experience in his 8 plus years in the insurance industry.  His areas of specialty include, Professional Liability, Casualty and Property Insurance.  Dan’s relationships with key insurance carriers are pertinent to being able to provide competitive market pricing to all areas of insurance.  As a dedicated representative Dan leads not only our head office staff but also our regional offices to a high level of product development opportunities.

  • Russell Buchanan, President of HomeGauge, on:
    How to Spot Red Flags When Inspecting a Home – For the New Inspector. If you have inspected less than 1,000 homes this class is sure to save you potentially thousands of dollars. Slideshow driven of actual inspection photos, this class will alert you to look for problems that are not spelled out in your Standards of Practice. It will also demonstrate the method of complete report entry of findings. This class promises to be controversial and informative. Seating will be limited. (2 Hours).

    Mr. Buchanan is the President of HomeGauge which provides home inspection software and web services for the industry and has many thousands of customers throughout the United States and internationally. He has inspected over 3,500 homes since 1994. His ability to find problems along with his commitment to integrity made him the #1 inspector in demand of Western NC. His reputation with agents earned him the title “Inspector par excellence”. He has been an instructor at AB Tech College where he taught classes on “Intro to Home Inspections”. Mr. Buchanan has taught continuing education for agents and has been the featured speaker at Real Estate Investor organizations such as CREIA (Carolina Real Estate Investor Association).
  • Mark Cohen, InterNACHI/InterNACHI Attorney, on
Mr. Cohen earned his BA in economics at Whitman College in Walla Walla , WA in 1980 and received his law degree from the University of Colorado School of Law in Boulder in 1983. From 1983 to 1987 he served as a Judge Advocate (JAG) in the U.S. Air Force. In 1986, he won the American Bar Association's Outstanding Young Military Service Lawyer award. He has authored six articles published in the American Jurisprudence Proof of Facts series, including one on "Piercing the Corporate Veil". He served eighteen months as a Municipal Judge for the City of Boulder and also served on the Executive Board of the Colorado Municipal League. An experienced trial attorney, he has made multiple appearances on MSNBC and has also appeared on the Today Show, MSNBC, and the Jimmy Kimmel show. His first mystery, The Fractal Murders, was a Book Sense top ten mystery pick. Time/Warner released his second novel, Bluetick Revenge, in July of 2005. Mr. Cohen is a partner in Cohen Horner, LLP, a Colorado law firm that serves a number of trade associations and nonprofit organizations.
  • Nuts and Bolts of Home Inspection Contracts (Why every home inspector should insist on a written contract; checklist of issues that should be addressed in any written contract; why a bad contract may be worse than no contract at all)
  • Lawsuits (How to Avoid Them; Most Common Reasons for Lawsuits Against Home Inspectors; Confidentiality issues; What to Do If a Client Sues; Trends in Litigation Against Home Inspectors)
  • Legal Issues in Marketing (Copyrights; Trademarks; Websites; Deceptive Practices; Traps for the Unwary; Q&A).
  • The Home Inspector as Employer (A Quick Review for any Home Inspection Business that Has Employees; Independent Contractors versus Employees; Hiring Illegals; Overtime; Termination of Employees; Unemployment Insurance; Worker’s Compensation).
  • Open Discussion; Questions and Answers on Legal Topics.
  • Mike Crow, Founder and President of the Millionaire Inspector Community
Mike Crow is founder and president of the Millionaire Inspector Community. He started a home inspection company with his father in 1985 and he grew it to nearly $2 million in revenue. Now, Mike is passing his marketing and business building secrets on to you. The Millionaire Inspector Community offers seminars, educational materials, coaching and mentoring to help home inspectors develop their marketing and business strategies. For a free copy of his report, “9 Secrets of Home Inspection Scheduling That Pull Them in Like A Two Ton Magnet,” and his next 2-day seminar on marketing your home inspection business.
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  • William J. Decker Jr.
Illinois State
Licensed Home Inspector, License # 450.0002240 
Licensed Illinois Home Inspection Entity, License # 451.0000556
Full Member, International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)
Certified Residential Inspector (InterNACHI Certification) 
Vice-President, InterNACHI Chicago Chapter 2005-2006 
President, InterNACHI Chicago Chapter 2006-2007 (a 501(c)(6) Corporation) 
Golden Pen Award (for contributions to Home Inspector Education Excellence) 2005 
InterNACHI National Member of the Year 2006
Full Member, InterInternational Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) 
Member, Foundation for Safer Housing
Author and Lecturer for Illinois State Licensed Home Inspector Continuing Education courses:  


145 - Electrical Home Inspection Checklists, License # 054.0000220
145 - Structure for Home Inspectors, License # 054.0000249
145 - Thermal Imaging for Home Inspectors, Licensing Pending
145 – Forming a Home Inspection Business, Licensing Pending


Full Member, Foundation for Real Estate Appraisers (FREA): 
Residential Real Estate Inspector (FREA Certification) 
Commercial Real Estate Inspector (FREA Certification)
Full Member, Environmental Solutions Association (ESA): 
Professional Environmental Inspector (ESA Certification) 
Charter Member, Illinois Home Inspector Association (IHIA) 
Director, Board of Directors (IHIA)
Member, Better Business Bureau – No Complaints 
Member , U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Member, Skokie , IL Chamber of Commerce
25 years experience with property management and repair.

