New Jersey Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider Course

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Course Goal:

The goal of this course is to teach the student how to perform radon measurements.
Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student shall be able to:

  • describe the physics of radon;
  • describe the health effects of breathing radon;
  • list the ways radon enters a home;
  • describe the testing procedures for radon;
  • follow protocols in non-real estate transactions;
  • follow protocols in real estate transactions;
  • develop and follow a quality assurance plan and implement quality control procedures;
  • properly use passive devices;
  • properly use active devices;
  • test for radon in water and how to remove radon from water;
  • list different ways to approach radon mitigation in homes;
  • install effective mitigation systems in new homes;
  • install materials and follow procedures to build radon-resistant homes;
  • inspect radon mitigation system; and 
  • abide by a Code of Ethics.
The course includes:

  • 157,964 words;
  • student book; 
  • inspection and writing assignment;
  • research and writing assignment;
  • 190 quiz questions in 25 quizzes;
  • 120-question InterNACHI course exam (this is not NRPP's certification exam);
  • instant grading; and
  • a downloadable, printable Certificate of Completion.

Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider Course

Course # 4104



Estimated hours for the average student

Academic Engagement

Reading online course instructional material at 140 words per minute


Taking quizzes


Taking the exam


Conducting a directed and independent inspection study performed according to the Standards of Practice, including the development of an inspection report 


Submitting an inspection and writing assignment

Submitting a research and writing assignment 0.5




Studying and reviewing instructional material in preparation for taking quizzes and exam


Reading the downloaded student course book including taking the quizzes with the book

Reading, research, and studying related to completing the research and writing assignment 4.0
Studying and preparing for inspection processes according to a Standards of Practice, including capturing and storing digital images with a camera or device, making observations, evaluating conditions, deducing, formulating opinions, communicating observations in written form, attaining competency in performing inspections and using an inspection checklist or software and other inspection tools in producing a report. 10.0



Sub Total


Overall Total

75.0 hours / 1.9 SCH

Reminder to members:  InterNACHI's Code of Ethics 1.10 requires that you comply with all government rules and licensing requirements of the jurisdiction where you conduct business.  InterNACHI's courses and Standards generally exceed the Standards of Practice that you are required to abide by locally.
Course Topics:
            What is Radon?
Physics of Radon
            Why Some Atoms are Radioactive?
            Pioneers in Radioactivity
            Non-Ionizing and Ionizing
            Non-Ionizing Radiation
            Ionizing Radiation
            Alpha Particles
            Beta Particles
            Gamma Rays and X-Rays
            Where Does Radon Come From?
            Who Discovered Radon?
            Uranium Decay Chain           
            Radon Half-Life
            Curies, Equations, and ER
            Quiz #1
Health Effects
            Health Risks Introduction     
            Health Effects of Radon
            Radon Causes Lung Cancer
            Genetic Damage Caused by Radon
            Risk Assessment Facts
            Quiz #2
Radon Entry
            Exposure to Radon
            Radon Entry into a House
            Radon Potential
            Geology of Radon
            How Does Radon Change in the Environment?
            How Are People Exposed to Radon?
            How Does Radon Get Into the Body?
            How Can Radon Affect Your Health?
            Medical Test to Determine Exposure?
            Protecting People from Radon
            Protect Yourself and Family
            What is EPA Doing About Radon?
            Quiz #3
Radon Testing and Mitigation: The Basics
What is Radon and Why is it a Concern?
Selecting and Arranging Tests
Short-Term Tests
Long-Term Tests
Real Estate Transactions
Conducting the Test
Interpreting your Test Results
Mitigating your Home
General Testing Procedures 
            General Procedural Recommendations
            Action Levels, Mitigation, and Water
            Short-Term Tests
            Long-Term Tests
            Initial Client Interview
            Measurement Locations
            Radon Measurement Duration
            Written Measurement Guidance
            Quality Assurance in Radon Testing
            Calibration Measurements
            Known Exposure Measurements
            Background Measurements
            Duplicate Measurements       
            Routine Instrument Performance Checks
            Operating Procedures
            Reporting Test Results
            Accuracy & Precision
            Interpretation of Side-by-Side Results
            Recommendations for Mitigation
            Temporary Risk-Reduction Measures
            Worker Safety
            Quiz #4
Testing for Radon in Child Care Centers DEP Guidance Document
Non-Real Estate Protocols
            Radon Measurement Protocols
            Citizen's Guide to Radon
            Measurement Location
            Initial Measurements
            Closed House Building Conditions
            Interpretation of Initial Results
            Follow-Up Measurements
            Short-Term and Long-Term
            Follow-Up Testing
            Quiz #5
Real Estate Protocols
            Home Buyer�s and Seller�s Guide
            Sequential Testing
            Simultaneous Testing
            Single Test Option
            Measurement Location
            Measurement Checklist
            Interference-Resistant Testing
            Influencing the Test Area�s Concentration
            Equipment Interference
            Preventing Interference
            Interference-Resistant Detectors       
            Quiz #6
Measurement Device Protocols. Section 1-3.3
Radon Measurement in Schools, Section 1-4
Reducing Radon in Schools: A Team Approach
Mitigation for Existing Homes
            Reference Documents
            Description of Terms
            General Practices       
            Building Investigation
            Worker Health & Safety
            System Design
            System Installation
            Monitors & Labeling
            Post-Mitigation Testing
            Contracts & Documentation
            Quiz #10
Mitigation for New Homes
            EPA Model Standards for New Residences
            Reference Documents
            Description of Terms
            Principles for Construction   
            Summary of Model Building Standards
            Construction Methods          
            Recommended Procedures
            Building Standards & Techniques
            Quiz #11
How to Build Radon-Resistant Homes
            Building Radon Out
            Building the Framework: Introduction
            Digging Deeper: Questions and Answers
            How Does Radon Enter a House?
            Does Foundation Type Affect Radon Entry?
            Should All New Homes Be Built Radon-Resistant
            Nuts and Bolts: Installation Guide
            Installation: Step 1
            Installation: Step 2 & 3
            Installation: Step 4
            Installation: Step 5
            Installation: Step 6
            Installation: Step 7
            Optional Step 8: Activating the System
            Sold: Working with Home Buyers
            Appendix A: Architectural Drawings
            Appendix B: Glossary
            Appendix C: For More Information
            Appendix D: State Radon Contacts
Radon in Water
            Radon in Water
            Removal of Radon in Water
            Quiz #12
Standards for Inspecting Radon Mitigation System
            Standards of Practice for Inspecting Radon Systems
Code of Ethics
            Code of Ethics
Course covers the following: 
      Quiz #13
New Jersey Radon Regulations
The Radon Hazard Sub Code
Radon and Radon Decay Product Measurment in Homes
ASTM E2121-13
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