Sell, convert, and schedule more inspections on the phone with SoundSmart!

You only get one chance to make a good first impression.  Keep the SoundSmart page open in a browser window on your computer so you're ready to use it to sell services and convert incoming callers into scheduled inspections.
Consumers often have particular concerns that they reveal when they call. Simply click on the issue and SoundSmart will provide you with short, concise talking points while you're on the phone. It's like having a little helper on your shoulder, whispering in your ear!  
Each set of talking points is followed by useful, related links.  Both the talking points and the links are ordered by their usefulness. 
You can also print particular articles that SoundSmart provides links to.  You can then review these articles before the inspection, give copies of the articles to your clients, and include the articles as attachments to your inspection reports.  Here are instructions for making clean copies of these articles.  These copyrighted articles are free for InterNACHI® members' use.  Members may use them as they wish.
You can also email your potential client the links to these articles.  An easy way to do this is to ask for the caller's email early in the conversation and compose and send an email that includes the links to choice articles.
You can also use the Inspection Fee Calculator (don't forget to enter the required info in the gray box first!) to bid the inspection project.  A link to open it in a new window from SoundSmart is provided. The fee is based on a Base Price, a Mileage Factor, an Age Factor, and a Size Factor (all of which you pre-enter in the gray box).  Then, enter the home's distance, age, size, and how busy you are in order to calculate the inspection fee.
You can also use the Inspection Time Slot Estimator (don't forget to enter the required info the gray box first!) to schedule the inspection project.   A link to open it in a new window from SoundSmart is provided.  The time slot estimate is based on Base Time, Occupied Status, Client Accompanying Status, a Distance Factor, an Age Factor, a Size Factor, and Ancillary Services Time (all of which you pre-enter in the gray box).  Then, enter the home's distance, whether it is occupied, whether your client will be accompanying you, the age of the home, the size of the home, and any ancillary inspections ordered to calculate the time slot estimate.
Once you sell the inspection project, you might want to use InterNACHI's free Online Inspection Agreement System.
And, finally, SoundSmart provides a link to a list of technical refresher articles at the bottom of the Consumer Concern choices.
SoundSmart is built on one page with bookmarks for lightning-fast navigation during an incoming call.  Don't answer your inspection business phone without the SoundSmart page loaded and ready to help you... sound smart!
and convert incoming calls into scheduled inspections!