Course Description:
A survey course to familiarize home inspectors with this new, non-destructive testing technology and its applications for building and home inspection.  The course is not intended to cover the entire field of thermal imaging, nor to substitute for professional Level I thermography, but merely to help home inspectors understand the basic principals, applications and importance (and limitations) of this technology.
  • no picture, Joe Farsetta; InterNACHI's Alternate Dispute Resolution Service Director of Professional Development Chairman
Joe Farsetta is an industry veteran with a robust background in construction and construction practices, as well as residential and commercial inspections. With more than 20 years of experience, he, at one time, traveled the country performing hundreds of inspections relative to the design and implementation of structural, electrical, HVAC, fire suppression, underground, and overhead infrastructures used at industrial complexes relative to large-scale computing and communication nerve-centers. A successful businessman and executive, Joe has directed very large teams of professionals, has run a multi-million dollar profit and loss center for a major corporation in the Northeast, and has been responsible for multi-million dollar contract negotiations for enterprise-class companies throughout the United states. He has written several magazine articles, which have been published internationally. Subjects have included such things as design considerations and construction practices used in commercial data centers, as well as electrical power production and distribution methodologies. On the residential side, he was a featured inspector on CNN’s Open House television series, and participated in on-air, on-screen inspections of homes. Joe is also a licensed, but non-practicing, Real Estate professional. An inventor, published author, and seasoned businessman, Joe operates a Home Inspection business in New York State . He was instrumental in helping craft reasonable and effective home inspection licensing legislation in NY. Mr. Farsetta is a graduate of the National Institute of Building Inspectors. He is qualified to operate a home inspection school in NY, and assisted the NY State Department of State, Division of Licensing develop the current and active Home Inspector’s Course Curriculum, which is the educational roadmap that all home inspection schools must follow in NY State . Mr. Farsetta is also licensed as a pesticide technician by NY State’s Department of Environmental Conversation. He is also accredited as a Certified Radon Measurement Specialist by the National Radon Safety Board. He is also licensed by US Department of Housing and Urban Development as a Certified 203K Consultant. Joe currently is classified as a Certified Master Inspector, by the CMI Advisory Board, a national not-for-profit. He currently serves on their board of advisors. He also travels the United States teaching other home inspectors in a variety of subjects from electrical theory to wells and water quality. He also mentors Realtors in things to expect while on an inspection; identifying the 15 most common defects found; repair and installation mishaps; and recognizing poor craftsmanship (red flags). Mr. Farsetta is an active member of, and volunteers for, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors as their Director of Professional Development.  He also serves as Chairman of InterNACHI’s Ethics and Standards of Practice Committee. Joe was voted InterNACHI Member of the Year in 2005. Mr. Farsetta regularly consults with a variety of industry insiders on subjects as far-ranging as mitigating risk, to evolving inspection standards, including the practical use of infa-red thermography in the home inspection industry. 

 This advanced educational course is designed to meet the Home Inspector’s special challenges of understanding and inspecting wells and related system components, including water quality, well abandonment, filtration, health effects, site assessment, and sampling protocols. Even for those who do not collect samples, information presented in the course will expand the Inspector’s ability to assess potential situations which could lead to well contamination, aside from providing a broad explanation of wells and how they work.
Topics covered in this program include well components, characteristics, contaminants, operation, sampling methodologies, holding times, health factors, safety, environmental factors, and guidelines. Well testing involves more than drawing a quick sample. Well characteristics, construction, and general proximity to any number of potential sources of contamination, can and do affect water quality. Many individuals who draw samples for water quality testing often operate under a cloud of incorrect information and misconception. Common mistakes are regularly made, ranging from missed clues prior to samples being drawn, to care and custody of those samples, including allowable holding times. Finally, a course has been crafted specifically for Home Inspectors who encounter wells.  For those who currently engage in water quality sampling, or for anyone wanting a broader understanding of wells and who may be thinking of offering these services, this course is an absolute “must have”. A certifying exam is given at the conclusion of the course.

Topics covered in this program include well components, characteristics, contaminants, operation, sampling methodologies, holding times, health factors, safety, environmental factors, and guidelines. Well testing involves more than drawing a quick sample. Well characteristics, construction, and general proximity to any number of potential sources of contamination, can and do affect water quality. Many individuals who draw samples for water quality testing often operate under a cloud of incorrect information and misconception. Common mistakes are regularly made, ranging from missed clues prior to samples being drawn, to care and custody of those samples, including allowable holding times. Finally, a course has been crafted specifically for Home Inspectors who encounter wells.  For those who currently engage in water quality sampling, or for anyone wanting a broader understanding of wells and who may be thinking of offering these services, this course is an absolute “must have”. A certifying exam is given at the conclusion of the course. 


  • Elizabeth Feustel, Home Inspector Solutions Go Farther
Discover solutions to making "big money" in a cooled market. Learn how to lead the market in your area with innovative ways to help you take advantage of new opportunities. Perfect class for all inspectors.
Elizabeth is an extraordinary Business Development Trainer and educator. Her experience, knowledge, training, and enthusiasm have made her one of the best trainers in the industry. Elizabeth is a results driven professional. She has dedicated 20+ years to the industry, and almost 10 years to Home Inspection training and development. She is accomplished in the industry and has received many awards for her achievements. She has a long history of leadership and management. She has trained 1000’s of Home Inspectors. She taught and created a Business Marketing Program for a successful National Home Inspection School. She has had the opportunity to speak at National events, various Conferences, train at National Associations and Home Inspection Franchise events. The connection between Inspectors and solutions!
  • Pauk Frisk, Instructor ITC Level III 

Paul is responsible for managing ITC Canada and is a Professional Engineer with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Science from the University of Toronto, Canada. Paul has been in the INFRARED business since 1979 and with FLIR Systems since 1985 and holds an ITC Level III certification. He has extensive experience in Automation (Process Monitoring and Control) processes. His duties ranged from Software System Design, Manufacturing and System Installation as well as sales. Paul’s 2nd “calling” as an ITC Instructor provides enthusiastic training sessions that are well received by his students.

