Approved Universal Four-Point Insurance Inspection Form


Florida Citizens Insurance Form:

Citizens Roof and 4-Point Inspection Forms are available from their website at

4-Point Inspection Form
Roof Inspection Form

Must be licensed:

As of September 30, 2012, "all inspection forms must be inspected and completed by a verifiable Florida-licensed professional. Without a verifiable, certified inspector’s dated signature, the form will not be accepted. The following FLORIDA-LICENSED individuals may complete a 4-Point Inspection for Citizens in its entirety:
  • A general, residential, or building contractor
  • A building code inspector
  • A registered architect
  • A home inspector
  • A professional engineer
  • A building code official who is authorized by the State of Florida to verify building code compliance
Note: A trade-specific, licensed professional may sign off only on their trade component of the 4-Point inspection form (e.g., a roofing inspector may sign off only on the roofing portion of the form)."


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Additional Resources:

CLICK HERE to download InterNACHI's blank Universal Four-Point Insurance Inspection form (pdf).
CLICK HERE to download InterNACHI's filled-out sample Universal Four-Point Insurance Inspection form (pdf).
In WORD format: thanks to member Jay Schwartz.
In August 2007, Citizens Property Insurance officially approved InterNACHI's Universal Four-Point Insurance Inspection form: