InterNACHI developing wind mitigation and hail damage course for insurance industry.

Kenton fires ice balls with a slingshot down onto roofing shingles.
Shot in slow motion for InterNACHI's hail damage course being developed for the insurance industry. 
How to determine the year of a shingle.
Shot in wide-screen, hi-def.
Labeling hail damage.
Forensic roofing expert Brian Peterson creates damage using a ball pin hammer.
Kenton and Ben interview Brian, on site, after a hail/wind storm. 
Shot with new high definition, wide-screen cameras.
It's a slope-adjustable, roof flashing, inspector training prop for our soon-to-be-released Insurance Inspections course.  A sprinkler system above it will be providing the rain.
The back wall folds down to become a ridge.
Kenton's doll house.
NACHI.TV's Ben Gromicko and Kenton Shepard inspect hail damage.
The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), developer of the insurance industry's approved Universal 4-Point Inspection Form, is pleased to announce that it is about to release a new, approved, Roofing Damage Assessment Certification which allows insurance companies in the U.S. and Canada to hire InterNACHI members to perform roofing damage assessments and upload pictures onto the FetchReport system for access by insurance claims adjusters.  Roof damage is one of the most common insurance claims in North America.
The Roofing Damage Assessment Certification Course  has been developed in conjunction with the insurance industry and NACHI.TV and is being submitted to insurance commissioners in states that require approval.
Segments include:
  • Commercial Roofs
  • Residential Roofs
  • Manufacturing and Installation Issues
  • Weathering Anomalies
  • Granular Loss
  • Flaking
  • Buckling
  • Algae and Lichens
  • Splitting
  • Wind Damage
  • Hail Damage
  • Unintentional Mechanical Damage
  • Intentional Damage
  • Wind Mitigation
  • FetchReport Use
Each course includes:
  • Free, downloadable course materials (yours to keep).
  • Inexpensive online video class.
  • Free online, final exam.
  • Free printable certificate of completion.
  • Continuing education approval. 
InterNACHI requires that that each inspector taking an online video course, logs in with unique identification at the start of the course, when he or she begins watching the video portion of the course, and when he or she begins the final exam. This identification is linked both to individual e-mail and mailing addresses, and to a credit card to prevent fraud. Our video partner (Reports, Inc.) stores information about when each inspector purchased the video portion of the course and when they viewed that video. This information is stored with that inspector’s unique internet protocol (IP) address and is verified by InterNACHI before allowing the inspector to take the final exam. Finally, InterNACHI stores the time of the final exam, how long the inspector took to complete the timed exam, his or her final score as well as each question asked and which answer the inspector provided for that question. All this information is stored securely over distributed databases and can be verified by InterNACHI at any time.
InterNACHI has successfully developed for the insurance industry the approved Universal 4-Point Inspection Form already in use.
InterNACHI is the world's largest inspection trade association and the industry's leader in accredited inspector education: 
InterNACHI... Inspecting the World.