  • Nick Gromicko, InterNACHI's janitor, veteran REALTOR, and ad agency owner, on:  

Join InterNACHI's founder, Nick Gromicko, and InterNACHI's IT Director, Chris Morrell as they publicly critique convention attendee's web sites from marketing, design and search engine optimization standpoints.  Everyone is welcome to show their site, and everyone is welcome to give their input. InterNACHI IT staff member Tim Eaton will also join us to provide additional web design and development feedback.

  • Mike Hatch, President of Boston Environmental 
Mr. Hatch is the president of Boston Environmental. Responsibilities include strategic planning and management. He has conducted extensive trainings for service technicians, customer service representatives, and sales associates across the US and Canada at some of the largest oil companies and service providers. He is a NORA (National Oil-Heat Research Alliance) Certified Trainer and has trained hundreds of home inspectors with the TankSure® Program. 

Boston Environmental provides the only technology available for home inspectors to evaluate the condition of above ground oil storage tanks. The training process will allow home inspectors to test a client’s above ground oil tank in less than 10 minutes while they are conducting a home inspection. This safe and non-invasive test uses sound waves to measure the thickness of the tank’s metal to determine the level of corrosion occurring inside the tank.

The program also covers best practices for oil lines, valves, and vents as part of the heating system. Upon completion of the test home inspectors provide a Tank Inspection Certificate and a recommendations letter to their clients evaluating the condition of the tank and its components by using our online tank analysis software system and database. We call this program, and our other consulting services, the TankSure® Program.

  • Kenny Hart, Master Plumber
What You Need To Know About Plumbing 

Kenny Hart is a second-generation Master Plumber and HVAC Contractor with more than thirty years of service in the mechanical fields. He is the Chair of the Building Practices and Trades Division of the Alpha College of Real Estate based in Virginia . Kenny is experienced in all areas of the home inspection profession and teaches and writes about the mechanical trades. His writings and contributions to trade journals, contractor magazines and REALTOR® publications, as well as his popular multi-media presentations have earned him the respect of his peers. Kenny is a Virginia State Certified Home Inspector, a member of the Virginia Cross Connection Control Association and several home inspector professional associations, including InterNACHI. He is the current President of the Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors. 

Plumbing 101: What Every Home Inspector Should Know About Plumbing Systems 4 Hour  

During this session Kenny reviews plumbing basics. Commonly used piping materials, their method of installation and application practices are reviewed. Domestic water distribution systems including dangerous cross connection concerns are discussed. The Drain Waste and Vent system is explained. Water heating methods and water heaters are examined as well. 

How a Plumber Inspects the Plumbing 4 Hour  

For many, home inspection is a second career. Electricians that become home inspectors can’t help but look at the electrical part of the home inspection a little differently than a former roofer. Kenny Hart worked as a plumber and a HVAC technician for more than twenty years before working a day as a home inspector. When inspecting properties he no doubt puts more of an emphasis on the plumbing and mechanical systems than the average home inspector. Using digital slides and thirty years of experience Kenny will walk through the plumbing portion of a home inspection and show you what concerns him most during an average day’s work. Start in the kitchen and finish in the crawlspace and learn the tricks of the trade as you go 

Air Conditioning 3 Hour 

The fundamentals of air conditioning, system installation practices and concerns are all reviewed. More than 100 great photos from the field are used during this presentation, along with dozens of animated illustrations. You will understand basic system operation and will be able to identify most commonly found defects following your attendance of this session.

  • No picture, Chris Healy of URS Insurance on: Errors & Omissions Insurance for Property Inspectors 

Learn about Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance for Property Inspectors. The history of the E&O insurance market for the property inspecting industry will be discussed as well as the anticipated future trends. Also discussed will be Risk Management techniques that property inspectors should practice in order to protect themselves from claims and be considered by insurers as a good risk.  

Chris Healy is the President of URS Insurance Brokers -an independent insurance brokerage located on the western side of the Greater Toronto Area in Milton , Ontario . Chris specializes in the creation, implementation and marketing of property & casualty insurance programs for associations and groups. Chris has over 15 years experience providing Errors & Omissions Insurance to Property Inspectors in the USA and Canada and is the exclusive Canadian broker for the FREA Errors & Omissions Insurance Program for Property Inspectors.
  • Dan Howard, Non-Realtor Marketing

Dan is an “old time inspector” with 27 years and close to 14,000 inspections experience. His experience includes commercial, industrial and residential inspections, code inspections, HUD inspections, he is also certified as a radon tester, mold and allergen tester, pest control operator and lead instructor. He is also a consultant in the disaster planning and recovery industry. 
Dan is author of over 250 published columns on home improvement issues. He has been host of Home Improvement Radio and a television contributor on home improvement issues.Dan has presented courses on Real Estate, Code Compliance, Marketing, Lead, Disaster Planning and many technical issues relevant to the home inspection industry.  Dan’s presentations, though they vary on topics, are always fast paced, positive and informative. Dan will freely tell you the secrets of success that your competition wouldn’t tell you, even if they knew them.

 If last year was not your best year and the start of this year even better, you need to be sitting in the first row of this class. 

There are tons of inspectors sending stacks of brochures into too many realtor office that are losing more their business to the “for sale by owner” sellers. After this course, you will never need to leave discount coupons in Realtor offices again.

You will leave with the tools and materials to market to attorneys, mortgage professionals, wellness and medical practitioners.  You will expand you will your business well past the “buyers inspection.” and increase you prices and the services you sell.  
You will learn the methods and tools to promote and network your business. Success starts with the first phone call and ends with a client liking you enough to tell their friends and relatives about you. Success is a package. It is impressions, public relations, the way you work and the way you convince your clients that you are the best. When you hire a doctor or a lawyer, do you look for the professional that works on Saturdays and is $50.00 cheaper, or the “best”?
You will leave this session knowing how to become the inspector that they say “he’s good, if you can get him”. This session can make you more money than your entire convention costs.   
  • Steve Jawitz, P.E., InterNACHI, ASHI, FABI of All Building Inspection, Inc. on: 

     Inspecting Pools as a Professional Home Inspector
Regarding pool inspections, many home inspectors disclaim or avoid pools and spas during their routine inspection of single-family homes. However, I wonder if they realize that they probably have not avoided all liability; as an example, do they also disclaimed the properties (and by inference the pools) protective fence
Even those inspectors who are including pools and spas in their routine home inspection might want to brush up on some of the pool inspection basics and touch on some of the advanced subjects during our four hour class. 
In 4 hours we are going to go over the following;
    • What To Inspect
      Pool Barriers
      Pool Shells
      Circulation Equipment
      Pool Ancillary Equipment
      What NOT To Inspect

      How to Report on ALL of this, what NOT to Report on and how to reduce your pool inspection liability

      Yes, we are asking a lot out of 4 hours, but we believe we have got the right man that can do all of this in the time allotted.

      About Steve Jawitz
      Your instructor is a Licensed Professional Engineer and a "Working Professional Building Inspector" who has been professionally inspecting buildings in South Florida for over 30 years. Most of the over 14,000 single-family homes he has personally inspected had residential pools and many of the multifamily residential buildings had commercial pools. He has learned how to inspect pools (as a professional building inspector - not as a pool contractor - different perspectives and different inspections) through the trial and error, hit and miss, self taught - on the job training, that 30 years of inspection experience yields. Years ago, he developed a workable formula for pool inspection that has been commercially successful and has withstood years of legal scrutiny.

  • Dallas Jones, Co-Founder of Radalink. Nearly 20 years of experience in the radon field
Mr. Jones and partner Terry Howell participated in a number of pioneering radon measurement and mitigation research projects in both residences and schools, and began providing radon training classes to state officials and professionals in 1987.
Mr. Jones served as radon measurement and mitigation instructor for the Southern Regional Radon Training Center at
Auburn University from 1990 through 1993. Since 1994, Dallas has successfully taught radon measurement curriculum to more than 4000 individuals.
  • Bernie Katz, Training Director, General Manager

   Bernie Katz has over 35 years of experience in training and management. After college, he started his career working for a national ad agency in New York .  He was an account executive for 2 major Pharmaceutical accounts and handled all aspects of their training and education for their Representatives and Physicians. Bernie left the fast pace of New York for a career in Education.  He taught at both the High School and College levels for many years. After leaving the Education Field, he opened his own advertising agency in Williamsport , PA.    His account list was nationwide, working with small businesses to develop their advertising and marketing programs.  His staff of over 15 people provided computer services, design services and implementation of the actual campaigns.  Bernie joined ESA in 2002 to accept some new challenges after he sold his Agency Bernie’s background in pharmaceuticals and his passion for the environment provided the foundation for his training in IAQ.  He has been conducting Indoor Air Quality classes for Environmental Solutions Association for the past 4 years and has trained over 500 hundred Home Inspectors across the country in IAQ testing and inspection protocols.
Bernie has also trained many individuals for Radon testing and inspection. These classes in Radon are designed to give the maximum knowledge of EPA standards for conducting appropriate testing protocols for Real Estate transactions, Home Owner and Commercial Structure testing. In addition to teaching Mold, Radon, Allergen and Phase I Site Inspection courses, he is also responsible for approving and implementing new course additions for ESA’s technical writing department.  He works with various Laboratories learning the latest procedures and protocols for testing and then develops the written guidelines for ESA trained Inspectors.
Bernie also carries State approved Trainer credentials from Florida , New Jersey and Texas in Indoor Air Quality Inspections.  His additional responsibilities as General Manager include scheduling new classes, overseeing the Marketing and Customer Service Departments and working with various national agencies, such as the EPA in developing Protocols for IAQ work.

After leaving the Education Field, he opened his own advertising agency in Williamsport, PA.   His account list was nationwide, working with small businesses to develop their advertising and marketing programs.  His staff of over 15 people provided computer services, design services and implementation of the actual campaigns.  Bernie joined ESA in 2002 to accept some new challenges after he sold his Agency Bernie’s background in pharmaceuticals and his passion for the environment provided the foundation for his training in IAQ.  He has been conducting Indoor Air Quality classes for Environmental Solutions Association for the past 4 years and has trained over 500 hundred Home Inspectors across the country in IAQ testing and inspection protocols. Bernie has also trained many individuals for Radon testing and inspection. These classes in Radon are designed to give the maximum knowledge of EPA standards for conducting appropriate testing protocols for Real Estate transactions, Home Owner and Commercial Structure testing. In addition to teaching Mold, Radon, Allergen and Phase I Site Inspection courses, he is also responsible for approving and implementing new course additions for ESA’s technical writing department.  He works with various Laboratories learning the latest procedures and protocols for testing and then develops the written guidelines for ESA trained Inspectors. Bernie also carries State approved Trainer credentials from Florida, New Jersey and Texas in Indoor Air Quality Inspections.  His additional responsibilities as General Manager include scheduling new classes, overseeing the Marketing and Customer Service Departments and working with various national agencies, such as the EPA in developing Protocols for IAQ work.


  • Jay Keany of Certified Nachi Store on:

A marketing presentation geared specifically for the home inspector. This four part presentation will include marketing basics, how to get five more inspections per week, the five minute presentation that you should give to all of you Realtor contacts and how to double your contact list in 30 days, and answers to questions you might not even know to ask.

