Ohio Home Inspector Licensing Information

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Administrative rules for the Home Inspector Program are being reviewed by the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR). Because the rules have not yet received final approval, the Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing is unable to enforce the April 5, 2020 deadline requiring a license to complete home inspections. Senate Bill 255 was signed into law on Jan. 4, 2019, which created the Ohio Home Inspector Program, managed by the Ohio Department of Commerce’s Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing.

To Apply for an Ohio Home Inspector License

According to Section 8(A) of the law, home inspector licenses will be issued if the individual applies for a license and pays the fee, and if the applicant demonstrates the following:

  • proof of general liability insurance. InterNACHI® members receive exclusive discounts and enhanced coverage through our members-only insurance programs; and
  • proof by direct documentation or a signed affidavit attesting to having met any three of the following eight requirements to demonstrate their participation in the home inspection field prior to the effective date of this act of April 5, 2020: 
    1. having performed at least 200 home inspections for clients for compensation or other valuable consideration;
    2. having successfully passed a home inspector examination; 
    3. having actively operated a home inspection business in Ohio for three years before the effective date of this act under a business name officially registered with the Ohio Secretary of State;
    4. having been employed as a home inspector for 36 consecutive months before the effective date of this act by an inspection company or person whose owner or manager meets the license requirement specified in this section;
    5. having successfully completed 80 hours of classroom or online instruction provided by an accredited post-secondary institution that includes topics of this law, safety, and report writing (Sec. 4764.05 (C)). No courses have been approved by the State of Ohio yet. InterNACHI® School (internachi.edu) is an accredited post-secondary education institution accredited by the national accrediting agency of the U.S. Dept. of Education. Email education@internachi.org for course details.
    6. having a license, registration, or certification in good standing to perform the duties of a home inspector in another jurisdiction that has requirements for licensure, registration, or certification that are substantially similar to Chapter 4764 of the Revised Code;
    7. having prepared at least five home inspection reports that have been verified as being in compliance with the standards adopted by a national organization of home inspectors. This can be completed by using InterNACHI's FREE Report Writing Checklist to verify compliance of five reports (a letter of compliance can be provided upon request); and/or
    8. having completed, not more than one year before the effective date of this act of April 5, 2019, at least one peer review session conducted by a national organization that consists of and represents home inspectors (where an applicant identifies and reports defects in a home that contains previously identified defects). 

Everything You Need to Be a Successful Home Inspector in Ohio

InterNACHI® has everything you need to become a successful home inspector in Ohio. Visit InterNACHI's Ohio Home Inspector page of information.