Become an InterNACHI Vendor

Step #1: Read InterNACHI's Vendor Code of Ethics to make sure you can abide by it.
Step #2: Click the green button to become an InterNACHI Vendor.
(click the "Non-Member" option)
Have questions? Need help? Please contact Michelle Thakur at or Lisa Endza at

How to Take Advantage of Vendor Benefits

Create a press release on your webpage that offers InterNACHI members an exclusive deal or discount (it may be modest) not available to non-members. This is critical and our main request from you - a deal or discount that is exclusive to only InterNACHI members.
Make sure that the URL of the page or the webpage name includes the name "InterNACHI" in it. For example, if your company is called, make a webpage with the URL of By doing so, you can update what you want to say on your own website. This also gives you the added advantage of having the traffic we generate come to your website.
Once your webpage is built, we will permanently link to it from's three most popular pages/areas:
Your search-engine optimization should be greatly enhanced by having the world's largest inspection trade group linked to your website.
Nick Gromicko, founder of InterNACHI, will announce your product or service on our Inspector Message Board. On that thread, you may follow Nick's lead by introducing yourself and offering to answer questions about your product or service. You may also use our message board to announce new products, services, deals, sales, and special offers. You will also be able to privately message fellow members, and they you.
As a vendor, you may also use the InterNACHI Superior Product Seal to promote your products:
As a vendor, you may also use the InterNACHI Superior Service Seal to promote your services:
    • As a vendor, you may pass out your literature at any of InterNACHI's many inspection events.  There is no charge for this, but you must ship us your literature. Contact Michelle at, InterNACHI's Event Coordinator.
    • As a vendor, you may also present at any of our classes or events at the InterNACHI School and the House of Horrors.
    • As a vendor, you may have a booth table at any of our classes or events at the InterNACHI School and the House of Horrors.
    • As a vendor, you will receive two free passes to any of InterNACHI's large events held at InterNACHI Heaquarters in Boulder, Colorado.


    • As a vendor, you may have a discounted advertisement in our InterNACHI's monthly newsletter, where it will be permanently accessible in our online archive of newsletters.


    • As a vendor, you may send us digital marketing materials to be displayed on our advertisement screens located around the InterNACHI School and House of Horrors. Students and attendees will be exposed to your advertisements on our screens.


    • As a vendor, your literature may be added to our mailing and shipments that go out from InterNACHI Headquarters to our members. You'll have to supply us with the literature.


    • As a vendor, you may present as a special guest in one of our online webinars on NACHI.TV. The webinar will be hosted by InterNACHI, and you can present to our webinar attendees about your product and service. Your webinar will be video recorded and made available on InterNACHI's YouTube Channel.


    • If InterNACHI staff receive an inquiry about your product or service by phone or email, staff will direct individuals to your webpage.


    Become an InterNACHI Vendor
    (click the "Non-Member" option)