Mr. Keany is a sales and marketing professional with over 20 years sales experience. He has been involved with the home inspection industry for 18 years, helping home inspectors improve their product and market themselves better. He is a military veteran, has won political office three times, and been active locally and nationally with home inspection associations.
  •   Brock Ketcham, Project Advisor, Consumer Services Branch, Service Alberta in Edmonton
Status update on Alberta's Home Inspection Business Regulation Project, the first Provincial government to address    the topic of home inspector licensing in Canada.
Brock Ketcham is a energetic, resourceful manager and marketplace diplomat with strong research, writing and interpersonal skills.


     Proven organizational and motivational leadership


     Strong research, file analysis and writing skills


     Excellent communicator and conciliator


     Thrives independently or in a team setting


     Proficient with Microsoft Word and other word processing program

     June 2005-present Project Advisor




  • Claude Lawrenson; Onsite Testing

Onsite Testing – Can You Pass the Test?The process provides the participants with an opportunity to be reviewed on their inspection abilities and techniques by an experienced panel of their peers. A similar process is used by an American home inspection association. This presentation will provide answers and statistics of why all home inspectors should consider the benefits and education provided and the common goal shared by objectively reviewing the overall performance of all practicing home inspectors. Claude’s presentation will give us an inside look into the creation, development and implementation of the Test Inspection with Peer Review program. He will explain the testing criterion was developed and describe the key points of the onsite inspection and the examination review process. This presentation will also provide some practical tips on where and how home inspectors have either succeeded or not on their test inspection. Claude Lawrenson has been a home inspector since 1986. He has been actively involved at the national level as an education sector representative on the National Initiative since 1999. Since the release of the National Certification Program, he has held the position of the National Chief Examiner. The national certification program is open to all Canadian Home Inspectors interested in becoming National Certificate Holders. Claude has a multi-disciplinary background including over 17 years in the home inspection sector. His background also includes formal training and education in architecture, construction, design-build as well as post secondary education and training in the college system in Ontario . He currently is a professor of architectural technology in the School of Building Design & Construction Technology at St. Clair College in Windsor , Ontario . In addition, Claude is a partner in Inspection Support Services Inc., an inspection support provider offering report systems, training and ancillary products. Claude also is an online course facilitator for the Into to Home Inspections, Structures and the Building Sciences courses offered through the Humber College – Home Inspector Certificate program. He also is a member of ASHI, InterNACHI and OAHI as well as OACETT. In addition he has developed training and education curriculum for First Nations National Building Officers in Canada through CMHC and NRCAN.   – This presentation will provide participants with an inside look at the Test Inspection with Peer Review process. Known by the acronym as the TIPR – it has become an integral part of the National Certification Holder program for Canadian Home Inspectors. The Test Inspection with Peer Review process provide an assessment and feedback tool for evaluating home inspectors on the practical skills of the home inspection and their report writing abilities. There are ongoing maintenance and renewals required to maintain "national certificate holder" status including TIPR retesting.

  • Steve Luxton of CMC Energy Services:
Energy Inspections. As the Regional Manager of the Home Energy Tune-uP(r) program, Mr. Luxton has been recruiting and training home inspectors since 2003. In addition to being an energy guru, he has been the Technical Director of one of the largest and most successful utility energy management programs in the country for close to 10 years. He also has written technical manuals and co-authored a magazine article for Home Energy Magazine. Mr. Luxton recently appeared in a national television program, CBS' Early Show, as an energy expert providing helpful consumer tips on how to save energy. His goal is to help thousands of homeowners lower their energy costs through Home Energy Tune-Up(r).
  • no picture, Jim Mailey; Simpson Strong Tie Co., Inc. Deck Construction Seminar
  Jim Mailey is the Training Manager for 24 states throughout the Northeast, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic markets for Simpson Strong-Tie.  Prior to accepting the position of Training Manager in 2000, he was the territory sales manager for Eastern PA and New Jersey .  He has been with Simpson since January, 1992.  He earned a B.A. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg , PA in 1980.   He has done hundreds of presentations to more than 10,000 design professionals, building officials, builders, contractors and dealers.  He has developed numerous programs designed to educate the building inspector, builder and contractor on how to install Simpson Strong-Tie products, as well as, how these products may meet various code requirements.  Many of these programs have been based on developing an understanding of what the standards are in International Residential Code® and International Building Code® to meet the structural requirements.
It is generally acknowledged that many outdoor wood decks are inadequately built and improperly maintained.  This program will provide a better understanding of what may cause a deck to fail and what a code compliant deck would look like.  The International Residential Code® and International Building Code® have requirements for post and column supports, post-to-beam connections, bearing requirements for joists, stair treads, stringers and post-to-guardrail connection requirements.  This program will review the standards and methods used to satisfy those requirements.  Also, we will review some of the issues that cause corrosion of metal connectors and Simpson Strong-Tie guidelines when the proper connector has been selected.
  •  James McDonnell IV, Founder and CEO of PRO-LAB©, Inc


  • Bill Mullen, RHI; NCA#00001 CAHPI Past President
Bill Will be speaking on: "The Canadian National Certification Program - Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask." The factors that generated the program and the ten years it took to come to fruition. The 2006 Pilot Project from start to finish. Where we are now and how it can include all Canadian Home Inspectors The future of the Canadian Home Inspection Profession and how the NCP and other organizations fit into the equation.
The National Certification Program for Canadian Home Inspectors has been part of Bill’s life for the better part of the past ten years. As an industry leader he has been involved in almost all stages of its development, and during the past five years, has held a leadership role in fine-tuning it and implementing it. After three years as CAHPI President, he began to work even closer to the project and during 2006 he was the National Coordinator for the Pilot Project which processed about 140 people through the certification evaluation program. The program, which is open to everyone, is now ready to invite all Canadian Home Inspectors to apply to become National Certificate Holders.Bill‘s presentation will give us an inside look into the creation, nurturing and implementation of the Certification Program. He will explain how some criteria were developed and describe the various councils and committees that have all contributed. Now retired from active association duties, he can provide a very knowledgeable private home inspector’s perspective on how our industry will look in the future and how the program will affect all Home Inspectors in the country.
Bill has a construction background, having been a builder, renovator, building supply owner and a franchisee for a kitchen cabinet manufacturer. He has been inspecting houses for fourteen years in Sarnia, Ontario and he is an RHI member of CAHPI Ontario.

