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Your homepage serves as the portal to the different areas of your website. Be mindful that navigation facilitation is only a secondary purpose of home inspector’s homepage. The primary purpose is to sell your services.
A navigation bar functions like the table of contents of a book. Try to create a navigation bar on your home page that follows a logical structure. The bar can be on the top or side of each page of your website. For information about inspector website webmaster tools.
 Home vs. Homepage

Consider not using the term “home” to refer to your homepage. Instead, reserve “homepage” for your website's homepage.

The word “Welcome” is universally used as a signpost for homepages. This signpost will help ensure that visitors recognize their starting point, should they return to your homepage after exploring other pages of your website. 
Don’t be compelled to offer a lengthy welcome message or happy talk that eats up prime homepage space. The simple and lone word “Welcome” at the start of your homepage text is plenty.  

The following list includes the links that your website could have. It's ultimately up to you and how you think your website should be structured.

 Full Home Inspections
     Download a Sample Report (PDF)
 Additional Inspections
     Radon Gas
     Wood-Destroying Insects (Termites)
 Why Hire Me
 InterNACHI Certification Verification
 Standards of Practice
 Code of Ethics
 My Promise to You
 Contact Me Now
    (123) 456-7890 (8:00am to 10:30pm)
Gas and WDO
Adding the word “Gas” after “Radon” helps those who are unfamiliar with radon. Adding the word “(Termites)” in parentheses after “Wood-Destroying Insects” may help. Don't use "WDO," since few visitors are familiar with that abbreviation.
Contact Me Now

The whole purpose of your website is to get your phone to ring, so if you have both an email address and you answer your phone regularly, you might want to also turn “Contact Me” into a category titled “Contact Me Now” and put the actual contact information under it. Also, if you're willing to answer your phone in the evening, say so in parentheses after your phone number. This removes a visitor’s hesitation to call you in the evening.
Phone Number 
A significant percentage of visitors (mostly real estate agents) visit a home inspector's website for the sole purpose of looking up a familiar inspector's contact information. Some real estate agents who regularly used my home inspection services for years never commit to memory their favorite inspector's phone number and always have to go back online to retrieve it. Therefore, repeating your contact information on every page of your website seems reasonable.
Sample Report
If you can offer a sample report online that is downloadable, put it as link at the bottom of the “Full Home Inspections” page, as well as a sub-line underneath it.

You might like each word of the categories to be capitalized and sub-categories to be all lower-case, as this helps make clear the distinction between their relative importance. All uppercase words are difficult to read. However, if you are an inspector who has many qualifications, you might want to capitalize every letter in your “MY QUALIFICATIONS” link and/or make it bold font so as to draw attention, and more clicks to it.
 Full Home Inspections

Your "Full Home Inspections" link should take your visitor to a page that describes what you inspect. It's really a subset of InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice and could include something like this:
Our Full Inspections include:
    •    roof, vents, flashings and trim;
    •    gutters and downspouts;
    •    skylight, chimney, and other roof penetrations;
    •    decks, stoops, porches, walkways and railings;
    •    eaves, soffits and fascia;
    •    grading and drainage;
    •    basement, foundation and crawlspace;
    •    water penetration and foundation movement;
    •    heating system;
    •    cooling system;
    •    main water shut-off valve;
    •    water heating system;
    •    interior plumbing fixtures and faucets;
    •    drainage sump pumps with accessible floats;
    •    electrical service line and meter box;
    •    main disconnect and service amperage;
    •    electrical panel(s), breakers and fuses;
    •    grounding and bonding;
    •    GFCIs and AFCIs;
    •    fireplace damper door and hearth;
    •    insulation and ventilation;
    •    garage doors, safety sensors and openers;
    •    and much more.
Review our Standards of Practice at for complete details. 

Note: There are sound legal reasons to include a live link to InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice at the bottom of this list.
Each of your links under "Additional Inspections" should take the visitor to a page that offers information about that issue, a short description of how you inspect that issue, and the additional fee you charge for that inspection (so that no one accidentally assumes that it's included in your full/standard home inspection).
My Qualifications

Deliver the message: "I'm the most qualified home inspector you want to hire."
Your "My Qualifications" link should take your visitor to a page that lists every certification and qualification you can come up with. Make your list as long as possible. And use images and logos whenever possible. Download your certifications from
You may also write in text something like:    
  • I am a member in good standing of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).
  • I have passed InterNACHI’s Online Inspector Examination.
  • I have completed InterNACHI’s Code of Ethics Obstacle Course.
  • I have taken InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice Quiz.
  • I abide by InterNACHI’s Code of Ethics.
  • I follow InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice.
  • I have completed InterNACHI's Safe Practices for the Home Inspector course.
  • I have completed InterNACHI's 25 Standards Every Inspector Should Know course.
  • I have completed InterNACHI's Residential Plumbing Inspection course.
  • I have completed InterNACHI's Residential Electrical Inspection course.
  • I have completed InterNACHI's Roof Inspection course.
  • I have completed InterNACHI's HVAC Inspection course.
  • I have completed InterNACHI's Exterior Inspection course.
  • I have completed InterNACHI's Attic, Insulation, Ventilation and Interior Inspection course.
  • I have completed InterNACHI's Deck Inspection course.
  • I have completed InterNACHI's Moisture Intrusion Inspection course.
  • I have completed InterNACHI's Green Building course.
  • I have completed InterNACHI's Wood-Destroying Organism Inspection course.
  • I have completed InterNACHI's Mold Inspection course.
  • I have completed InterNACHI's Inspecting Foundation Walls and Piers course.
  • I have completed InterNACHI's Log Home Inspection course.
  • I have completed InterNACHI's Radon Measurement Service Provider course.
  • I have completed InterNACHI's Commercial Inspection course.
  • I have completed InterNACHI's Septic System Inspection course.
  • I have completed InterNACHI's How to Perform Energy Audits course.
  • I fulfill 24 hours of Continuing Education every year.
  • I own and use state-of-the-art equipment, such as a gas-leak detector and infrared camera.
  • I am available on Saturdays.
  • I generate easy-to-read inspection reports.
Why Hire Me

Your "Why Hire Me" link should take visitors to a page that's similar to your "Qualifications" page. On this page, make it very easy to call you to hire you. And you may want to offer something unexpected, like a free home maintenance book with your home inspection service.

Certification Verification
Your "InterNACHI Certification Verification" link points to InterNACHI’s online certification verification seal system.  When making a purchase online, most consumers will look for a seal of approval from a company such as Thawte or VeriSign.  You can give your clients the same kind of confidence by letting them know you are certified by the world's largest home inspection organization. HTML code for this link can be found at
Standards of Practice

Your "Standards of Practice" link should point to and be included for legal reasons.
Code of Ethics

Your "Code of Ethics" link should point to
My Promise

Your "My Promise to You" link should take visitors to a page that has a promise and an image of you. Include a head shot of yourself looking straight into the camera, and position it above the promise. See a sample at Feel free to use these words for your promise.
 Contact Me Now
Your "Contact Me Now" information is obvious. However, if you don't have a professional-looking email address, InterNACHI offers them for free at
Click Here

Don't title a link “Click Here.” Instead, tell the visitors what they get when they click the link. For example, rather than saying, “Click Here for My Code of Ethics,” you could title the link “Code of Ethics” or “My Code of Ethics.”