Ohio 96-Hour Pre-Licensing Course for Home Inspectors

Ohio requires that home inspectors complete 80 hours of classroom or online instruction provided by an accredited postsecondary institution that includes topics of this law, safety, and report writing (Sec. 4764.05 (C)). This can be completed by taking InterNACHI's free, online 96-Hour Pre-licensing Course. InterNACHI® School is an accredited post secondary education institution accredited by the national accrediting agency of the U.S. Department of Education. InterNACHI is currently seeking approval for this course. 
Course List:
1. Residential Structural Design for Home Inspectors Course - 19 credit hours
2. How to Inspect the Attic, Insulation, Ventilation & Interior Course – 14 credit hours
3. How to Perform Roof Inspections Course – 4 credit hours
4. Inspecting Foundation Walls and Piers Course – 3 credit hours
5. How to Perform Deck Inspections Course – 3 credit hours
6. How to Inspect Fireplaces, Stoves, and Chimneys Course – 4 credit hours
7. How to Inspect HVAC Systems Course – 12 credit hours
8. Inspecting the Means of Egress Course – 4 credit hours
9. Residential Plumbing Overview for Inspectors Course – 8 credit hours
10. How to Perform Residential Electrical Inspections Course – 4 credit hours
11. Appliance Inspection for Home Inspectors Course – 8 credit hours
12. Ohio Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice Course – 2 credit hours
13. Ohio Home Inspector Law Course – 2 credit hours
14. Defect Recognition and Report Writing Course – 8 credit hours
15. Indoor Air Quality for Inspectors  - 1 credit hour

Final Certificate of Completion:


To receive a final certificate of completion (after completing all 96 hours of the training), go to your members-only account and click on the "Pre-Licensing" tool to download your final certificate of completion.