In addition to serving on many association committees, councils and boards, Bill has instructed several home inspection courses and has been a seminar presenter at a few Winter Workshops and four Annual Conferences. As the first President of CAHPI, he guided the new association into a new era with the National Certification. He has been the recipient of the Stephen Greenford Award (2003), CAHPI’s highest annual award, the Board of Director’s Award (2004), OAHI’s highest honour, and this year he was the first recipient of a new ‘Bill Mullen Outstanding Service Award’ which he will be asked to present each year in Ottawa. In recognition for his years of work on the certification project, the National Certification Authority named him National Certificate Holder # NCA00001.

Bill has been married to Carol for 39 years, and they have been blessed with three incredible, successful children and six beautiful grandchildren.
  • Mike Nelson, CMI, Supervising Instructor Kaplan Professional Schools, ITA
    Commercial Inspections
More information coming soon
  • Robert W. Pearson of Allen Insurance Group on:
Managing and minimizing your risk as a home inspector. This presentation details historical claims information, claim development, what causes claims, samples of claims, the 3 w's and report writing and an open discussion.
Mr. Pearson's previous experience as a home inspector gives him a unique perspective in dealing with home inspector insurance. He started his first inspection business in 1985 and since 1992 has been the manager of Allen Insurance Group's program along with maintaining a home inspection business on the side. He retired as an active inspector in 2000. He has a home building business with his son in Minnesota and is an owner and manager of Allen Home Warranty Group. Mr. Pearson has written many articles on claims management and report writing and is considered to be the foremost expert on home inspector insurance.
  •   Tom Rausch, CMI, Director of Educational Events, InterNACHI

A Certified Master Inspector, Tom Rausch has been involved within the construction industry for the last 25 years. For the last ten years, Tom has been a full-time inspector, inspecting residential and light commercial properties in Colorado , California and Illinois . Tom is a member of InterNACHI and currently the President of the Colorado InterNACHI Chapter. He is a former member of ASHI and NAHI.

Having inspected in excess of 5,000 properties, Tom is experienced in many areas of the home inspection profession and is currently, still inspecting properties for his company, Eagle Inspection Associates, Inc. In his spare time, Tom hosts 100+ home inspection training seminars a year across the USA and Canada , under the auspices of InterNACHI Certified Education. Tom is proud to work with InterNACHI.

“Homeowner Screw-ups”

This course is illustrates what happens when homeowners add, delete or modify their property after original construction. “Every action has an opposite and equal reaction” and this has never been truer than in the home inspection profession. Detecting one defect can lead to many other related defects if you know how all the systems work and how they relate to one another. It also helps to be able to “get yourself in the homeowners head” and try to figure out what prompted some of these “alterations”, or shall we say, “altercations”

This course is a lot of fun with tons of photos, stories and audience involvement. To be a great inspector, it pays to have excellent detective skills. This course will open your eyes to what you may not be looking for, even though you think you’ve seen everything.
  • Russel Ray, Guerrilla Marketing For Small Businesses

Russel Ray started his first business at the age of 10. While other boys his age were out mowing lawns and pulling weeds, Russel was researching, writing, and typing papers for college students. Such activities carried him through high school graduation and on to college, where he quit researching and writing but still edited, proofread, and typed papers for students. On weekends and school breaks, he worked as a roofer, landscaper, and HVAC installer.
    After graduating from college, Russel moved to Houston and worked in many businesses, including insurance representative, restaurant owner, international groceries exporter, swimming pool construction, real estate sales, property renovation, advertising and marketing consultant, computer sales, antique renovation and sales, and desktop publishing, which was in its infancy. It was real estate that garnered his main interest, though, and he went on to a stellar career in Houston as a real estate agent and property investor/renovator.
Russel has always been interested in marketing and in trying to determine what makes people buy a product or a service—how to push that “buy button.” His secondary marketing interest is doing quality marketing without having the marketing budget of a Wal-Mart, General Motors, or IBM. He specializes in Guerrilla Marketing—defined by Jay Conrad Levinson, the Father of Guerrilla Marketing, as marketing that takes advantage of one’s time, energy, and creativity—and marketing for small businesses, specifically during a business’s start-up and growth periods.
    Russel bought a home inspection franchise from The HomeTeam Inspection Service in July 2001 and took it to the third best first year in the history of The HomeTeam Inspection Service. Russel’s previous businesses that he founded or helped found and nurture to sale include Just Your Type (typing/word processing/desktop publishing); Yesterday’s Treasures (antique renovation); International House of Pancakes restaurant; Tomorrow’s Technology Today (computers); Flowers, Bushes, and Trees (landscaping); Relaxing Pools and Spas; The Roof Over Your Head; and Old to New Property Renovations, a property investing company.
    Russel is 52 and was born in Kingsville, Texas. He graduated from Texas A&M University in December 1978 with a Bachelor of Science in Forest Management. Additional coursework at Texas A&M, which doesn’t recognize minors, included civil engineering, structural engineering, wood engineering, and chemistry. Russel currently lives in San Diego, California, with Jim Frimmer, his Domestic Partner of 13 years who happens to be a Realtor with Century 21 Award.

