Home Inspector Certificate Program

InterNACHI® School (internachi.edu) offers a tuition-free, online Home Inspector Certificate Program to InterNACHI® members. 


The program's goal is for the graduate to gain and develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to complete the required tasks a Certified Professional Inspector CPI® outlined in the Home Inspector Job Task Analysis (JTA), perform a home inspection, and write a home inspection report. 


The graduate will be able to competently perform a general home inspection according to the Home Inspector Standards of Practice, including how to: 
  • follow a Standards of Practice for performing a home inspection;
  • make observations during the visual inspection of a home;
  • identify and describe systems and components in a home;
  • activate the home’s systems to determine functionality;
  • evaluate and describe the condition of the systems inspected; and
  • write an inspection report based upon the observations made during the inspection.


Students seeking to enroll in the Home Inspector Certificate Program must be certified by InterNACHI® by completing the InterNACHI® home inspector certification requirements as a prerequisite. Those inspector certification prerequisites are: 
  1. Pass the Online Home Inspector Exam with an 80% or better.
  2. Join InterNACHI® as a member.
  3. Sign the enrollment agreement (affidavit) after completing the previous 5 prerequisites.
By completing the previous prerequisites, you will be qualified to enroll in the Home Inspector Certificate Program. 


To enroll in the program, complete the 6 prerequisites listed previously, then click www.nachi.org/my/certification/certificate-program. The program does NOT certify you. Those who enroll are already certified inspectors. The program provides a certificate of completion. 

Enroll in the Program

The InterNACHI® Home Inspector Certificate Program is a free, online certificate program provided by the only home inspector college at (internachi.edu).


To become an InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector CPI®, InterNACHI® members must complete the InterNACHI® Home Inspector Certification Requirements.