  • Michael Rowan, President of Inspection Depot, on:
Systems Approach and Marketing for Home Inspectors. Mr. Rowan will be giving a full day of classes on these topics and more. Inspection Depot, Inc., was conceived and established by Michael Rowan, President and Founder of AmeriPro Inspection Corporation, Inc. a home inspection company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Inspection Depot is a new, ground-breaking service and supply company created to empower home inspection professionals across the country with proven tools for increasing revenues and improving inspectors’ quality of life.
Mr. Rowan began his building and home inspection career in Ireland and the United Kingdom in the mid eighties. He received a formal, college-level education in building surveying, obtained his Designated Charter of Building Surveying and completed a demanding apprentice to one of Europe’s largest building surveying companies. Mr. Rowan relocated to the United States and established what has become one of the most successful and fastest-growing inspection companies in Florida. Not to be content with being a successful home inspector, he assumed an industry leadership role that has lead to his being one of the foremost innovators for the inspection industry. On his own initiative, he launched and led a three-year project to develop a unique, time-saving Home Guide Report System that is already revolutionizing the way inspectors conduct on-site documenting of their inspections and present the results to their customers.
With the founding of Inspection Depot, Inc., Mr. Rowan brings to bear his years of inspection industry experience to tackle the day-to-day challenges of generating more revenue, delivering higher quality customer service and improving inspectors’ quality of life – working smarter, not harder.
  • John Shane , Vice President of Laboratory Services and head of PRO-LAB©'s Scientific Advisory Board
Dr. Shane is the best-known instructor in the field of spore trap analysis for environmental particles and mold. He has trained over 3,000 analysts during the past ten years as Professor and Director of Research of the McCrone Research Institute in Chicago, IL. Dr. Shane is a recognized expert in the scientific community and will play a major role in offering Inspection Universe's attendees high-end technical knowledge.
  • Barry Stangel, InterNACHI Trainer, Executive Director of Pest Management Consulting & Training Institute, on:
Advanced Inspecting Techniques for Wood Destroying Insects. Program 1: Wood Destroying Insect Inspections. For home inspectors who are currently performing or will be performing wood destroying insect inspections. The program covers using the NPMA-33 Wood Destroying Insect inspection form. We will cover the insect identification and biology of subterranean termites and other wood destroying insects. Course duration: 1.5 to 2 hours. Program 2: WDI Advanced Training Course. For seasoned inspectors that wish to use the WDI inspection as a platform for developing a reoccurring inspection program. Course duration: 1.5 hours. Also, update on using new technology for wood destroying insect inspections: Thermo imaging & acoustical devices. These Wood Destroying Insect Inspection seminars focus on inspections with zero liability. With more than 45 years of experience in the pest management industry, he is recognized as one of the top trainers in the country. Mr. Stangel is Executive Director of Pest Management Consulting & Training Center in Suffern, NY, a Consultant for the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation. The center provides training classes for state certification exams throughout the northeast states.
  • Keith Swift, InterNACHI's VP and Report-Writing Consultant, and President of Porter Valley Software
Inspect and Protect; Avoiding Litigation

The seminar will demonstrate the numerous ways in which disputes and litigation can be avoided. It will reference actual court cases, and suggest a variety of ways in which the lawsuits might have been avoided. By the end of the seminar, inspectors should be better able to protect themselves and be assured that knowledge is power. Bring your questions and we’ll seek the answers together, and maybe enjoy ourselves in the process. Learning should always be an enjoyable experience.

About Dr. Keith Swift
Keith Swift has a doctoral degree in English and has taught at several universities in the United States and Canada. He is also a licensed general contractor, a building inspector, the President of Porter Valley Software, and InterNACHI’s report writing consultant and Vice-President.

Over the course of eighteen years, he has performed thousands of residential inspections, and written extensively on the subject of avoiding litigation. He is a frequent lecturer at conventions across the United States and Canada, and is the author of "Inspect and Protect" and "Manual for a Happy Home".
The best continuing education classes (2full days).

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Allen Insurance Group and Brinks Home Security team up to help InterNACHI members:
Allen Insurance Group and Brinks Home Security have formed a strategic alliance that is designed for InterNACHI members. Qualified inspectors will be able to dramatically reduce their Errors and Omissions insurance cost by signing up with the Brinks Home Security Inspection Program offered exclusively through Allen Insurance. Stop by our booths at the up coming InterNACHI convention for more details.
92 educational exhibitor booths.
Approved by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors
The best speakers in the inspection industry.
For those that want one, InterNACHI will be taking pictures and producing free magnetic photo inspector I.D.s while you wait (so wear a clean shirt). Can't wait? Visit
FREA, the Nation’s #1 E&O Provider for home inspectors, is pleased to announce they will be the premier sponsor of InterNACHI’s 2007 Annual Convention to be held May 17 and 18, 2007 in Toronto.
In recognition of InterNACHI’s growing membership and the diligence and professionalism of the inspectors who belong to the association, FREA proudly accepts Nick Gromicko’s offer of being the main sponsor of InterNACHI’s largest event of the year. FREA congratulates InterNACHI on its phenomenal growth and for providing ongoing education and setting standards of excellence within the industry.

“We encourage all InterNACHI members to attend the ’06 convention which is going to be an event not to be missed” said FREA’s Managing Director, Nigel Bonny. “We always learn so much about the industry when we can get out and meet inspectors face to face.”

FREA is the most reliable E & O provider to the nation’s home inspection industry, offering the best rates with the lowest available deductible. Additionally, FREA uses an A++ rated carrier admitted in all 50 states.

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Members should exploit this marketing opportunity: and invite local REALTORs to attend at no charge as your guest. InterNACHI is not charging your invited guests if they are licensed agents.
Jeff Judy of Ohio State InterNACHI will be providing and promoting the new attendance platform database for chapter leaders, including training to any chapter leader that wants to learn and use it. It has been reworked into the MS Access platform that is easy to use. Get your copy and training from Jeff at the Convention.
FREE nachos at the door!
2,500 inspectors, 92 exhibitors, 40 speakers, education galore, free nachos, one heck of a good time!
Just as iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17.
 Members of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) are the most educated and best trained inspectors in the world and InterNACHI is committed to keeping it that way. Toward that end InterNACHI has taken steps to encourage member pursuit and maintenance of inspection excellence and we have accomplished this without additional charge to members. We believe that fees, like taxes, deter professional development and that the best way to encourage the continuing education of our membership is by supporting variety, accessibility and affordability in educational options.
InterNACHI members start off by fulfilling certain requirements before they can even apply for membership. They have access to the InterNACHI University which is free. InterNACHI’s Ethics Obstacle Course is open-to-all and free. InterNACHI’s photo web gallery of defects is the largest in the world, open-to-all and free. InterNACHI’s online visual aid frames library is the largest in the world, open-to-all and free. InterNACHI’s online exam preparation tool with a pool of over 2,500 multiple choice questions and answers is the largest in the world, and free. InterNACHI’s online searchable inspector glossary is the largest in the world, open-to-all, and free. InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice quiz, which reveals where an inspector may be veering, is self-evaluating, open-to-all and free. InterNACHI's online continuing education is free. InterNACHI, far more than any other source, provides educational events around the world, open-to-all, and free. InterNACHI refuses paid advertisements to enhance trust in our information. InterNACHI's lending library is free. InterNACHI’s interactive, photo message board, with over 233,000 topics, is the industry’s largest and most popular, very educational, open-to-all, and free. InterNACHI’s online Inspector Examination, with over a trillion different versions, taken over 55,000 times, and which generates a custom inspector-weakness pie chart upon completion, is graded instantly, open-to-all, and free. InterNACHI’s 1-day HVAC, mold and electrical seminars are open-to-all and free to members. InterNACHI's message board protects free-speech so visitors can determine the truth. InterNACHI publishes Dear InterNACHI online which gives detailed answers to specific inspection-related questions, is open-to-all, and free. InterNACHI provides product recall alerts. InterNACHI operates the Consumer Information Center. InterNACHI publishes What's New, an inspection industry update, online, open-to-all, and free as well as the Inspector's Quarterly newspaper. InterNACHI’s 1/2 day mock-inspections of actual homes provide true hands-on training and are free. InterNACHI’s local chapter meetings typically present technical speakers, are open-to-all, and free. InterNACHI provides report review services for free. InterNACHI’s annual convention is very educational with 3 days of 6 continuous running classes, all free. InterNACHI operates a mobile classroom which travels across North America providing education to home inspectors for free. InterNACHI permits all outside/for-profit continuing education providers to advertise their courses to our members on InterNACHI’s websites for free. InterNACHI maintains a Question of the Day thread, open-to-all, and free. InterNACHI negotiates member discounts on nearly every continuing education provider’s courses. InterNACHI’s meetings distribute a wide variety of educational literature to all for free. InterNACHI’s staff, committee members, chapter leaders, veteran members, special-expertise members, and advisory boards are constantly helping members one-on-one for free. InterNACHI members typically provide fellow members with free ride-a-longs on actual inspections for free. Over the years InterNACHI has arranged for third-party providers to offer our members online training for free. InterNACHI employs some of the world’s leading trainers and makes them available to members for free. InterNACHI's online roofing course is free. InterNACHI's online electrical course is free. InterNACHI does not charge for or unduly withhold approval of any organization’s continuing education courses, even those offered by other inspection associations. InterNACHI’s 175,000+ page website is itself very educational. InterNACHI opened the first of six actual House of Horrors in December of 2005 which provides real hands-on training and is due to release a virtual House of Horrors, an online wood destroying insect course, and an occupant hazard recognition primer, and What's Wrong Here? panels, all very educational and all free. InterNACHI's Online Inspector Examination's main purpose, besides testing competence, is to alert members to their weaknesses. The same is true for InterNACHI's Code ofEthics obstacle course, designed to alert members to possible infractions. And the same is true for InterNACHI's Standards of Practice quiz, designed to alert members to areas they are over and/or under inspecting. All three are pre-application requirements and all free. InterNACHI even has online educational inspection-related crossword puzzles, open-to-all and free of course.
A variety of accessible and affordable educational options encourages and enhances the professional development of all our members, but our most precious educational tool is our spirit of camaraderie. InterNACHI members continue to pursue, achieve and maintain inspection excellence in an atmosphere of members helping fellow members. Please join us in Toronto in this spirit.
Nick Gromicko
Holiday Inn Select just 5 minutes away from Toronto Airport and close to the Convention which is being held at the Toronto Congress Centre:
Don't forget to book your Hotel Accommodations for the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors Convention.Special arrangements have been made with the Holiday Inn Select Toronto Airport to offer reduced room rates to exhibitors in the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors Convention. Please make reservations directly with the hotel and be sure to advise them that you are a participant of the InterNACHI Convention
Reservations Procedure
Individual Reservations - required to be made by April 16th 2007Individuals will be making their own reservations directly with Holiday Inn Select Toronto Airport's Central Reservations office by calling Reservations Department at 1-800-524-8436. Please request the InterNACHI Show rate.
Hotel Features
·445 well appointed guestrooms with complimentary wireless high-speed internet
·Convenient location to downtown and GTA
·On-Site Business Centre with 24hr complimentary internet, email and printer access·On site restaurant, The Metropolitan, features creative Continental & International cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner
·Complimentary airport shuttle
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